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71 Mississippi Facts That You Should Know About The Hospitality State

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Nicknamed the Magnolia State, it was the French that found Mississippi and settled there.

Mississippi was the 20th state to be added to the Union in the year 1817. Thus, the state is more than two centuries old!

With many historical events such as the Civil War and Hurricane Katrina that took place in the state, it is named after the Mississippi River. The state gets both its name and shape from the river and how it bent after the earthquakes in 1811 and 1812. There are numerous interesting facts about the state including the fact that it has no single state animal. The state bird is the mockingbird, the state butterfly is spicebush swallowtail, the state land mammals are white-tailed deer and red fox, the state reptile is American alligator and the state waterfowl is the wood duck. The nickname of the state is derived from the state flower, which is magnolia. On the other hand, the state shell is the oyster shell. The state is known for many things, and you must keep reading to know about them!

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Fun Facts About Mississippi

The southern state of Mississippi has a very interesting history and continues to be one of the important places on the map of the United States.

This state is named after the Mississippi River. The Ojibwe word 'misi-ziibi' meaning 'Great River' is where the name comes from, although the original pronunciation of the word is somewhat lost now. The Mississippi Delta is also important to the current economy of the state and of the country at large. Although, the main historical significance of the state lies in its contributions during the Civil War. As we know, the Civil War caused great devastation all around the country, and Mississippi was just one of the states that were caught up in the crossfire. One of the lesser-known facts is that this is the state whose people died in most numbers as a result of the war. This is somewhat understandable since such a large chunk of the people joined the Confederates. As a result, around 750 battles were fought in the state, and it lost many of its people. In the present day, a Memorial Day is held in order to remember and honor all those who lost their lives due to the war, both on the side of the federal government and the Confederates. One fact related to Memorial Day is that it initially started with the women of Columbus decorating the graves of the dead to honor their sacrifice. Eventually, the day came to be known as Decoration Day and then Memorial Day.

Another war-related fact about the state of Mississippi is that the town of D'Lo sent 38% of its men to fight in the Second World War. No other town of this size sent such a large chunk of its population for the war.

The first Coca-Cola was bottled in Mississippi!

Historical Facts About Mississippi

There are many historical facts that make Mississippi residents proud of their home. The fact that this state contributed so greatly in terms of the Civil War and Second World War is significant. The most significant part of the history of Mississippi state is how it was the first place where the French established a permanent settlement. It is understandable that the Mississippi territory would be a clear choice for them since it is rich in all resources and also allowed them to exploit the rich soil.

This river is the second largest in the country after the Missouri river. Although it is not common for the Mississippi territory to feel earthquakes or any such tremors, the one in the year 1811 was quite significant. It created a shift or bend in the trajectory of the river, as the tremors were felt along Missouri and the Gulf Coast in the south.

The city of Belzoni is known as the farm-raised catfish capital of the world. There are many catfish ponds all along the Mississippi and hence, the state's economy benefits from it.

One of the lesser-known facts is that the Mississippi state is also where teddy bears originated. It was one of the events when the former US President Theodore Roosevelt or 'Teddy' Roosevelt was on a hunting expedition that he refused to shoot a bear that had been surrounded. A candy shop owner from Brooklyn took this as an opportunity to make a soft toy that was called Teddy's bear. Eventually, the toy gained great popularity and came to be known as the Teddy bear that we love so dearly today!

The world's longest man-made beach is in Mississippi and is called the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

There are many notable universities in the state, including the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, and the University of Southern Mississippi.

The Mississippi Medical Center was where the world's first heart transplant took place.

The highest point in the place is Woodall Mountain. On the other hand, the North Central Hills run through Central Mississippi and extend up to Alabama.

Facts About Mississippi's Climate

The climate in the state of Mississippi is quite comfortable and stable, due to the proximity to the Mississippi River.

The winters are short in duration and are usually warm. On the other hand, the summers run for a longer duration and are humid. The climate in Mississippi can therefore be best defined as humid, subtropical.

Facts About Mississippi's Economy

The city of Greenwood was once known as the cotton capital of the world. The city of Belzoni is known as the farm-raised catfish capital of the world, while Vardaman is known as the sweet potato capital of the world. The economy of the state of Mississippi and the population benefits greatly from these products and the abundance thereof.

However, Mississippi is the poorest state in the United States of America. The average income of the population of the state is less than that of all other states.

The most important crops in the state would include soybean, cotton, and sweet potato.

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