Mosquito Menace: When Do Mosquitoes Come Out?

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Originally Published on Oct 13, 2021
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Although mosquitoes bites are inevitable, you can prepare yourself if you know what time these insects come out!

Mosquitoes need special environmental conditions to thrive, therefore you will find these insects bite you only under certain circumstances and at specific times. Different species of mosquitoes have different habits, habitats, and life cycles.

Mosquitoes are annoying creatures that give painful bites and are carriers of dangerous diseases such as yellow fever, West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, and other deadly diseases. In warm months, chances are high of mosquito bites. To avoid mosquitoes, you should know when the different kinds of mosquitoes are most active in your area, when mosquito seasons come, and at what time of the day mosquitoes are most active.

There are many different types of mosquitoes. There are around 176 mosquito species in the US alone. Some are active during the day, while others are active at night, dusk, or dawn. Most species usually show their highest activity during dusk hours. If you go outside in the evenings, particularly near standing water, you will need extra protection to protect yourself from dangerous mosquito bites. The most common species include Aedes aegypti and the Culex pipiens. These different types of species are active at different timings of the day. However, all species do not bite during the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak. If a mosquito comes into your home, it can fly around for many hours as it does not get dehydrated very easily. It probably lives longer because of the light and temperature in your home. Most species of mosquitoes are most active during the day but some types are active during the night. They hide in dark and cool places during the day and only come out at night. They avoid daylight as higher sun exposure can dehydrate them and therefore kill them.

You must have heard about mosquito season where people tell you to keep your windows and doors closed and to cover your skin as much as you can because you can get mosquito bites! These small animals do not emerge at a specific time of year, instead, they depend on temperature for their activity. Many species of mosquitoes usually die in the winter season, while others go into hibernation during this period. The best temperature at which these insects are most active is 80 F (26.7 C). Breeding of mosquitoes usually increases in the rainy season. Various locations in the US will observe greater mosquito activity during different periods of the year. For the most part, it depends on when temperatures are above 50 F (10 C) on a regular basis. For some parts of the country, mosquitoes thrive as early as in the month of February or March. They basically start slowing thriving from the spring season before becoming active in summer. Other locations may not notice the mosquito season until the month of June or later. In the most temperate of regions, these small flying animals can be present during the entire year.

To control the mosquito pest, there are several methods to save yourself from mosquito bites and various diseases including deadly malaria. It is better to stay inside when mosquitoes are most active and also call pest control. Use mosquito repellents every time you open and close a window or door to eliminate the pest. Put net screens on the doors and windows during early mosquito season. Grow some mosquito repellent plants in the yard and wear proper clothing.

Did you know that it is the female mosquito that is the most dangerous one as it is the carrier of various diseases and transmits pathogens into the bloodstream of humans as it needs blood to lay its eggs?

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Do mosquitoes come out during the day when its cloudy?

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded flying insects that depend on the environment to regulate the temperature of their body. On a cloudy day, if the temperature is favorable, they come out during the day.

The best suitable temperature for mosquitoes is 80 F ( 26.66 C) and when it lowers down to 60 F (15.55 C), these animals become inactive. However, different species of mosquitoes are active at different times, but most species are active during dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes like warm temperatures as it allows them to thrive since extended sun exposure can dehydrate them. Depending upon the temperature, some types of mosquitoes can bite throughout the night. If there is no wind in the area and mosquitoes are hidden from the wind and in remarkably cloudy areas, these insects could bite you throughout the day too. As there is humidity which eventually increases temperatures and therefore provides a favorable environment for mosquitoes.

Do mosquitoes come out in the rain?

The number of mosquitoes usually increases after rain due to stagnant water. However, these animals generally stop flying when it's raining heavily because the temperature becomes low which makes them inactive.

Whenever there is rain, there is an escalation in mosquito breeding. These flying animals need standing water to lay eggs. The greater the number of puddles, the larger number of female mosquitoes lay their eggs. The eggs also need puddles to get through their life cycle of larvae to pupa and then to adult. These eggs take only one week to become adults. Moreover, mosquitoes need higher temperatures to fly and work. Rain brings down the temperature in a particular area which makes it difficult for mosquitoes to thrive.

Do mosquitoes come out when humid?

You can see a decrease in the number of mosquitoes and their bites when there is high humidity. This weather condition is quite unfavorable to these small animals.

Sometimes the weather becomes too hot and dry for mosquitoes, like during humidity. In this environmental condition, mosquitoes will not be as active as they usually are in normal conditions. However, once the temperature declines and gets within the endurable range, they become more hungry and therefore bite more. The people who are infected with a disease, like the Western Nile virus, will be fed on by mosquitoes more often which will enhance the possibility of an outbreak.

A close-up or macro of a Mosquito on a white background.

Do mosquitoes come out in morning?

During the day, mosquitoes often hide in dark, sheltered places. In the open, they reside in the grass, under plants, and among leaves. These flying mosquitoes are also found in human-made buildings such as corridors, ceilings, basements, and other dark spaces.

Some species of mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti (or Asian tiger mosquito) and Culex pipiens (also known as common house mosquitoes) prefer day hours, although they will also be active during the early dawn and early dusk. Aedes aegypti usually bite during the day, whereas Culex pipiens or the common house mosquito bite during dusk hours as the sun starts to disappear and temperatures begin to cool or the first few hours of the night. Day mosquitoes are usually present in thick vegetation, woods, and grass. This creates a problem for individuals who like to enjoy a warm summer evening. If want to relax on your lawn or want to play in a park, you can become the meal of these pests as these pests are drawn to human sweat and carbon dioxide. Both these factors are difficult to dodge in the summer season.

How to stop them from coming out?

It is totally impossible to stay away from mosquitoes unless you are living in Antarctica.

Some tips that restrict them from biting you include:

Do not go outside when mosquitoes are most active.

Call for pest control at your home.

Use mosquito spray which can be available in your nearby store.

You can make a mosquito repellant with your own favorite essential oils.

Drain standing water near your property.

Mend holes in window and door screens to restrict them from coming into your property.

Add mosquito-repelling plants to the yard such as lemongrass, basil, and lavender. These plants will make your yard mosquito-free.

Always wear clothing such as long sleeves and long pants to cover your skin.

The most secure way to protect your yard from these dangerous morbid animals is to use seasonal mosquito treatments for your garden. These sprays will not only eliminate mosquitoes, but they are also useful in other types of pests, such as ticks, fleas, and some flies.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for when do mosquitoes come out, then why not take a look at what do mosquitoes eat or mayfly facts?

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