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Nathan Kress is a famous American voice actor.
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About Nathan Kress

Nathan Karl Kress is a famous American television, film, and voice actor.

Karl Kress was also a professional child model, and he started acting at the age of three. The famous actor is renowned for his role in the 2007-2012 television movie 'iCarly' as Freddie Benson.

Nathan began his acting career in the mid-'90s with television commercials and comedy sketches. He got all the support he needed from his parents, who enrolled him in auditions when they discovered his natural talent and skill for memorizing songs and jingles. Karl Kress was born on November 18, 1992, in Glendale, California. He was featured in shows such as 'Without A Trace' and 'House M.D.'. In more recent years, Nathan Kress starred in 'CSI', Hawaii Five-0', and 'Major Crimes'. According to the horoscope, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Nathan Kress Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Nathan Kress's net worth?

Nathan Kress is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million. The American actor earns a living from being an actor and voice actor.

How much does Nathan Kress earn per year?

The details of Nathan's annual salary are yet to be revealed to the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Nathan Kress?

Nathan Kress stands 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall. The famous actor has brown hair and brown eyes.

How old is Nathan Kress?

Nathan was born on November 18, 1992, in Glendale, California, US. Calculating by his birthday, Nathan Kress would be 30 years old in November 2022.

Childhood And Education

Nathan Kress was born on November 18, 1992, in Glendale, California, United States. Nathan's parents, Steven and Allison Kress, are residents of Southern California, and the famous actor is the youngest of the boys.

Nathan Kress' parents discovered his talents and skills early in life. They found out that he loved to perform songs, quotes, and jingles to the family. Nathan had exceptional memorization and recitation skills as a child.

His parents began enrolling him in auditions from preschool age. However, Nathan Kress dropped out of his performing and acting mode when he was six and returned to normal life.

When he was 10, Nathan Kress returned to acting and got minor roles in television shows, including 'House', 'Drake & Josh', 'Chicken Little', and 'The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody'. He was also featured on 'iCarly', a popular Nickelodeon show from 2007-2012.

On May 25, 2011, Nathan Kress posted "Done. With. High. School." on his Twitter page when he graduated from high school.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Nathan Kress's partner?

Nathan Kress got engaged to his girlfriend, London Elise Moore, on May 29, 2015. London was also featured in 'Into The Storm' along with Nathan. The duo got married on November 15, 2015.

The couple welcomed Rosie Carolyn Kress, their first child, on December 21, 2017. They also announced their second child, Evie Elsie Kress, on Instagram on March 20, 2021.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Nathan Kress started quoting monologues and lines from television and movies to his family as a toddler. He would perform in front of his family and friends. His parents enrolled him in auditions, and he started performing at the age of three as a model, actor, and voice artist.

When Nathan clocked six, he took a break from acting. He resumed acting at the age of 10.

Nathan Kress got a voice role in Nickelodeon's animated TV series 'Shuriken School' as Eizan Kaburagi. He also acted as Jamie in 'The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody'.

Karl Kress played dramatic roles in 'Without A Trace', 'Standoff', and 'House'.

In 2007, Nathan Kress performed the role of Albert in 'Bag', a short film that won him a Jury Honorable Mention Award. He got an award at the 168-Hour Film Festival. The short film 'Bag' won the Festival Award For Best Comedy.

Nathan Kress played the role of Freddie Benson on 'iCarly'. Freddie Benson was the technical producer of the web show in 'iCarly'. He was a computer guru kid and also had a crush on a girl, Carly Shay (played by Miranda Cosgrove).

Freddie Benson had a long rivalry with Sam (played by Jennette McCurdy). In one of his comments on the 'iCarly' series, Nathan Kress mentioned how weird it was to pretend that he hated Jennette in the series and loved Miranda when they were all good friends.

Karl featured with other famous artists on 'iCarly' such as Jerry Trainor, Jennette McCurdy, and Miranda Cosgrove.

Karl Kress' performance on Nickelodeon shows catapulted Kress to fame. His performance on the show was described as "sweetly nerdy".

In an interview, Nathan Kress mentioned how impossible he thought it would be for him to get the lead role of Freddie Benson on 'iCarly'. He auditioned with 200-300 other talented artists. Nathan didn't believe it until he was called back for the role. He had a screen test with Jennette and Miranda and was picked for the lead role.

In 2015, Nathan Kress bade his directional debut on 'Henry Danger', a Nickelodeon show. Nathan directed six episodes of 'Game Shakers' and 11 episodes of 'Henry Danger'.

What awards has Nathan Kress won?

In 2007, Nathan Karl Kress won a Jury Honorable Mention Award for his role as Albert in 'Bag'.

'Bag', the film, also won the Festival Award For Best Comedy.

Other Interesting Nathan Kress Facts And Trivia

  • Nathan's name was featured on the 2012 'The Classic Crime's' album art.
  • He was featured as a clue in 'Jeopardy!', a quizzical game show, where he was described as an actor.
  • Karl Kress and Jennette were mentioned as a clue in 'Jeopardy!'. The answer to the question was, What is 'iCarly'?
  • The American actor helped Black Sky as a behind-the-camera crew because most of the filming was done by first-person filming.
  • Nathan once tweeted online that he could sing up to 38 notes. However, he also mentioned that he would never use the knowledge in his entire life asides from just having fun on the piano.
  • Nathan's Instagram account is NathanKress.
  • Because his friend, Doug Brochu, could play the ukulele, Nathan also learned how to play 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' on the ukulele.
  • Nathan must learn how to play the acoustic guitar before the end of the filming production of 'Category Six'.
  • Nathan's first action-packed movie on the big screen is 'Category Six', and his role is that of a brother searching for his missing sibling. Dax Deacon played the character of his little brother.
  • Nathan has learned how to fly an airplane.
  • Kevin and Andrew, Kress' older brothers, are in a rock band, Five Mile Town. Nathan is a big supporter of the rock band.
  • Whenever he watches the television, Nathan always keeps the volume at numbers that are multiples of five.
  • In Season 1 of 'iCarly', Nathan Kress was shorter than Miranda Cosgrove. To make up for his height, Nathan was given a high pair of shoes so they could be of the same height on the screen. By Season 3, he had grown to the same height as Miranda and didn't need to wear special shoes to shoot the TV show. As seen in the episode 'iSpeed Date', he grew slightly taller than Miranda. Miranda rested her head on Nathan's shoulder.
  • Nathan mentioned that he had his first kiss at four or five with a neighbor from across the street.
  • Nathan's favorite girly film is the movie '500 Days Of Summer'.
  • Keira Knightley is Nathan's top celebrity crush. She has been on the top of his list since her performance in the movie 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'. Nathan respects Keira as a person.
  • Nathan's television guilty pleasure is 'Storage Wars'.
  • Nathan's dream is acting, so he already has his dream job.
  • Nathan mentioned that he is yet to find someone to act with him in his life movie. However, if he had to make an urgent choice, he would choose Josh Hartnett.
  • Nathan's closest family member is his mother.
  • Kress claims that one of his worst habits is oversleeping.
  • Nathan's top 5 'iCarly' episodes are 'iPity The Nevel', 'iFence', 'iBloop', 'iTwins', and 'iStart A Fanwar '.
  • In January 2012, Nathan narrated a dream he had on social media. He was to be in a talk show with other 'iCarly' casts, but he was distracted and got lost in a huge mall. He missed his flight and couldn't be on the talk show with everyone else because he kept getting lost in the mall. To crown it all, he crashed into a futuristic fancy elevator, and everyone was mad at him for making a mess. Kress later called for fans to help him interpret his dream.
  • Nathan starred on the TV show 'Victorious' Season 2, Episode 9, 'Who Did It To Trina?'
  • Nathan got his driver's license in 2009 when he was 17. He owned a silver Camaro at the time. Nathan named the car Camaro Gracie and mentioned that his family has a history of owning Camaros.
  • Nathan has different autograph signatures ranging from Nathan Kress, Nat K, to Nat Kr.
  • Madisen Hill, also known as Madi, an actress, singer, and dancer, was Nathan's girlfriend for two years. The duo broke up in October 2014.
  • Kress made a cameo appearance in the music video 'Superman' as young Moi. He was featured along with Madisen Hill, his ex-girlfriend.
  • In an interview, Nathan was once called a child star grown up into a Hollywood heartthrob.
  • Nathan has two older brothers, Kevin and Andrew. He is the youngest of three boys.
  • Nathan Karl Kress was featured in 'Game Of Your Life' as Phillip Reese.
  • Nathan claims that his dad's best advice is for him to always strive for excellence.
  • Like his old Twitter handle, Nathan has a Ustream channel named BruinDudge92.
  • Nathan Kress taught himself to play the intro 'If You Want It' on the piano without replaying the track.
  • Nathan could wiggle his ears a little bit. He once mentioned that he had no strange or hidden talent.
  • Nathan claims he enjoys playing the character Phillip Reese in 'Game Of Your Life'. He said he loved the role because he is not so different from Freddie Benson.
  • In one of his UStream broadcasts, Nathan mentioned in March 2012 that he has a Tumblr account. However, he didn't mention his username.
  • Nathan mentions some interesting Christmas routines and traditions growing up with his brothers. He enjoyed eating tamales on Christmas morning and opening the gifts with Kevin and Andrew, his brothers. Then, they would go outside to watch the firetruck that passes.
  • Nathan mentioned on his Twitter handle that he left Nickelodeon after the production of 'iCarly'. He also noted that he is pleased with his career on the platform.
  • Nathan is the second 'iCarly' cast to get married. Daniel Morrow was the first.
  • Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Jennette McCurdy all watched Nathan's wedding.
  • Nathan is an avid 'Star Wars' lover. He claims that portraying Wedge Antilles in Disney XD's 'Star Wars Rebels' was his dream come true.

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