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New York State Flag Meaning: Were You Aware Of These Facts?

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Did you know that the flag of New York State is regarded among the top most popular flags of the states of the United States?

Among all the state flags of the United States of America, the New York flag has been ranked at the 34th position. Read the entire article to learn everything about the New York state flag.

The official state flag of the New York state shows the coat of arms. Formally, the coat of arms was accepted in 1778 by the New York State. It can be seen as a part of the state flag as well as the seal.

New York is situated in the northeastern part of the United States of America. The world-famous New York City and the antique Statue of Liberty located at the New York harbor are part of New York State.

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Fun Facts About New York State's Flag

The New York state flag portrays a shield with a ship that is masted at the Hudson River with the help of a sloop. The ship is symbolic of inland and foreign trade and commerce of the state.

This design is outlined with a grassy shore, a range of mountains in its background, and the rising sun that seems to smile. This beautiful landscape of the Hudson River displays that the design originated in the modern era.

The shield has a left and a right supporter. The left supporter of the shield is 'liberty' which has been signified by the image of the goddess Liberty with a Phrygian cap, holding a pole. Her foot on the left side is shown treading on a crown that is symbolic of freedom of the New York State from the British. Earlier, New York State was the New York colony under British rule. The right supporter of the shield is 'justice.' It is shown with a blindfolded goddess justice, depicting impartial justice. She is also holding scales and a sword of justice that represents fairness.

Below the shield is a banner that shows the motto of the state, 'Excelsior,' a Latin word that means higher. People often translate it as the ever superior. The sun rising over the Hudson highlands and the ship sailing in the Hudson River can be seen on the shield. Above the shield is an eagle resting on a globe representing the Western Hemisphere.

Recently, after adopting the State Budget 2021 in April 2020, the state has launched another motto, 'E Pluribus Unum.'

On top of the shield is a crest consisting of a bald eagle surmounted with a globe of the world. The New York flag depicts the coat of arms in a blue background. Moreover, the state seal of the New York State is also the coat of arms, bordered with the words 'The Great Seal of the State of New York.'

Historical Facts About New York State's Flag

In 1778, the first version of the New York State flag with the coat of arms was adopted. The design has been slightly modified over the years. The original New York State flag is preserved at the Albany Institute of History & Art.

In 1896, New York State adopted the state flag formally. A law was enacted by the legislature on April 2, 1901, after which the background field of the flag was changed from buff to solid blue color.

According to the State Budget 2021 adopted in April 2020, there was a slight modification in the New York flag. Another motto, 'E Pluribus Unum,' was included in the coat of arms below the first motto, 'Excelsior.' To reflect the powerful change in the coat of arms, the state seal and the state flag was modified accordingly.

New York State's coat of arms features many different colors in the flag.

Facts About New York State Flag's Significance

The Liberty goddess pictured on the coat of arms of the New York State flag signifies liberty or freedom. The discarded crown has been kept at her left foot, which is a strong statement against British rule and represents freedom of the state after the Revolutionary War.

On the other hand, the Justice goddess is blindfolded, which signifies impartiality, and she also carries scales that are symbolic of fair justice. The motto of the New York State, ' Excelsior,' is a symbol of growth and achieving higher goals of development and freedom.

The bald eagle above the world globe is symbolic of the Western Hemisphere.

Facts About New York State Flag's Designer

The state flag of the New York State is based primarily on the official state coat of arms and also upon the first state seal. The first version of the New York State flag was designed in 1777. However, the flag has been modified several times and has five versions.

The first official New York State seal was planned and designed by three men, including John Jay and Gouverneur Morris, who is also called the Father of the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States.

Chancellor Livingston and Governor George Clinton laid down the second design of the New York State seal in 1778, the first seal with the official state coat of arms.

Finally, the ultimate design was prepared in 1898 by a triumvirate. The most famous person among the designers was Alonzo B. Cornell, the son of the founder of Cornell University and the co-founder of the Western Union, Ezra Cornell. Alonzo was the eldest of Ezra's four sons.

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