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Noam Gottesman, co-founder of GLG Partners and former hedge fund manager
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About Noam Gottesman

Noam Gottesman is a British-American businessman based in New York City, a co-founder of GLG Partners, and a former hedge fund manager.

Gottesman is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TOMS Capital. In addition, he was named on the Forbes 400 list of richest people in America in 2020, having a net worth of $2.4 billion.

Noam Gottesman later ventured into the food industry where he invested and owned a restaurant Eleven Madison Park, New York City. He was born in Israel on May 11, 1961, and has dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom. Gottesman also has an interest in collecting art, like it is done in his family.

He obtained artwork from Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon. He is one of the most successful persons born in the city of Israel and one of the richest business executives.

Noam Gottesman Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Noam Gottesman’s net worth?

According to Forbes, Noam Gottesman's real-time net worth is $2.9 billion.

How much does Noam Gottesman earn per year?

The exact annual earnings of Noam Gottesman are not known as of 2022.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Noam Gottesman?

Noam Gottesman is 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall.

How old is Noam Gottesman?

Born on May 11, 1961, Noam Gottesman is 61 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Noam Gottesman is the son of Dov Gottesman, Israel Museum president. . He was born into a Jewish family in May 1961. He obtained a BA from Columbia University in 1998. According to ART News, Noam Gottesman hails from a family of art collectors and is one of the 200 most prominent collectors.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Noam Gottesman’s partner?

Gottesman married Geraldine Gottesman and had four children together. They later divorced. He was dating actress Lucy Liu in 2014. Gottesman married Bianca Dueas, the sales director for fashion designer Reed Krakoff, who had a kid with him, in 2015.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

Noam Gottesman is best known as one of the richest British-American businessmen and philanthropists.

Noam Gottesman began his career at the London office of Goldman Sachs, where he worked till he became its executive director before leaving in 1995. While working as an executive director for Goldman Sachs, Gottesman was managing the equity portfolios for the company's private clientele. He left to co-found GLG Partners alongside Jonathan Green and Pierre Lagrange.

GLG Partners became a publicly traded business entity on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2007. This was after the company was able to manage about $24.6 billion in assets. In October 2010, Gottesman alongside his partners sold the company to Man Group for $1.6 billion. However, Gottesman was retained to serve as co-CEO for GLG. He then went on to become the non-executive chairman of the business in January 2012.

Noam Gottesman is also the CEO of TOMS Capital which is an investment company. Adding to the list of business acumen he has acquired is the ownership of the restaurant Eleven Madison Park. On the slated list in The World's 50 Best Restaurant magazine publication, his restaurant was voted number one. Their Sushi, Shuko was voted by the New York Magazine as the Best Sushi in New York. Noam Gottesman is also the owner of the eponymous investment vehicle called Nomad.

Charity Work

He has been on the Board of Trustees of New York-Presbyterian Hospital since 2017. He is a trustee at his alma mater Columbia University and a board member at the Tate Gallery Foundation. Gottesman is on the Chairman's Council of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Noam Gottesman’s Hobbies And Interests

Noam Gottesman loves collecting art, having come from a family of art collectors.

Other Interesting Noam Gottesman Facts And Trivia

  • The New York Daily News received a report in July 2019 which accused Noam Gottesman of carving out a personal driveway illegally at the entrance of his Greenwich Village townhouse.

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Noam Gottesman Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Noam Gottesman

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172 cm




Columbia University

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Bianca Dueñas


Dov Gottesman
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