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17 Oh-So Magical My Little Pony Facts For Kids Who Are Pony Fans

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Did you know that in Norway, it is believed that baby ponies are not born in a regular way!

Yes, there is a legend in Norway that says that baby ponies have been born from their mother's reflection. Now, that sounds really strange but imagine if it was really true, then what would happen if a mother pony just wanted to have a look into a mirror.

Another strange concept is that several baby ponies did not have their own mother, now imagine explaining this to your kids.

As My Little Pony fans will tell you, little pony toys are a thing of absolute euphoria for the kids playing with them. My Little Pony is one of the most iconic pieces of fiction that is very popular among kids, especially young girls. Even older fans of the show seem to give My Little Pony a cult-like status that can be enjoyed by everyone. Like any other show, fan fiction revolving around the characters of the show has been many! There have been a lot of videos about an actual real-life pony too.

The My Little Pony movie or shall we say movies have been a cultural phenomenon as well. The oldest iteration of My Little Pony dates back to 1986 with the introduction of 'My Little Pony ‘n Friends'.

The main theme of the show/movie revolves around the saying 'friendship is magic'. The oldest of shows and movies have also focused on this 'friendship is magic' narrative to educate kids about the importance of friends. Let us discover some magical My Little Pony facts that will excite us even more!

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My Little Pony Storyline

So, what is the My Little Pony storyline which has captured the imagination of most kids? What are the elements which have made this storyline increasingly popular? Here are some interesting facts pertaining to the My Little Pony storyline which you will surely enjoy.

A My Little Pony, Marvel Studio’s production has been in the works for a while too. The 2021 theatrical film 'My Little Pony: A New Generation' has been a success as people have really enjoyed the new iteration of the storyline.

A My Little Pony TV special was aired in 2019 to celebrate a decade of the ponies that had interviews from the cast who have voiced the ponies for generations. The TV special is very intimate and endearing! One of the most famous shorts titled 'Rescue at Midnight Castle' aired in 1984 which was very entertaining.

The story is set in the magical kingdom of Equestria where three species of ponies—Earth ponies (or the species of Earth pony), pegasus ponies (or the species of pegasus pony), and the species of unicorn pony all live in complete harmony and develop great relationships along the way during the show.

The ruler of the kingdom of Equestria happens to be the lovely princess Celestia. The show follows Twilight Sparkle, a studious unicorn who on the insistence of her mentor, Princess Celestia, travels to the region of Ponyville to learn about the values of friendship and understand why friends are essential in life.

Twilight Sparkle had a lovely dragon assistant called Spike. Twilight Sparkle and Spike develop great friendships with five other ponies: Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. The show had a deeper meaning to all these characters; these little ponies later discover that they all represent various aspects of friendship along with the appearance of magical artifacts known as the 'Elements of Harmony'.

The show evolves over the seasons as we go on an adventure as these little ponies help the other creatures living in Equestria and beyond the realm while finding ways to resolve their differences and strengthen their bonds!

My Little Pony Theme Song Meaning

One of the most popular aspects of the My Little Pony series was its catchy theme song. The lyrics of the song were so interesting that they captured the imagination of kids all over the world. But what is the meaning of the My Little Pony theme song? Check these interesting facts to know more.

A live-action adaption of My Little Pony called the 'Jem Movie' or 'Jem and the Holograms' was released in 2015 which was inspired by the 2017 movie 'My Little Pony: The Movie'. The movie focused on the same ideals as the movie and the tv show and was an enjoyable musical comedy to watch.

On a slightly different tangent than My Little Pony, horror writer - the legendary Stephen King actually wrote a book in 1988 which was called 'My Pretty Pony'!

The My Little Pony theme song is very straightforward and truly captures the messaging of the show and the lesson it wants to impart.

The starting lines echo the feeling that friendship is the real magic once again.

The second paragraph talks about how friendships didn’t seem important before but they really matter in our lives.

The third paragraph mentions all the five main characters of the series.

The fourth paragraph talks about how over time, the bonds that are created blossom and become stronger than before. New adventures await these best friends as they prepare for what lies ahead!

The song ends with the lines 'friends, you’re my very best', which reiterates the message of the show!

Several baby ponies did not have their own mother

My Little Pony Characters Name

In the series, there are several different ponies that you come across. But which is the most popular of them? Do you know the names of all the characters in the series? If not, then here are some fascinating details related to the different characters in My Little Pony.

The original toys/original ponies have been around for a while and they are very cute indeed. The six original ponies are Bloom, Blue Sweetie Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Mindy, and Sizzle.

The My Little Pony toy lines have been very popular since their inception. These include the Ruby Lips, 'Drink ‘n Wet Ponies (or Drink ‘n Wet Baby Ponies)', bright ponies, scented ponies, and more. The Drink ‘n Wet Baby Ponies were made from 1989-1990 and are known as G1 or generation-I toys to the entire fanbase. The set also included rainbow crystals.

My Little Pony has these six main characters that we discovered whose pony names were Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity. These characters have embarked on various adventures across the entire show and all the ensuing movie projects. One of the major places in Ponyville happened to be 'Carousel Boutique', home to Rarity in which she made pretty dresses.

The movie 'My Little Pony: Equestria Girls' sees Twilight Sparkle transform into a teenager as she pursues a thief into another dimension. The main antagonist of this movie is High School!

There have been other minor characters who have appeared across the various forms of media. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are little ponies that occur in the series as three ponies who go after what is called a 'cutie mark', thus the name Cutie Mark Crusaders. They got their cutie marks finally one day as they represent an apple with a heart for Apple Bloom, a star with a musical note for Sweetie Belle, and a lightning bolt in a wing for Scootaloo. Chocolate Delight is a pony with a cutie mark too!

A fan-favorite character called Derpy Hooves was also a part of My Little Pony; she was given the name due to her crossed eyes expressions.

The flutter ponies were minor characters who were known as winged ponies. They had the ability to fly and their leader was Queen Rosedust.

The mail-order ponies had the following names: Daffodil, Carnation, Violet, Daisy, Rose, Water Lily, Poppy, Cosmos, Morning Glory, Chrysanthemum, Holly, and Lily of the Valley.

One of the evilest characters the ponies had to go up against was the Lava Demon - a humanoid made of molten lava.

The ponies also happened to go against Erebus, the cloud demon who wanted to devour shadows to make himself more powerful!

The ram demon was one of the main villains in the My Little Pony franchise. The ram demon was called Grogar and he was a sorcerer.

My Little Pony Animals Magical Messages

The animals featured in My Little Pony delivered some extremely important messages for the kids. But which of these messages are most popular and used by the viewers in their daily lives? Read on to know more about My Little Pony animals' magical messages.

Babies need their wet diapers changed, don’t they? My Little Pony diapers have got you covered in that aspect too!

The third season saw a massive shift as Celestia was replaced by Twilight Sparkle as the ruler of Equestria. If you want to watch newer seasons of the show then you can tune into 'Discovery Family' and see what wacky adventures the characters embark on as they try to maintain their relationships with each other.

Most of these shows that include animal characters have a special connection to the fable genre. This means that these animals are a way for creators to impart important lessons that they want the kids to learn.

The main theme of the show and the movie involving My Little Pony narrows down to the ideals of friendship. Throughout the stories, the characters deal with various problems that plague any relationship but, at the end of the day, they find ways to power through those issues and keep their friendships tight.

My Little Pony also shows us that friends provide magic in our lives. Even Twilight Sparkle exclaims that after meeting her new friends, she was happier than ever and these bonds are 'as splendid as summer skies'.

My Little Pony happens to teach us that any problem that we face can be resolved easily if we have friends around us. Friends support us when we need their help the most and they help us find solutions to all kinds of problems.

In fact, each of the characters represents aspects of friendship - Fluttershy symbolizes kindness, Rarity symbolizes generosity, Rainbow Dash symbolizes loyalty, Pinkie Pie symbolizes laughter and Applejack symbolizes honesty. All of these combine into one to form the sixth element of 'magic' or Twilight Sparkle.

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