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Orange Blossom Facts: A Flower Used To Make Perfumes!

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Orange blossom can be identified as a flower with a sweet fragrance widely used for making perfumes and is obtained from the orange trees.

Over the years, orange blossom has been associated with purity, good fortune and can usually be found as a part of bridal bouquets or head wreaths at weddings. At the same time, these fragrant flowers have been the state flower of the sunshine state since November 15, 1909.

The sweet orange tree which bears these white flowers produces them during the spring season, following which oranges grow on these spots in the fall and winter season. It has been observed that the area of the stem that bears an orange blossom eventually goes on to bear an orange fruit. These flowers are used for various purposes ranging from cooking to making perfumes.


The orange blossom flower which grows during the spring season appears in tight clusters. These flowers have five petals, each that have an oval shape.

Eventually, the flower attains a star-like shape of white or ivory color. Interestingly, the orange blossom petals have a soft, waxy feel and come with a pointed tip. These flowers usually attain a size of around 0.8-1 in (2-3 cm). Moreover, when these flowers grow properly, they tend to have a fresh, clean, soapy scent enjoyed by many people.

Perfume Making

Orange blossom, famously known as the Florida state flower, is commercially used for making perfumes. When the orange blossom is at full bloom during the spring season, the central and southern parts of Florida have the fragrance of orange blossoms in the atmosphere.

The essence of orange blossom is an important ingredient in the perfume-making process of various brands. Interestingly, apart from the essence of orange blossom, the orange oil obtained from the orange tree is used in certain cleaning products. Did you know that orange juice is recognized as the state beverage of Florida, and sweet orange is officially known as the state fruit? Apart from perfumes, certain companies also produce orange blossom water from these flowers, which are used as a replacement to rose water, and in various dishes of Middle Eastern and French cuisine.

Orange blossoms have shiny leaves and the wings on their leaf stems are pretty narrow.

Care Of Orange Blossom

We love the orange fruit, especially its juicy pulp; along with these fruits, the orange tree also bears these orange blossoms. Orange blossoms are well recognized as the Florida state flower, but they are native to India, Southeast Asia, southern China in particular, and Asia in general.

It has been observed that these orange trees grow well in soil that is well-drained and when these trees receive partial shade or full sun. At the same time, as one adds compost or manure to the soil, the output improves. In certain areas, you can also find people producing orange blossom honey from the flowers of orange trees. In Spain, there are a lot of citrus trees, including those or oranges which eventually lead to a large amount of production of orange blossom honey.


What is orange blossom?

Orange blossom is a widely known flower produced from the orange trees and commercially used to produce perfumes.

What does an orange blossom look like?

Orange blossoms generally look like a white-colored star-shaped flower with five petals in them.

Why is the orange blossom the state flower of Florida?

Florida State has a history of extensive growth and production of orange trees, due to which, in 1909, the orange blossom was named as the state flower of Florida.

Where does orange blossom honey come from?

This particular kind of honey is obtained when beehives are put in citrus groves. This honey is produced mainly in countries like Spain.

Where can I find orange blossom water?

Orange blossom water is usually found in supermarkets on the aisles with rose water.

How can you use orange blossom water?

Orange blossom water is predominantly used as an ingredient in certain dishes or as a substitute for rose water.

What does orange blossom smell like?

On use, orange blossoms produce a fresh, soapy smell.

What does orange blossom water taste like?

Orange blossom water tastes a bit bitter like an orange peel would when chewed upon.

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