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19 Pamela Adlon, Facts Of Life: Actor, Vocal Artist & Much More!

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At 5 ft (1.5 m) tall, Pamela Adlon is a well-known actor, writer, producer, director, and vocal artist from New York, U.S.A.

Pamela is most known for her work in voicing the lead role 'Bobby Hill in King of The Hill', an animated comedy show. A Primetime Emmy Award was given to her in 2002 for this role.

Pamela is known for voicing young boys in various roles like Lucky in '101 Dalmatians: The Series', Otto Osworth in the Cartoon Network kids animated comedy series 'Time Squad', and so on. She also stars in major roles in series like 'Louie' and 'Californication'. In 2016, she made a critically acclaimed comedy-drama show, 'Better Things'.

She has co-written, directed, produced, and acted in this show. The show deals with themes like realities of single motherhood, female friendships, raising three kids, mother-daughter relationships, and Hollywood realities. Pamela draws from her own experiences to write for the show but it is still fictional.

Her love for fine arts and acting comes from her father Don Segall, who was a comic writer and producer.

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The Early Life Of Pamela Adlon

Pamela Segall was born on July 9, 1966, in New York. Her parents are Donald Maxwell "Don" Segall and Marina L . Her father Don Segall was a comedy writer and T.V producer. He also wrote science fiction novels and comic books. He produced a T.V variety program 'The Dave Garroway Show', that later became the talk show, 'The Today Show'.

Adlon's mother Marina L. is English and her father Don Segall is American. Her father came from a Jewish family of Russian and Ukrainian descent. Her mother converted to Judaism from Anglican. Marina and Don met in Paris at a USO event.

When she was young, Pamela lived in the Carnegie House in New York. According to her, her family lived between New York and Los Angeles. This was because of her father's work as a writer and TV producer.

Adlon, at the young age of nine years old, started performing. She did voice acting work for her father's friend's radio studio. She also participated in film and TV acting work in Los Angeles. Pamela went to Sarah Lawrence College but soon dropped out. Her first job outside of TV roles as a child was at a vintage clothed store named Alice Underground when she was 16 or 17.

About the work, she said: "I used to steer people away from the items I liked because I was hoping to buy them, it was great. Cyndi Lauper used to come in." As a young woman, she also handed out flyers for New York Pops.

The Career Of Pamela Adlon

Pamela made her debut in 'Grease 2', a 1982 musical, as Dolores Rebchuck. She then acted in 'The Facts of Life', a legendary sitcom that ran from 1983 - 1984, as Kelly Affinado. She also had roles in movies like 'Night Court', 'Say Anything', 'Pulp Fiction', and many more.

Adlon has lent her distinctive husky voice for many voiceover roles in animated stories. She was the voice of the lead role Bobby Hill in the animated comedy, 'King of the Hill'. She voiced Margaret "Moose" Pearson in 'Pepper Ann', Baloo in 'Jungle Cubs', and Andy in 'Squirrel Boy' among many others.

She has also voiced for films like 'The Animatrix' and 'Tinker Bell' series. She has more than 200 credits onscreen. Her noteworthy acting roles include Emma Path in 'Boston Lega'l, Marcy Runkle in 'Californication', and Pamela in 'Louie'.

Pamela came in contact with Louis C.K in 2006 when she portrayed his wife's role in the HBO series, 'Lucky Louie'. She portrayed a friend of Louie in Louis C.K 's series, 'Louie'. Pamela then became a writer and consulting producer for the series 'Louie'.

Adlon has been nominated for four Emmy Awards for this series. Two nominations for the category of producer for Best Comedy Series, one nomination for the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a comedy series, and another for the category of Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for co-writing an episode.

'Better Things', a drama sitcom created by Adlon, in which she also has a lead role, was picked up by FX for a 10 episode first season in August of 2015. The series which is said to be semi based on Adlon's own real life is a series about Sam Fox, played by Pamela, who is an actor and a single mother of three girls.

Louis C.K was a co-writer for the first two seasons of 'Better Things'. Adlon has written, directed, and acted for the whole duration of the series. 'Better Things' has been admired by many and received a Peabody Award in 2016. Pamela also received a Primetime Emmy nomination for the first two seasons of 'Better Things' in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Pamela was nominated by the Golden Globe awards for Best Actress - Television Series Musical or Comedy. The Television Critics Association Award has given her four nominations in between the years 2017 to 2020 for the category of Individual Achievement in Comedy.

Recently she has portrayed the guest role of Mrs Wolowitz in 'Young Sheldon', a CBS sitcom, Dr. Leigh in 'This Is Us', an NBC drama series, a live-action role in 'First Girl I loved', a romantic drama movie, and a role in 'Bumblebee', a science fiction and action based movie.

Pamela Adlon facts are everything you need to know about this amazing person who was a New Yorker.

Personal Life Of Pamela Adlon

Pamela Segall married now ex-husband, Felix O. Adlon in 1996. The couple together had three girls Gideon Adlon, Odessa Adlon, and Valentine Adlon, and divorced in the year 2010.

In 2017, Louis C.K was accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct in the #Metoo movement. Pamela and C.K were friends and have worked together for two series. He was also the co-writer with her on the FX series, 'Better Things'.

In her statement talking about the controversy, Adlon told that she was “devastated and in shock after the admission of abhorrent behaviour” by C.K. She has also expressed empathy and sorrow towards the women. Adlon also fired her manager, Dave Becky following his involvement in the Louis C.K scandal.

At one point in 2015, she was given citizenship in the United Kingdom. She is now a dual citizen of America and the UK.

Filmography By Pamela Adlon

Pamela has played several roles over the years. Her IMDb lists 218 credits. She started to act with a role in 'Grease 2' in 1982. She has performed in shows like 'The Facts of Life', 'Californication', 'Louie', 'Boston legal', and 'This Is Us', among others.

Her role in 'Californication' as Marcy Runkle was only for the first episode, but it was later decided to keep her as a recurring character. She has credited voiceover work as saving her career, the many animated stories in which she has lent her voice include 'King of the Hill', 'Bobby's World', 'Rugrats', 'Phineas and Ferb', 'Recess', 'Bob's Burgers', and 'Milo Murphy's Law'. Her film credits include 'Grease 2', 'After Midnight', 'Plump Fiction', 'First Girl I loved', and more among countless others.

She realized while working on a big-budget show that she could do much bigger, better things in life. She started working on creating her own show, 'Better Things', which is a semi-autobiographical story about a single mother raising three kids.

She writes, directs, produces, and acts in the show. Not everybody can handle even half of all the work this woman does alone. She was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy for this show in 2018.

Adlon's character is Sam Fox who is an actor. Sam's daughters are Max Fox played by Mikey Madison, Frankie Fox starring Hannah Alligood, and Duke Fox starring Olivia Edward. On the show, Adlon is seen wearing a brace, however, the reason for it remains largely unknown. Overall, the show is about the family life of a single mother raising three daughters at the same time on her own. It is raw and delivers exactly what working motherhood is really like for women with kids.

Awards Given To Pamela Adlon

Pamela was awarded the Primetime Emmy Award in 2002 for outstanding voice-over performance. She voiced Bobby Hill on the series 'King of the Hill'. She won the Writers Guild of America Award for best comedy series in 2013 and 2015. This was for her work in the series, 'Louie'.

Spending many years in the show business, Aldon has been nominated for several awards. These include:

  • Golden Globe awards for the category of Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy in 2018.
  • Primetime Emmy Awards for various categories - Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (2013), Outstanding Comedy Series(2014), Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (2015), for the series, Louie.
  • Primetime Emmy Awards for the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, for 'Better Things' in 2018.
  • Producers Guild of America Awards for the category of Outstanding Producers of Episodic Television, for the Series 'Louie' in 2015.
  • Television Critics Association Awards for the category of Individual Achievement in Comedy, for the series 'Better Things' in the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  • Writers Guild of America Awards for the category of Best New Series, for her own show 'Better Things' in 2017.

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