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69 Pennsylvania History Facts: When Was It Founded And More

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Pennsylvania occupies the central location among the original colonies of America.

Pennsylvania is the second state to become part of the union. This state shares its border with New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, and Delaware.

Although the Atlantic coastal plain is seen in this state, it does not share its borders with the Atlantic ocean. This state of Pennsylvania with Tom Wolf as the current governor has a rich history behind it. Let us learn some Pennsylvania history facts here. Afterwards, also check Brazil history facts and Washington State history facts.

Pennsylvania State History

Pennsylvania, the populous state found in the northeastern region of the United States. This state is known by the nickname ‘keystone state’. What is the history behind this keystone state?

Pennsylvania was declared a state on December 12, 1787. Before that, Pennsylvania was actually founded by Sir William Penn. He named it Pennsylvania after his father, Admiral William Penn along with ‘Sylvania’. New England obtained the region of Pennsylvania in 1664. In 1681, the region was given to William Penn who named it Pennsylvania.

William Penn brought settlers to the region who believed in religious freedom and just governance. The largest city, populous city, and also the planned city of Pennsylvania title belongs to Philadelphia. The independence hall is found in Philadelphia.

The declaration of independence and of the United States and constitution drafting happened in this independence hall. Philadelphia was where the federal government was seated between 1776 and 1800. Pennsylvania’s capital is Harrisburg. The Harrisburg population is around 50,000 but it is not the most populous city in Pennsylvania.

American Revolution And Early Government

The Pennsylvania state contributed a lot during the American revolution. The Pennsylvanians supported the revolutionary war of American colonies.

The first and second continental congress was hosted in Philadelphia. The famous and iconic symbol liberty bell is in Pennsylvania. At the time of the American Revolution, the liberty bell was moved from Philadelphia to Allentown. But after the British left the state, it was brought back to Philadelphia. Many battles and other military movements happened in Pennsylvania during the American revolution.

This includes George Washington crossing the Delaware River and two battles are the battle of Brandywine and Germantown. . Many famous Pennsylvanians supported the American revolution. Some of them are Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, James Wilson, and so on. The articles of confederation were written in York which is in Pennsylvania. It was also adopted here. After six years of its adoption, a new constitution was established.

The constitution took its place; all 13 states of the united states ratified the constitution document by 1788. Philadelphia served as the nation’s capital between 1790 and 1800. The permanent capital became Washington DC after that.

Famous Pennsylvanian Natives And Residents

There are many interesting facts about the history of Pennsylvania. The first computer was in Pennsylvania, the first public zoo in the United States is the Philadelphia Zoo, which is also in Pennsylvania.

But Pennsylvania also had some famous Pennsylvanians. Benjamin Franklin and Bill Cosby are the two of the most prominent names.

Pennsylvania has some of the famous people known around the world as their natives and residents. Some famous native Americans who lived in Pennsylvania are the novelist Louisa May Alcott, basketball player Kobe Bryant, composer Samuel Barber, golfer Arnold Palmer, actor James Stewart and so on. Apart from these famous people, anyone would love to live in Pennsylvania. Hershey in Pennsylvania is called the chocolate capital of the world. Also, the waterfront around lake Erie and the Delaware River has a beauty of its own. There are many bridges in Pennsylvania. In fact, the city of Pittsburgh is called the ‘city of bridges’ because it has around 440 bridges. Pittsburg city is second in population in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is also famous for the first new polio vaccine injection given to children in a school in the city.

The populous state found in the northeastern region

The Flag Of Pennsylvania

The flag of Pennsylvania is the oldest one in the country of the United States. It was the second state to join the union, so that fact will be of no surprise. The design of the flag is of that time. But the current design which is approved by the state legislature is from 1907.

This American flag of Pennsylvania state has the motto ‘virtue, liberty and independence’ seen at the bottom. This is the official state motto also.  The flag is more of a square in shape unlike other flags which are a bit rectangular in shape and it is considered among the least appealing flags in design by many.

The state seal is seen on the official flag of the state of Pennsylvania. The American eagle in the state seal represents the strength and loyalty of the Pennsylvanians. The religious tolerance, agriculture, and coal mining history, and other great symbols that represent Pennsylvania are seen in the state seal.

The Great Depression And World War Two

The republican power of the state of Pennsylvania changed with the great depression. The Democrats started to have the upper hand in Pennsylvania.

Franklin Roosevelt was the first Democrat to be declared victorious in Pennsylvania electoral votes. But in 1938, republicans came into power again.

The state of Pennsylvania had a high labor force and suffered in great amounts during the great depression.  During World War II, Pennsylvania made great contributions. Around 6.6% of the military equipment used by the United States in the war was manufactured by the state. Around a million Pennsylvanians participated in the armed forces during the war also.

Westward Expansion And Land Speculation

The area that covers Pennsylvania is a result of many changes. The borders between Pennsylvania and West Virginia today were at the beginning Pennsylvania and Maryland. The extension came on later.

The state received many lands through treaties and extended its area. They also purchased lands for the state extension. There was also land speculation that happened in Pennsylvania. The revolutionary war soldiers were granted land for their contribution to the war which caused land speculation in the state.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Pennsylvania history facts then why not take a look at Australian history facts, or Belgium history facts.

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