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About Philip Hamilton

Philip Hamilton was the firstborn son of Alexander and Elizabeth Hamilton and was born on January 22, 1782, in Albany, New York.

Alexander Hamilton, his father, was the first United States Secretary of the Treasury and a Founding Father of the United States. Philip Hamilton’s mother, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, was the daughter of Philip Schuyler, the Revolutionary War general. 

Philip Hamilton was severely wounded in a duel with George Eacker at the age of 19. Philip Hamilton took his last breath in Manhattan, New York, US, on November 24, 1801, and is currently buried at Trinity Church Cemetery alongside his parents.

Philip Hamilton's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Philip Hamilton's net worth?

No information on Philip Hamilton's net worth is known to the public.

How much does Philip Hamilton earn per year?

No information on Philip Hamilton's salary is known to the public.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Philip Hamilton?

Philips's physical attributes are unknown as he lived more than two centuries ago.

How old is Philip Hamilton?

Philip Hamilton was 19 years old before losing the battle for life on November 24, 1801.

Childhood And Education

Philip Hamilton was born in Albany, New York, British America, on January 22, 1782, to Alexander and Elizabeth Hamilton. Philip was the oldest of eight siblings and his father’s favorite. At the age of nine, Philip was sent to Trenton Boarding School in New Jersey. Philip would regularly receive letters of encouragement from his father throughout his boarding school journey.

Later, Philip Hamilton enrolled at Columbia College, from which his father had also graduated. His teachers had high hopes that he would be as successful as his father because he was a bright student.

In 1800, Philip graduated with honors from Columbia College and then pursued law. His father set severe study regimens, including waking for study at six a.m. every day from April to September and no later than seven a.m. the rest of the year, and then reading the law from the moment he gets dressed in the morning until nine a.m.

Unfortunately, Philip Hamilton’s father’s expectations were shattered when Philip was killed in a duel with George Eacker, who had made derogatory comments about his father. Three years later, his father was fatally wounded in a duel against a political opponent at the exact location as his son, using the same pistol.

Family and Relationship

Philip Hamilton’s father was a founding father of the United States of America and the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. From September 1789 to January 1795, Alexander Hamilton oversaw the financial affairs of the newly formed nation. His mother was a co-founder of New York City’s first private orphanage. Philip was named Philip after his maternal grandfather, Philip Schuyler, who had been a Revolutionary War officer and New York senator.

Philip Hamilton was the oldest sibling among the rest of his brothers and sisters, including Angelica Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton Jr., Eliza Hamilton Holly, James Alexander Hamilton, John Church Hamilton, William S. Hamilton, and Philip Hamilton. Philip Hamilton, one of his youngest siblings, was named after him upon his death.

Philip Hamilton went to Trenton Boarding School in New Jersey, where he was joined by his younger brother Alexander three years later. His father frequently corresponded with him while he attended boarding school by writing him letters.

In 1797, Philip was gravely ill, and his father procured the finest physicians and drugs to treat him. He was a personal friend of William Frazer, who eventually became the rector of Saint Michael’s Church.

Following his graduation with honors from Columbia College in 1800, Philip Hamilton opted to study law. His father was his mentor and adviser, and he set up a challenging work plan for Philip to assist him in coping with the rigors of law school. Philip Hamilton’s father viewed him as the most intelligent of his children and had high hopes for him, believing that Philip would further the family name after earning his legal degree.

After the passing of Philip Hamilton, his family plunged into chaos. Angelica Hamilton, his 17-year-old sister, suffered a mental collapse from which she never recovered. Angelica’s mental state deteriorated to the point where she was only intermittently lucid and she often failed to recognize family members.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Philip Hamilton is known as the eldest son of the first United States Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton.

After George Eacker publicly insulted his father during the Fourth of July readings at Columbia University, he challenged him to a battle. Philip Hamilton did not die instantly but instead succumbed to infection after the duel.

Charity Work

What awards did Philip Hamilton win?

Philip Hamilton’s Hobbies And Interests

Philip Hamilton was always up for learning new things and was a bright student at school and college, just like his father. He loved to read books and get information on various topics. Photography was another thing that interested Philip Hamilton.

Philip Hamilton also loved to travel and explore new things.

Other Interesting Philip Hamilton Facts And Trivia

  • After George Eacker insulted Philip Hamilton’s father during the Fourth of July readings at Columbia University, he challenged him to a duel. After the fight, Philip Hamilton succumbed to infection rather than dying immediately.
  • Philip Hamilton is laid to rest in the cemetery of Trinity Church in New York City. His parents are buried beside him.
  • Anthony Ramos portrays Philip Hamilton in the Tony-nominated musical ‘Hamilton’, which is based on the biography of Philip Hamilton’s father. In February 2015, the musical made its Off-Broadway debut at The Public Theatre.
  • Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton and his father were by his side as he passed away. He died at age 19.
  • Philip Hamilton earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, now Columbia University, in New York City. Frequently, the IQ of Philip Hamilton was compared to that of his father.

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Philip Hamilton Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Philip Hamilton

Date of Birth


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Place of Birth



Trenton Boarding School in New Jersey, Columbia College (New York)


Alexander Hamilton, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton


Alexander Hamilton Jr, Angelica Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton Holly, James Alexander Hamilton, John Church Hamilton, Philip Hamilton, William S. Hamilton
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