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Qatar Facts: It's Time To Include The Place In Your Bucket List

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Qatar, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, is a must-visit.

Qatar is located in the Middle East among other sister countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc. It was once a developing country, but now, this is a luxurious richest country due to the rich oil refineries. 

Qatar is located on the Arabian Peninsula's northeastern coast, separated from its neighbors by the Persian Gulf's Strait.

Qatar, usually pronounced as Kah-Ter in English, is an Arab country ruled by monarchs. One side of this state is joined with the south of Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf surrounds the rest of the land. The country is a peninsula surrounded by neighboring island Bahrain, and Iran and also shares some of its borders with the United Arab Emirates.

Qatar is a small country compared to England. England is ten times bigger than Qatar. This country is ruled by a constitutional monarch, Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Qatar is divided into eight municipalities, and it is located in Western Asia, forming the small Qatar Peninsula. 

The country has an official name called the State Of Qatar. The official language is Arabic, but English, the country's second language, is widely used by the inmates. The total population of Qatar is estimated to be nearly 2.7 million. The Pearl Qatar is an artificial island made by the natives of the country.

Aren't these facts interesting? There are more and more to learn on Qatar Facts. Please keep r

Qatar's Economy

Qatar's economy is one of the world's most prosperous. Qatar is the largest producer of liquified natural gas, and so Qatar's exports are mainly these natural gas and oils. Because of the country's richest oil wealth, the workers are leading a happy and content life with a high standard of living. 

Qatar's history is incomplete without mentioning its protection under the British till 1971. On September 3rd, it became an independent nation. Qatar found its independence because of its rich resources, mainly oil and natural gas revenues that made Qatar get an income equal to other industrial countries in Western Europe. The State started to flourish, exporting its natural gas and oil exports business. The country has employed many migrant workers.

The Al Jazeera Television channel headquarters is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar. This television became the main talk in the State because of telecasting the live Asian Games held in 2006 and has planned to host the FIFA World Cup, 2022, by which Qatar becomes the first Arab nation to host the world cup. Qatar is the only safest place, with no record of natural disasters. United Nations has classified Qatar as a country known for advanced human development.

Tourist Attractions In Qatar

Qatar has many wonderful places to visit, which is why Qatar must be on your bucket list. Come on, let us explore all those places.

The State has its airways in Qatar Airways, making it an asset to this small province. By taking the flight in their own Qatar Airways, we reach the State of Qatar. We enter the international airport, named after the ruler as Hamad International airport. More visitors are expected to arrive for the 2022 world cup.

The first and foremost attraction is the flag. Qatar's flag is red and white with a nine-point serrated edge. The red color indicates the bloodshed in the Qatari war, and the White for peace.

The country's main asset is the Pearl Qatar, an artificial island made by Qatari Citizens. It is built in an area of 400 hectares (4 km2) is the first land that is available for foreigners, and also this place has many residential accommodations like hotels, marinas, and retail areas.

Next on the list to visit for the tourists will be The Museum Of Islamic Art in Doha. This Museum was built with a unique design by the famous architect I.M. Pei. At this Museum, one can find a large collection of contemporary art and a library. Mathaf is another Arab museum of modern giant artwork.

Souq Waqif is a traditional marketplace with good restaurants, mainly at night, and the only place where we could buy things with bargaining.

Then comes the most beautiful place Villagio Mall. If you want to look at what Venice looks like, you can drop into this Villagio Mall, which s a Venetian Shopping Mall with a canal and lots of other shops for shopping. Banana Island Resort in Doha skyline is one of the most beautiful places, and it has a 0.49 mi (800 m) beach, a children's play area, spa, golf, and cinema. This place is aimed mainly at local tourists, so no alcohol is served there.

The list goes on with so many other places like Katara, a cultural village with many shops and a beautiful beach, a definite place to go. Then comes the Aspire Zone, a whole place for the sports lover.

Banana Island Resort in Doha skyline is one of the most beautiful places. It has a 0.49 mi (800 m) beach, along with a children's play area, spa, golf, and cinema. This place is aimed mainly at local tourists, so no alcohol is served there.

Climate In Qatar

Qatar's climate is desert-like. Qatar almost experiences hot temperatures throughout the year. This little peninsular nation, located in the Middle East, experiences extremely hot weather. Summer is the warmest and longest season of the year, lasting from May through September. In the summer, the prevailing wind is wet and sweeps from the northwest. Rainfall is limited throughout the winter months, with annual totals of fewer than 4 inches (101.6 mm).

Shamal winds affect Qatar throughout the year, causing sand and dust storms.

Qatar's flora and wildlife are distinctive

Qatar's Biodiversity

Qatar is one of the largest countries (158th globally) in terms of area, covering around 4.468 sq mi (11,571 km2). This State has around 350 mi (563 km) of coastline, and the capital city, Doha, is the populous city of Qatar. There are more interesting facts about this little state.

Qatar's flora and wildlife are distinctive and well adapted to the country's hot and arid climate. Mangroves, wadies, Hammada desert (rocks and gravel), tunnels, sabkha, rocky ecosystems, sand dunes, and depressions that gather fine sand are some of the primary habitat types found in Qatar. Around 1,900 animal species and 371 flowering plants, some of which are relatively uncommon, can be found on the peninsula. The National Flower of Qatar is Qataf, the National Bird is falcon, and the National Animal is Arabian oryx. Stay tuned to our page for more facts.

So far, the country's terrestrial ecosystems have documented eight mammal species, 29 reptile species, 242 bird species, one amphibian, and 228 invertebrate species. There are 371 flowering plant species in the flora. The country's marine environments are exceptionally diverse.

The Arabian oryx is a sign of Qatar's traditional desert history and is native to the country and is endangered.

Qatar is working hard to safeguard natural life and not overlook our responsibility in conserving the earth's resources. This has influenced legislation, policies, and national development in Qatar in order to safeguard and develop biodiversity.

Learning more about Qatar will make one visit this beautiful richest country in the world. Don't stop with the theoretical experiences. Just visit the place and make sure you find all these things are true and enjoy. Qatar is indeed a Beautiful Island.


Q: What is Qatar famous for?

A: Qatar is famous for its natural gas and oil exports.

Q: Is Qatar a safe country?

A: According to the World Risk Report of 2019, United Nations have reported that Qatar is quite a safe place to live. This country almost has zero cases of any natural disasters.

QIs everyone in Qatar rich?

Poverty is thought to be non-existent among Qataris, and almost most of the Qataris are very rich.

What language is spoken in Qatar?

Despite the fact that Arabic is Qatar's official language, English is widely spoken throughout the country.

What is the traditional food of Qatar?

The traditional food of Qatar includes Machboos or Kabsa - a typical Arabian dish made of spiced rice with meat. Other foods like Ghuzi- again spiced rice with roasted lamb, Umm Ali - a kind of bread pudding with lots of nuts and custard and Luquaimat- a famous dish mainly taken in the month of Ramadhan which is a juicy fried dough ball.

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