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Read these rabbit facts to know more about these social creatures
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Rabbits (genus Leporidae) are some of the cutest domesticated animals that are loved by children and adults alike. Kept in gardens and farms, they make for cute, cuddly pets. There are 305 breeds of domestic rabbits which includes seven breeds of white rabbit. A group of bunnies is commonly referred to as a colony or nest. Rabbits and hares are different. Hares are precocial, and rabbits are altricial. Hares are mostly solitary animals, and rabbits are social animals who like to live in groups. Rabbits have two sets of incisor teeth, one behind the other, which differentiates them from rodents. Some of the rabbit subspecies, covered under the scientific name ofOryctolagus cuniculus, are domesticated rabbits like Sumatran striped rabbits, annamite striped rabbits, and others. It also includes the amami rabbits, central African rabbits, and others. Rabbits are known for their large ears that vary in size and shape according to the breed. Rabbits hop by bounds, which makes them quick moving. They can also freeze in place, depending on the situation. Rabbits are found in North America, southwest Europe, Sumatra, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa, and South America.

In some regions, wild rabbits and hares are hunted for their lean, high quality meat. Bunnies are often considered as a symbol of fertility, and rebirth has long been associated with spring and Easter. In some cultures, the rabbit's foot is carried as an amulet for good luck and protection.

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Rabbit Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a rabbit?

Rabbit is a small animal species often confused to be a rodent but genetically they are two different species. However, recent DNA studies have indicated that they do share a common lineage.

What class of animal does a rabbit belong to?

Bunnies belong to the mammal class of animals as they give birth to offspring like other mammals.

How many rabbits are there in the world?

The population of rabbits in the world is estimated at around 709 million. In certain regions, the wild population of rabbits has grown out of control, which has led to a different set of problems for the locals there.

Where does a rabbit live?

Rabbits are known to live underground in burrows or tunnels. They live in a group called a warren with other bunnies. Even domesticated rabbits live in the yards, farmlands, or gardens of the owners. Some species adjust well on the ground in cages too. They are found in deserts, meadows, woods, grasslands, wetlands, and forests. Some rabbits are found in the urban setup too like an apartment or a garden. They are social creatures and like to live with other rabbits.

What is a rabbit's habitat?

Half of the world’s population of rabbits is found in North America. They are native to the European region and are mostly found there. They are also found in Sumatra, southeast Asia, some parts of Japan, and some parts of Africa.

Who do rabbits live with?

The bunny are social animals and live in groups known as warrens. Warrens are places underground where they live with other rabbits. Sometimes a group of domestic rabbits living together is called a herd.

How long does a rabbit live?

A rabbit's lifespan is four to eight years in the wild. A domesticated rabbit could live for a longer duration of ten to 12 years.

How do they reproduce?

Female rabbits do not go through an estrus cycle, which means they can conceive any time of the year. During the mating process, the male rabbit will mount the female rabbit from behind and thrust. The encounter can be over in 20 to 40 seconds, after which the male will throw himself backward from the female. There is no courting ritual or anything. The female rabbit will go through a gestation period of 28 to 36 days and give birth to a litter of four to 12 baby rabbits. After giving birth, the female rabbits can become pregnant again the very next day. The male rabbit can breed with as many female rabbits as he wants. The babies are initially born blind and naked, completely dependent on the mother. After a month or so, they are completely independent.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of a rabbit is of the Least Concern as there are enough rabbits in the world. In fact, in some places, their high population and ability to reproduce quickly have created issues for the locals.

Rabbit Fun Facts

What do rabbits look like?

Rabbits have long ears, which help them in detecting predators as well. The ears help them regulate their body temperature. They have short front legs and long, strong hind legs, which help them jump longer. They are full-bodied and egg-shaped, they have a well-balanced body. The smallest is the pygmy rabbit.

A rabbit is a herbivore.

How cute are they?

They are certainly cute animals who have been domesticated for many years now. They come in a variety of colored furs due to constant interbreeding. They vary in size as per their species too.

How do they communicate?

Rabbits are known to use their body language to communicate. There are some vocalizations they use to express their feelings, like soft squeals or whimpers for displeasure, grunting, growling, snorting, and hissing when they are angry or feel threatened . They communicate sexual interest by soft honking or oinking. Screaming is the sign of extreme pain or fear.

How big is a rabbit?

The different species of rabbits grow in different sizes. Pygmy rabbits grow only 8 in (20 cm). On the other end, the chinchillas grow largest. Flemish rabbits also grow large, one of them grew to the size of 48 in (4 ft).

How fast can a rabbit run?

Rabbits are known to hop rather than run. The European rabbit can run at a speed of 25 mph (40 kmph). They are known as quick runners and difficult to catch.

How much does a rabbit weigh?

Rabbits weigh anywhere between 1.1-6.6 lb (0.4-2.9 kg) according to their species and size. If it is a domesticated rabbit, make sure they are fed sufficiently and regularly as they are active creatures.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male rabbits are called bucks, and the female rabbits are called does. Younger rabbits are also called bunnies.

What would you call a baby rabbit?

A baby rabbit is called a kit (short for of kitten).

What do they eat?

The cottontail rabbit diet includes grasses, forbs, and leafy weeds. Rabbits are known to graze heavily and rapidly for the first half-hour during the late afternoon which is followed by half-hour selective grazing. They are known to pass two distinct types of poop; hard dropping and soft black viscous pellet. The soft black ones are known as caecotrophs which are immediately eaten by them. They do so to digest their food further and extract more nutrients from it. In order to keep domestic rabbits healthy, they also must be fed a digestive once or twice a day. A digestive for cottontail rabbit may include hay which is suitable for their diet, because it is high in fiber.

Are they slobbery?

Healthy rabbits do not drool. If they are drooling, that means they are suffering from a health-related issue, and you must take them to a vet immediately.

Would they make a good pet?

They are great pets. They have been domesticated for many years now and are a popular house pet due to their cute looks and size. Like all pets, they require good grooming, a healthy diet, adequate exercise, and activities for their overall health and long life. Proper knowledge of their diet is extremely important to ensure good health in the long run.

Did you know...

Rabbits have been domesticated since roman times, or maybe before that too. Rabbits cannot vomit. If they ingest something harmful, it may affect their health badly. The cottontail rabbits can see almost 360 degrees around them. Their teeth keep growing throughout their lives.

In the Isle of Portland in Dorset, UK, the rabbit is said to be an unlucky symbol and speaking the creatures name can upset the elders of the community. Rabbits do not love carrots as much as we believed they did. In fact, rabbits in the wild do not eat root vegetables.

When a rabbit is happy, it will jump in the air and twist mid-air, a rare sight to behold. It is called the binky. Rabbits are known to eat their own poop. They do so to digest the undigested softer part of the plants and weeds they ate to extract complete nutrients from them.

Rabbits groom themselves like a cat. They lick themselves clean by licking their fur and paws. This makes them very hygienic, and no bathing required. The oversized ears help them to cool off. Their body heat can escape from here.

Do rabbits sleep at night?

Rabbits are nocturnal animals. They may appear to be more active during the twilight but they sleep during the day with their eyes open.

Do rabbits recognize their owners?

Yes, rabbits do recognize their owners. They are not as affectionate as a dog or a cat but they do form a bond with their owners. They may take their time to register their owner’s presence but with constant support, the rabbit does connect and make a bond with them.

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Rabbit Facts

What Did They Prey On?


What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?

5-6 kits

How Much Did They Weigh?

1.1-6.6 lb (0.4-2.9 kg)

What habitat Do they Live In?

forests, meadows and woodlands

Where Do They Live?

world over

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

12-16 in (30-40 cm)







Scientific Name

Oryctolagus cuniculus

What Do They Look Like?

White, orange or grey

Skin Type


What Are Their Main Threats?

humans, cats, wolves and foxes

What is their Conservation Status?

Least Concern
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