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Read The Truth About Abraham Lincoln Descendents!

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President Abraham Lincoln, one of the most prominent US Presidents has a long family history, which is not as commonly known as it probably should be.

The son of Nancy Hanks Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln, President Lincoln’s paternal roots originate from Samuel Lincoln, an Englishman who moved to the US and worked as a farmer. Like all colonial families, the Lincoln family was also engaged in farming.

Tracing back to his history, Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States, does not have any direct descendants anymore. President Lincoln died in Ford's Theatre where he was shot dead by John Wilkes Booth.

However, given that his mother and father had a lot of siblings, there are a lot of Lincoln relatives and descendants living today, a lot of them having assumed famous personalities or important roles in life. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most epic characters of US history, as such, a lot of research and speculation has gone into finding out about his personal life and continues to this day. Whether this famous ancestor has any undisputed descendant living among us is a big question even now.

After reading interesting facts about President Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, and their family tree, also check Abraham Lincoln biography and Abraham Lincoln children.

Alive Descendents Of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln came from a long line of Englishmen. His roots originate from Norfolk England, from where Samuel Lincoln made his journey to the New World. Samuel made a perilous journey and landed in Massachusetts where his brother Thomas was already settled.

Samuel Lincoln married an Irish woman named Martha Lyford. They were the first generation of the Lincoln family, living in America.  Samuel Lincoln is known for having several notable grandchildren and great-grandchildren including President Abraham Lincoln, Levi Lincoln Sr. who was a lawyer, revolutionary, and statesmen; who also served as Thomas Jefferson’s attorney general, his son Levi Lincoln Jr.; who grew on to become the Governor of Massachusetts; Enoch Lincoln, a politician, and their further descendents.

Abraham Lincoln was the seventh generation of the Lincoln family and great-grandson of Samuel Lincoln. He was the son of Nancy Hanks Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln. He was named after his grandfather Captain Abraham Lincoln, who had married Bathsheba Herring. Together they had five children, of which Thomas Lincoln was the fourth child. Most notable among their children were Mordecai Lincoln and Mary Lincoln Crume.

Abraham Lincoln’s mother had a confusing and unclear origin. It is said that she was an illegitimate child of Lucy Hanks, and no solid facts are known of her paternity. Nancy grew up with her grandparents till the age of nine, when her grandfather passed away, and Nancy returned to her mother, who married a fellow named Henry Sparrow. Nancy is also called Nancy Sparrow, some say because she was the illegitimate child of Lucy Hanks and Henry Sparrow, while others say it is because Henry had adopted her.

Nancy married Thomas and gave birth to three children. She died from milk sickness when Abraham Lincoln was nine years old, post which Lincoln's father remarried a woman called Sarah Bush Johnston; who was a widow as well. Sarah, along with her three children from her prior marriage, joined the Lincoln family.

Abraham Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois where he met Mary Todd, then moved to Springfield, Illinois, where he married her and had four children. Three of their children died at very young ages, but one lived on to outlive all of them. Shortly after Lincoln was assassinated towards the end of the civil war by John Wilkes Booth at Ford Theatre, his youngest son, Tad, also died Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln’s firstborn, carried on their family tree. He was also a lawyer who had established a law practice in Chicago, Illinois. He married Mary Eunice Harlan soon after the American civil war ended, and had four children with her, two daughters Mary and Jessie, and one son, Abraham Lincoln II. Abraham Lincoln II died at the young age of 17 and was the last Lincoln descendent to be named Abraham. Mary married Charles Isham and had two children with him named Lincoln Isham and Lea Correa. Lincoln Isham married but had no children.

Jessie also married and had two children with her husband Warren Wallace Beckwith named Mary Lincoln Beckwith and Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith. Mary Beckwith did not marry and passed away in 1975, while Robert Beckwith married Anna Hoffman, and twice more, but never had any children, making him the last undisputed Lincoln descendent.

It was claimed that Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith’s second marriage resulted in the birth of his son Timothy Lincoln Beckwith, however, Robert denied these claims, stating that he had undergone a vasectomy much earlier. The court denied claims of Timothy Lincoln Beckwith being Robert Beckwith’s son.

Robert Todd Beckwith is Lincoln’s great-grandson

Abraham Lincoln Living Descendents NY State

Robert Todd Beckwith, Lincoln’s great-grandson, was born in Illinois, however, he attended private school and Washington DC and thereafter moved to New York to attend the New York Military Academy, located in Cornwall, NY. However, none of his direct descendents has been known to settle in New York.

Though there are no direct descents of Abraham Lincoln, several famous personalities like George Clooney and Tom Hanks are close relatives. According to certain Genealogists, Oscar-winning actor George Clooney is a first-half cousin of Lincoln, several times removed. His great grandmother Mary Ann Sparrow is said to be Nancy Hank’s half-sister. 

Tom Hanks, on the other hand, himself declared that he is a third cousin of President Abraham Lincoln, four generations removed, on his mother’s side. He also stated that all the relatives on his side of the family line were either cousins, in-laws, or poor relations.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Abraham Lincoln descendents then why not take a look at Abraham Lincoln civil war, or Abraham Lincoln for kids?

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