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About Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch is a talented young man who has found great success in the acting and music worlds.

As an actor, he’s starred in several Disney Channel Productions, both TV series, and movies. His most famous series is ‘Austin & Ally’ and his most famous movie is ‘Teen Beach Movie’.

As a musician, he provided soundtracks for his television shows and movies. If he didn’t sing the entire soundtrack, then he contributed greatly to it. He was part of R5, a band that included his three brothers (whose names all start with R) and a friend (whose last name begins with R). The band achieved a lot of commercial success with singles and full-length albums.

R5 was pared down to Driver Era, a new band with only Ross and one of his brothers as members. Ross is incredibly talented. He can play multiple instruments, act, dance, fly, paint, and play ice hockey like a whizz. He's a classically trained dancer, surfer, and snowboarder - a skill he learned while he and his family lived in Colorado.

He attributes his range of skills to his mother. TV wasn't allowed in the house, so his mother had to find something to keep Ross and his siblings busy. She encouraged outside interests, including singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Family is important to the young actor and singer. In fact, he shares a house with two of his siblings, Rocky and Ryland. Read ahead to discover more interesting details about this actor and musician, including facts about his career, net worth, and family life.

Ross Lynch Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ross Lynch’s net worth?

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

How much does Ross Lynch earn per year?

There is no information on how much Ross earns annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ross Lynch?

Ross Lynch is 6 ft (1.8 m) tall.

How old is Ross Lynch?

Ross Lynch was born on December 29, 1995. He is currently (2022) 27 years old.

Childhood And Education

Lynch was born Ross Shor Lynch in Littleton, Denver, Colorado. His mother is named Stormie Lynch, and his father is Mark Lynch. Ross is one of five siblings. He has one sister named Rydel and three brothers named Riker, Rocky, and Ryland.

He was home-schooled from grade four up. Ross’s foray into the acting world started when he was six years old. His dance classes paid off when he won a spot as a dancer in a Macy’s fashion show. His performance and his brother Riker's talent, caused his family to move to Los Angeles in 2007 when Lynch was 12 years old. The idea was to take a ‘whack’ at the entertainment industry.

After they moved to California, his brother Rocky introduced them to musical instruments. He taught Ross and Riker how to play the guitar. His sister learned how to play the piano. Ross can now play the piano, drums, guitar, bass, and ukulele.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Ross Lynch dating?

Ross Lynch is currently dating Jaz Sinclair. The couple met on the set of the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ross is best known for his role in ‘Austin & Ally’ a very successful TV series that aired on Disney Channel. He played Austin Moon, a singer opposite Laura Marano, who played Ally. Ally is also a singer, albeit one with terrible stage fright. She sings a song that Austin Moon hears. Later he alters the song and posts a music video of him singing it online. He becomes an overnight success, but Ally is not amused.

Austin gives Ally credit for the song, and they work on a new piece together. The pair then form a partnership. It becomes something of a family affair when Ally’s best friend, Trish, becomes Austin’s manager. Austin’s best friend, Dez, directs all their music videos. Austin Moon signs up with Jimmy Starr’s music label.

‘Austin & Ally’ ran for four seasons. He’s also well known for a role that is the complete opposite of Austin, Jeffery Dahmer. Ross starred in the film ‘My Friend Dahmer’ which looks at Dahmer’s spiral into the darkness that led to his life as a serial killer. It’s based on a graphic novel by Derf Backderf, which explores the factors that made Dahmer so dreadfully deranged and detached.

To prepare for the role, Ross watched video interviews with Dahmer talking about life and crimes every morning before filming began. In the interests of authenticity, Ross had to handle a real dead cat with a stench that was impossible to hide.

The authenticity extended to Lynch's transformation into Dahmer. He nailed Dahmer's lousy posture and strange gait, and with '70s-style glasses, his physical transformation into Dahmer was complete. Critics raved about his performance. David Edelstein from 'New York' Magazine said that Lynch's portrayal of Dahmer was opaque in a spooky way. His performance was also described as "brilliantly unnerving".

Ross’s television career began when he was in his mid-teens. He was the music for ‘Lil’ Miss Swagger’ by Cymphonique and made his short film debut in the movie ‘Grapple’.

He starred in Disney’s TV musical movie ‘Teen Beach’ where he played Brady. In a nutshell, Brady and his girlfriend Mack are riding an enormous wave, but they end up being tumbled around in the sea and get washed up on a beach they don’t recognize. It’s the beach from a ‘60s movie called ‘Wet Side Story,’ and they’re trapped in the film. Brady tells Mack they will be able to go home when the movie ends because another giant wave is due. In the meantime, they fit in with the characters and participate in the story.

Ross reprised his role as Brady in the sequel ‘Teen Beach 2’. In the sequel, the cast of Wet Side Story comes into the real world where Brady and Mack live. It turns out that the necklace she got in the first movie is actually a kind of portal that allows whoever has it to travel between the two worlds. To start with, just the two leads, Lela and Tanner, come into the real world, which they discover has so much more to offer than the old movie world they came from. While they're away, the cast of Wet Side Story has a hard time adjusting to life without Lela and Tanner. As the story fades without its stars, the characters disappear. After a bit of back and forth, Lela and Tanner return to the rest of the cast of Wet Side Story, but they make subtle changes that reflect the growth they experienced in the real world.

He was 19 years old when he had a guest appearance in the ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ film that was released in 2014. In the movie, Ross plays a young florist. He also appeared in one of the Muppisodes - short promotional videos intended to whet audiences' appetite for 'Muppets Most Wanted'. Ross was in the 'Food Fight' Muppisode.

Two years later, he lent his voice to the English dubbing of the French film ‘Snowtime!’. He voiced the character Piers. He also starred in his first full-length feature film (albeit direct to video), ‘Status Update’. It’s a teen rom-com about an average teen who has to move towns when his parents separate. He finds it difficult to adjust to his new home and to fit in with the kids at school. But then he finds a magical app that makes his social media status updates come to life. He uses the app to make his wildest dreams come true.

In 2018, Lynch landed the role of Harvey Kinkle on the Netflix series called ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’. Sabrina Spellman is a half-witch, half-human who must save the world time again from various evil forces. Harvey Kinkle is Sabrina’s boyfriend in the comic-supernatural-horror series.

In 2019, he ventured into theater productions when he starred in ‘A Chorus Line’, a musical produced by the Hollywood Bowl and directed by Baayork Lee, the original cast member. The premise is simple, a group of dancers is at an audition that turns out to be far more emotionally draining than they expected. Ross played Mark Anthony. Even though his manager called him about the role, Baayork made Lynch audition for the role. Her philosophy is: If you don't audition, you don't appreciate the part.

Lynch is a talented musician who can play the piano, drums, and guitar. His instrument of choice is his guitar. He’s been prolific as a music artist. He released his debut single ‘A Billion Hits’ in April 2012 and his second single in July 2012.

He sang all of the songs on the ‘Austin & Ally’ soundtrack, which included the show’s theme song, ‘Can’t Do It Without You’, and two songs with R5, his band of brothers. The album went to #1 on Billboard’s Kid Albums and #1 on Billboard’s Top Soundtracks. He sang almost all of the songs on the second soundtrack and also sang on the ‘Teen Beach Movie’ soundtrack. The ‘Teen Beach Movie’ soundtrack became the fourth-best soundtrack for 2013. He also featured on the ‘Teen Beach 2’ soundtrack.

R5 was a band whose members were the Lynch brothers and one of their friends, Ellington Ratliff, who was like a brother. The band had a YouTube channel, R5 TV, which they used to document their lives and career.

Their first EP, ‘Ready Set Rock’, was self-released, but it caught the attention of Hollywood Records, and their second EP, ‘Loud’, was released under the Hollywood label. R5 released its full-length album, ‘Louder’ in September 2013.

The second album came out in July 2015 and was in sixth place on the Billboard 200, #1 on the Billboard Top Pop Albums, #3 on the Billboard Top Digital Albums, and fourth on the Billboard Top Album Sales.

In March 2018, R5 became the Driver Era, comprised of Ross and Rocky only. They developed a more alternative/indie sound which immediately garnered hordes of new fans. The name came about when Rocky and Ross were driving to a party, and they decided that the name was indicative of where they wanted to be musically speaking. Interestingly, while Driver Era disbanded R5, Ross and Rocky's siblings from the group continued to support them. Riker tours with the group. He plays bass guitar and provides backing vocals. His sister Rydel was part of the touring group. Ellington Ratcliff, another R5 member, also used to tour with them. He played the drums and provided backing vocals.

Driver Era has released three studio albums (X, Girlfriend, and Summer Mixtape), 19 singles, three EPs, and two promotional singles. The siblings have also released 18 music videos, including 'Preacher Man' (their first big hit song), 'Feel You Now", 'Welcome to the End of Your Life', 'Forever', 'OMG Plz Don't Come Around', 'Places', 'Heaven Angel', 'Leave me feeling Confident', 'Heart of Mine', 'Keep Moving Forward', and 'Fantasy'.

Charity Work

Lynch was a Disney Friends for Change Ambassador. Disney Friends for Change (aka Friends for Change: Project Green) is a pro-social green initiative where Disney Stars join campaigns and encourage their fans to take action to help specific charitable or non-profit organizations. It started with Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers (among others). Over the years, Disney stars to join the initiative include Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Caroline Sunshine, Jason Dolley, Sterling Knight, Bridgit Mendler, Doc Shaw, Stefanie Scott, Cameron Boyce, and Karan Brar.

Organizations that have received funding from Friends for Change include the Wildlife Conservation Society ($100,000), San Bernardino National Forest Association ($50,000), Birdlife International and Haribon Foundation ($50,000), CHF International ($25,000), ECOLIFE Foundation International ($25,000), and Arbor Day Foundation ($10,000).

He volunteers for the Show Some Heart campaign. Show Some Heart is another Disney Initiative. Show Some Heart is all about spreading kindness and generosity, similar to a pay-it-forward concept. Stars volunteering for the campaign post videos of themselves describing how they have spread kindness and generosity in their lives. They add a call to action to encourage their fans to take part.

Stars who have participated in the campaign include China Anne McClain, Laura Marano (Ross Lynch’s ‘Austin & Ally’ co-star), Bridgit Mendler, Debby Ryan, Leo Howard and Olivia Holt, and Bella Thorne and Zendaya.

What awards has Ross Lynch won?

Ross has won several awards; mostly from his time on 'Austin & Ally'.

In 2013, he won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actor for ‘Austin & Ally’, and the Radio Disney Music Award for Best Music Video for ‘Heard it on the Radio’.

In 2014, he won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actor for ‘Austin & Ally’ and a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor: Comedy for ‘Austin & Ally’.

In 2015, he won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actor for ‘Austin & Ally’ and a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor: Comedy for ‘Austin & Ally’.

In 2016, he won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male TV Star: Kids Show for ‘Austin & Ally and a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor: Comedy for ‘Austin & Ally’.

Ross Lynch’s Hobbies And Interests

He enjoys art, surfing, flying, and ice hockey.

Other Interesting Ross Lynch Facts And Trivia

  • His brother Riker was Jeff Warbler on the music-based TV series ‘Glee’.
  • Ross wears a necklace that says, ‘Music is poetry with personality’.
  • His middle name comes from his uncle Shor de st Jeor, who shares December 29 as his birthday.
  • Lynch plans on getting his pilot’s license because he considers flying plans therapeutic. It helps that his dad was also a recreational pilot.
  • Siberian tigers are his favorite animals.
  • His favorite color is yellow, even his bedroom is yellow, and he has yellow blankets on his bed.
  • Ross loves Cadbury Mini Eggs.
  • He says that if he weren’t an actor, he’d be an ice hockey player. His favorite number is 32. It comes from his first hockey number. Also, when you add three to two, you get five, which is a good number for his family.
  • He loves romantic movies and hates horror.
  • His father is a meteorologist.
  • Lynch named his first guitar Luna
  • Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day.
  • He drives a Prius.
  • He wants Ryan Gosling to play him in a movie about his life.
  • His wax figure is in Madame Tussauds, Orlando.
  • His brother Riker came second on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in 2015.
  • Lynch and the cast of ‘Teen Beach Movie 2’ performed on the semi-final results show of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.
  • One of his favorite movies is 'Romeo & Juliet'. He also enjoys 'Avatar.'

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Jaz Sinclair


Stormie Lynch, Mark Lynch


Rocky, Rydel, Riker, Ryland Lynch
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