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Sean Michael Kyer is an actor from Canada.
Age: 1-99
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Sean Michael Kyer Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Sean Michael Kyer

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

British Columbia



173 cm

Child Star?



Stratford Hall IB World School

Net Worth


About Sean Michael Kyer

Sean Michael Kyer is a leading young actor from British Columbia, Canada.

He was born on July 31, 2001, in Vancouver. Sean Michel Kyer is best known for playing Agent Oscar in the television series 'Odd Squad'.

He has had roles in movies like 'When Calls The Heart' and 'Continuum'. Kyer studied at Stratford Hall IB World School. He later graduated from UBC Sauder School of Business with a degree in commerce and computer science. He started his career when he was two and appeared as a bear in the video 'Wonders In The Forest'. At nine, he made his cinematic debut in the movie 'Everything And Everyone'. In 2012, he had a breakthrough in this industry thanks to his role in the sci-fi television series 'Continuum', where he played Sam Cameron. He has won several awards, including the Young Artist Award, the Young Entertainers Award, and the Joey Award. Read some more facts about the young actor Sean Michael Kyer and his work in the entertainment industry in this article.

Sean Michael Kyer Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Sean Michael Kyer's net worth?

The net worth of Sean Michael Kyer is estimated to be between $3-5 million. He is best known for his work on the television shows 'Odd Squad', 'Continuum' and 'When Calls The Heart'.

How much does Sean Michael Kyer earn per year?

For each episode of the series he appeared in as a main or minor character, Kyer received an average salary of $20,000-40,000. The amount varies based on the roles and projects he accepts.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Sean Michael Kyer?

The height of Sean Michael Kyer is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

How old is Sean Michael Kyer?

Kyer was born on July 31, 2001, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As of January 2023, this Canadian actor is 21 years old.

Childhood And Education

Canadian actor Sean Michael Kyer was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 31, 2001. Information about the family and siblings of Sean Michael Kyer is unavailable, as the actor prefers to keep these details out of the media limelight. Kyer received his school education in his hometown. He loved all forms of technology and even set up his own computer at a young age. After he graduated from high school, he enrolled in Vancouver's Stratford Hall IB World School. He then attended UBC's Sauder School Of Business. He graduated with a degree in commerce and computer science.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Sean Michael Kyer dating?

Sean Michael Kyer prefers to lead a private life and has not disclosed any information about his relationships to the media.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Sean Michael Kyer first set foot in the entertainment industry at the mere age of two. He debuted in the feature film 'Everything And Everyone' at nine. At the age of nine, he also appeared in his debut television episode as Brian in season 1 of the sci-fi TV show 'V' in 2010. He rose to fame as the coal miner's son Albert Bickley, or "Pockets", in the Hallmark Channel's historical drama 'When Calls The Heart'.  His debut acting role was in the film 'Girl In Progress'. Sean Michael Kyer also played a notable role in episodes of shows including 'Falling Skies', 'Fringe Alcatraz', and 'Cedar Cove'. He was also a voice actor in the TV movie 'A Fairly Odd Christmas'.

The young Canadian actor is best known for his role as Agent Oscar in the PBS family comedy television series 'Odd Squad', from 2014-2015. In his role as Oscar, he was able to hone his natural comic timing. He also got a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2015 for this role. He has earned several Young Artist nominations and won many awards for his work.

In 'Continuum', Sean Michael Kyer played Sam Cameron and in 'When Calls The Heart', he played Albert Bickley. Other notable films that Kyer had roles in include 'The Color Of Rain', 'Spooksville', and 'Supernatural'. He played Timmy in the season 9 episode 'Bad Boys' in the long-running TV show 'Supernatural'.

He also played Jonathan Danzig in 'Fringe' (2011), Ben in 'Everything And Everyone' (2011), Sam in 'Emily Owens M.D.' (2012), Zach in 'Anything About Christmas' (2012), Sam Halvarson in 'Ranger Charlie' (2012), Marvin The Magnificient in 'Spooksville' (2013), Max in 'One Christmas Wish' (2015), and Bryan Montgomery in 'Looks Like Christmas' (2016).

Additionally, Sean Michael Kyer played two different characters in two episodes of 'R.L. Stine's: The Haunting Hour'. As of 2023, Sean Michael Kyer is noted to be a skilled young actor who has been active in the entertainment industry since the age of two and has gained immense success.

What awards has Sean Michael Kyer won?

Sean Michael Kyer is a leading young actor with incredible talents and abilities. Even at a young age, Sean Michael Kyer has established himself as one of the best actors in the industry because of his exceptional talent for taking on any part offered to him in films and television shows. He has many nominations and awards to his name. He won the Young Artist Award in 2015 for Best Performance In A TV Series- Recurring Young Actor for 'When Calls The Heart'.

He was nominated for Daytime Emmy Award in 2016 for playing Agent Oscar in 'Odd Squad' in the category of Outstanding Performer In A Children's or Pre-School Children's Series. He won the Leo Award in 2016 for Best Performance In A Youth Or Children's Program Or Series for 'Odd Squad.' He was also nominated for the Leo Award in 2003, 2014, and 2015.

He won the Joey Award, San Jose, for Best Actor In A TV Comedy Leading Role for the television series 'Odd Squad' (2014) in 2015. His cast members won the Joey Award, Vancouver, in 2015 and 2014 for Best Young Ensemble In A TV Series for 'Odd Squad', and Young Ensemble Cast In A Dramatic Series for 'When Calls The Heart' respectively.

Sean Michael Kyer received a Young Entertainer Award in 2016 for Best Recurring Young Actor 13 And Under - Television Series for 'Continuum' (2012). He was also a nominee for Canadian Screen Awards in 2017 for Best Performance In A Children's Youth Program or Series for 'Odd Squad'.

Sean Michael Kyer's Hobbies And Interests

Sean Michael Kyer is a skilled Canadian actor, photographer, and web developer. His interests include taking pictures and producing short TV movies. He enjoys playing video games and online games. He enjoys playing baseball outside.

Other Interesting Sean Michael Kyer Facts And Trivia

  • Kyer used to be a Biztech member.
  • Sean Michael Kyer served as the senior yearbook editor in 2019 at Stratford Hall IB World School.
  • Kyer's dream roles are in action and adventure movies with extraordinary effects, such as 'Mission Impossible'.
  • If Kyer had not been an actor, he would have been a surgeon.
  • He had his first on-screen appearance at the age of two in the video 'Wonders In The Forest' as a bear.
  • In the series 'Odd Squad' Sean Michael Kyer shared the screen with Filip Geljo, Millie Davis, and Dalila Bela.
  • Kyer was a very bright and intelligent student. He loves playing all genres of video games and even built a computer when he was young.
  • Sean Michael Kyer earns money through TV shows, but he has also been in films, including 'Everything And Everyone', 'A Fairly Odd Christmas', and 'Anything But Christmas'. He has also appeared in several TV commercials.

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