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Texas is popular for its cowboy culture
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Did you know that the state of Texas has a whopping 72 official symbols?

These varied symbols highlight different aspects of the state of Texas.

Texas is one of the most important states in the United States of America. Its capital city is Austin and the total population is around 3 million as of 2021.

Texas is extremely popular for its cowboy culture. The central Texas region is known for its thriving business sector.

Did you know that the word Texas means friends? Texas is also known as the Lone Star State and has some interesting state symbols related to various aspects of life there.

These state symbols are some unique emblems like birds, trees, musical instruments, and flowers which represent the culture, ecology, history, and lifestyle of the state. Some of the most important Texas state symbols include chili (the official state dish), the bluebonnet (the official state flower), the guitar (the official state musical instrument), the monarch butterfly (the official state insect), the mockingbird (the official state bird), the pecan tree (the official state tree), the prickly pear cactus (the official state plant), the Guadalupe bass (the official state fish), the cowboy boot (Texas state footwear), purple sage (Texas state native shrub), the coral snake (Texas state snake), blue topaz (the state gem), friendship (Texas state motto), the lone star flag (Texas state flag), the Sauropoiseidon proteles (Texas state dinosaur), the battleship USS Texas (Texas state ship), the rodeo (Texas state sport), Houston black (Texas state soil), the blue lacy (Texas state dog), cotton (Texas state fiber or fabric), the square dance (Texas state folk dance), the Texas red grapefruit (Texas state fruit), lone star cut (gemstone cut), the Colt Walker (Texas state handgun), the cowboy hat (the state hat), and many other symbols. All these symbols have been assigned their status officially by the state legislature.

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The Lone Star Flag As A Symbol

Texas state is also known as the Lone Star State. The Texas state flag has three colors: white, red, and blue along with a white star on the blue part. The white color depicts purity, the red color is for bravery, and blue colors mean loyalty. The lone star represents the unity of Texans.

Here are a few things you need to know about the lone star as a symbol.

The state of Texas got its official nickname in 2015. It was also called the Lone Star State because of the lone star symbol on the flag of Texas state. The lone star is a symbol of the Texas flag since it gained independence from Mexico.

There have been various versions of the lone star throughout the years. It changed in the following years: after the Siege of Bexar in December 1835, after Velasco in January 1836, after Alamo in March 1836, and after the battle at San Jacinto in April 1836.

The lone star is also present on the Texas capital building, the Texas State Library, and various other important buildings of the state. Different people have various beliefs about the symbolism of the lone star flag.

Some people believe that it represents the independence of Texas state from Mexico while others believe that it depicts the leadership of Texas during the revolt which took place in 1824 for the restoration of the constitution. There are several who think that it determines Texas’ wish to join the United States that was later fulfilled.

The lone star is not only a part of the Texas state flag but people use it during festivals and celebrations, and at restaurants, monuments, and businesses. It represents their free spirit and loyalty. Governor Rick Perry once said that the lone star depicts the individualism and desire for freedom in Texans. The current lone star flag of Texas was also the flag of the Republic of Texas.

The Great Seal Of The State Of Texas As A Symbol

The Great Seal of the State of Texas was inspired by the Seal of the Republic of Texas. The front side of the seal has a five-pointed star, with a live oak branch and olive branch along with the words ‘State of Texas’.

On the reverse side of the seal there is a coats of arms with the flag of six countries that had power over Texas (the Kingdom of France, the Kingdom of Spain, the United Mexican State, the Republic of Texas, and the Confederate States of America), the Battle of Gonzales, Vince’s bridge, and Alamo. It also has a star with five points and the words ‘Remember the Alamo’ and ‘Texas One and Indivisible’.

Here are a few facts about the Great Seal of the State of Texas.

The Seal of the State of Texas was established based on the Republic of Texas’ seal. It was adopted in 1845 through the Constitution of Texas. The motto of the great seal of the State of Texas is 'Remember the Alamo, Texas One and Indivisible'.

The artwork for the Seal of the State of Texas was done by Juan Vega who lived in a city in Texas known as Round Rock. John Hannah Jr., the Secretary of State, adopted the artwork in 1992. Since Texas’ independence from Mexico in 1836, the Seal of the State of Texas has been changed five times.

The original seal was created by Congress on December 10, 1836. According to the Constitution (Article IV, Section 19), the Seal of the State of Texas must have a five-pointed star that must be encircled by live oak branches and olive branches and must contain the words 'State of Texas'.

The live oak branch depicts the strength of Texas, the olive branch represents peace in Texas, and the star represents the lone star (individualism) of Texas.

The Texas Longhorn As A Symbol

The Texas longhorn is the official state large mammal of Texas. It was adopted in 1995. During the 1860s and 1870s, it was a symbol of Texas cattle drives. There are other official state mammal symbols. Some of them are the armadillo and the Mexican free-tailed bat.

Below are a few facts about the Texas longhorn, the official state large mammal of Texas.

Texas longhorns are known for their long horns which can reach the length of 6.6 ft (2 m). Texas Longhorns are found in various color combinations but the red and white combination is most common.

Texas Longhorns, the athletic team of the University of Texas, got their symbol from this mammal. Texas longhorns are extremely gentle and intelligent creatures. The lifespan of a Texas longhorn ranges from 20-25 years.

Texas longhorns are fast animals. Longhorns often take part in races. Before 1920, Texas longhorns were almost extinct. Then, they were bred to increase their population. After the Civil War, many veterans earned their money from longhorns. This helped the economy greatly.

Texas longhorns are an integral part of the culture of cowboys. A herd of 250 Texas longhorns permanently resides at the Fort Griffin State Park.

To protect these longhorns, the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) was established. It was established by Charlie Schreiner III in 1964. The Texas longhorn is most popular for its beef. It has a low quantity of fat, cholesterol, and calories.

The two most popular Texas Longhorns players are Roger Clemens and Huston Street. Both of them are responsible for taking the Longhorns to the National Championship.

The longest horn of a Texas longhorn to be ever recorded was 10.85 ft (3.29 m).

The original seal was created by Congress

The Monarch Butterfly As A Symbol

Texas state has approximately 400 species of butterflies. The monarch butterfly is the official state symbol of many other states such as Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, West Virginia, and various others.

It is a popular insect whose size, colors, and strong flight make it a unique and beautiful animal. Below are a few facts about the monarch butterfly, the Texas state insect.

The monarch butterfly officially became the Texas state insect on June 16, 1995. The monarch butterfly visits Texas state only twice a year during the migration period. The beauty and elegance of the monarch butterfly are compared to the sunset of Texas.

The monarch butterfly is believed to represent the distinguished spirit of the state of Texas. Texas is an important breeding and feeding ground for monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies symbolize rebirth, hope, and flexibility.

Monarch butterflies feed on the milkweed plant which is common in Texas. The poison in the plant protects these butterflies from predators as after these butterflies ingest the milkweed plant, they taste unpleasant to predators.

The Horned Lizard As A Symbol

The horned lizard was officially made the state reptile of Texas in 1993. Horned lizards are small and appear tough. They are very common in Texas except for in piney woods of the east. Horned lizards are on the verge of extinction.

Below are a few facts about the Texas horned lizard.

The Texas horned lizard is also known as a horny toad, a horned toad, or a horned frog. The docile and peaceful nature of the Texas horned lizard is compared to the nature of Texas. The Texas horned lizard has a flat body.

Texas horned lizards have a crown of horns on their head. They may vary in size and number among different species. Texas horned lizards have scales and claws on their bodies.

Texas horned lizards can be white, gray, pink, or brown in color. Horned lizards have dark-colored spots on their legs and necks.

They intimidate their predators in various ways. They ooze out blood from their eyes and even increase the size of their body by two times.

The Texas horned lizard has the largest body among the 14 different species of horned lizards.

Though Texas horned lizards appear tough, they are very tame animals. The Texas horned lizard is also the mascot of the Texas Christian University.

Different objects, animals, and birds that have been designated as official symbols of Texas achieved their status as these state symbols represent various things about Texas.

The guitar represents the musical history of Texas. The lone star represents the individuality of Texans. The monarch butterfly represents strength and the Texas horned lizard represents peace. The bluebonnet represents sacrifice and bravery. The pecan tree symbolizes survival. The cactus represents beauty, skillfulness, and strength. The Guadalupe bass represents the purity of Texas waters. The mockingbird represents the fighting nature of Texans. The mockingbird is also the symbol of the Texas legislature. Texas state’s official song is ‘Texas, our Texas’.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Texas symbols, then why not take a look at Pennsylvania facts or Rhode Island state symbol?

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