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About Sierra Mccormick

An American actress and performer, Sierra McCormick, is from California. The films 'A Nanny For Christmas,' 'Some Kind Of Hate,' 'The Vast Of Night,' and 'Romantically Changed' made her a household name.

The age of Sierra McCormick is 26; she was born on October 28, 1997. Sierra McCormick's pivot acting performances as Lilith on 'Supernatural' from 2011-2014 and in the Hulu series American Horror film from 2021 propelled her to prominence. She happened to be a gorgeous woman across the board, and her sophistication and glitz captivated her coworkers.

Sierra Mccormick's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Sierra Mccormick's net worth?

According to the sources, as of the middle of 2023, Sierra McCormick had amassed a net worth of more than $1 million as a professional actress and producer with more than 30 performing credits in cinema and television since she began her career in 2007.

How much does Sierra Mccormick earn per year?

There is no information available about the annual salary of Sierra Mccormick.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Sierra Mccormick?

Sierra McCormick is a young lady with medium-length red hair and blue eyes. Her height is 5 ft and 2 in (157.48 cm).

How old is Sierra Mccormick?

Sierra Nicole Mccormick is 26 years old as of 2023. She was born on October 28, 1997.

Childhood And Education

Sierra McCormick was supported throughout her acting career by her parents in Palm Springs, California; their identities and occupations are, however, unknown. Kayla McCormick, her younger sister, works in producing, writing, and directing. In terms of ethnicity, she is White Caucasian and American by birth. Sierra has been silent about her academic background. Before fame, Sierra joined The Corsa Agency.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Sierra Mccormick dating?

When it comes to her private life, Sierra McCormick isn't particularly forthcoming, and she's good at keeping the media at bay. In the 2015 film 'Some Kind Of Hate', Sierra, who has the condition known as hypermobility syndrome (sometimes called double-jointed), broke her arms while performing the stunts. It is speculated that she is single and concentrating on her career rather than a romantic relationship. Her primary abode remains in California's Los Angeles.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Sierra McCormick's acting career began when she was just nine years old, when she appeared on the Fox sitcom 'Til Death in the episode titled 'Summer Of Love' in 2007.

From 2007-2008, she appeared in almost 20 episodes of the game show titled 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' This was when she first gained widespread recognition. The HBO comedy series 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' (2007-2009) was widely praised by critics and won nearly 50 Primetime Emmy Awards. Thereafter, she took the small role of Emma in a few episodes. Equally, in 2008, she began playing the recurring character of Lilith on The WB's dark fantasy drama series 'Supernatural,' and she has since guest-starred on shows including 'Boston Legal', 'Criminal Minds', and 'Hannah Montana', among many others. In the 2017 TV show 'Christmas In The Heartland', she plays the character of Kara Gentry.

In 2009, Sierra McCormick co-starred with Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, and Anna Friel in the sci-fi adventure comedy film 'Land Of The Lost' as Tar Pits Kid. That same year, she played Kara Bannister in the ABC Family original movie 'The Dog Who Saved Christmas'.

After that, she appeared as a guest star on shows like 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation', 'Monk', and 'Medium'. In 2010, she starred alongside Joey King, John Corbett, and Selena Gomez in the family adventure comedy film 'Ramona And Beezus', based on the Ramona series of children's novels by Beverly Cleary. She garnered widespread attention for her portrayal of Susan Kushner.

Later the same year, she played the lead role of Scout Thomas on the ABC comedy series 'Romantically Challenged', which lasted only one season before being canceled.

Sierra McCormick got a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a DVD Film - Young Ensemble Cast in 2011 for her role as Alice in the Disney direct-to-DVD comedy film 'Spooky Buddies'. Later that year, she became a regular on the Disney Channel teen sitcom 'ANT Farm', where she played the lead role of Olive Doyle for three seasons until the show's cancellation in 2014. The role of Olive Doyle, a therapist, was up for the audition. The directors did not assign her any scenes to play during the audition. During her audition, she discussed tigers, which earned her the part. She subsequently starred in the festival-favorite horror film 'Some Kind Of Hate' and garnered significant praise for her performance.

The show garnered a massive audience and became a household name among children.

After playing Moira in the Stanley Film Festival debut of the independent supernatural slasher film 'Some Kind Of Hate' in 2015, she had a recurring role as Connie on another Disney Channel sitcom, 'Jessie' (2011-2014), developed by Pamela Eells O'Connell. The 2016 TV movie 'Twisted Sisters' featured her as Sarah, while the 2017 Jordan James Smith-directed short film 'In The Shadows' included her as The Creature. Despite the film's mixed reception, her performance was so well regarded that she was recommended for Best Supporting Actress at the Fright Meter Awards.

Charity Work

McCormick appeared in a PETA ad campaign alongside her family dog to encourage people to adopt dogs rather than buy them from breeders or pet retailers.

Sierra Mccormick's Hobbies And Interests

Her favorite pastime is shopping.

She has a soft spot for her close circle of loved ones.

Natalie Portman, Elliot Page, and James Franco are her acting role models.

With a desire to help animals, she affiliated with PETA.

Other Interesting Sierra Mccormick Facts And Trivia

  • Sierra McCormick uses social media to keep her followers in the loop. A staggering 470 thousand fans and 67,000 adherents follow Sierra on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. In addition, this elevated her status in the eyes of the public.
  • Sierra McCormick is worth a cool one million in wealth. She has found tremendous success as an actress and is now making astronomical sums. However, her movie 'Super Natural' brought her a substantial sum of money.
  • On Disney Channel in 2011-05-06, Sierra made her debut as a girl with many dislikes and a powerful memory. It's safe to say that the success of this film has catapulted Sierra's career.
  • The Hamptons International Jury Awards in 2019 and the Young Artist Awards in 2012 were presented to Sierra McCormick in recognition of her outstanding performance.
  • After lending her voice to the 2009 TV show Jack and Janet Save the Planet, she appeared in guest parts on shows like 'Monk' and 'Criminal Minds.' Still, it was her appearance in the episode 'Welcome to the Bungle' of the hit show 'Hannah Montana' that got the attention of Disney.

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Sierra McCormick Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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