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Smallest Snake: Here's What You Need To Know About This Reptile!

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There are so many snakes in the world, and adults and kids find that snakes all look similar in many ways.

The body of the world's smallest snake is long and narrow and appears like a thread. Due to its thread-like appearance, these snakes are also called thread snakes.

The world's smallest snake species (and also the cutest) is found under the genus of Leptotyphlops, a category of non-venomous blind snakes. These non-venomous and non-poisonous blind snakes generally go by the name of slender blind snakes or thread snakes. These world's smallest snakes are found throughout the continent of Africa. Most snakes found of this species are shiny and look similar to an earthworm. Coming in shades of pink and brown, scales present on these small snakes give their body a segmented look. Many different species are of the black color variant but share the same general body structure.

These snakes are so small that their eyes have been reduced to dots and are useless to the reptile. The world's smallest snake, as a result, has the name 'blind snakes' and is termed as the blind thread snake. The world's smallest snake is found on the Caribbean island of Barbados. They spend their lives living under the soil and feeding on and eating insect larvae.

In 2008, a herpetologist named S Blair Hedges from Pennsylvania State University identified the snake as a separate species. He named this new species after his wife named Carla Ann Hass, who was also a herpetologist and also a member of the discovery team. In August 2008, this snake was described as the smallest adult in the snake world at the time of publication. The first specimens taken by scientists and the research team were found in a forest. The lower size limit sought by scientists for snakes has been attained by this one. It can easily fit on a U.S. quarter. The snake's discovery by Hedges has been a breakthrough in the world of science and must have shaken scientists in a big way.

Even though it has been found that this snake is at the last number on the list of biggest snakes in the world, there is not much information known about it. This reptile has very little information about its abundance, ecology, or distribution.

If you are interested in knowing what this reptile is and what it looks like, you can continue reading ahead. Hedges has done a great job by letting the world know about this amazing little noodle, and you are here reading about it! There are many other articles about more animal facts. You can check out our other pages about facts on different animals. After you are done reading about this snake, there are parts of snakes that you should know about. So get going and definitely read out about snake skin or snake jaw.

What is the smallest species of snake in the world?

Leptotyphlops carlae, or the Barbados threadsnake, is the smallest species of snake to exist. An adult of these species is known to be approximately 3.9 in (10 cm) long. The longest Barbados threadsnake ever found was around 4.09 in (10.4 cm) in length. These smallest snakes are as tiny as a snake can get. This snake is often confused with earthworms due to its small looks and appearance. The adult Leptotyphlops carlae snake has an average weight of 0.02 oz (0.6 g).

This snake species is found on the Caribbean island of Barbados, which is also considered to be its natural habitat. Out of all the known snake species, this species is considered to be the smallest. The thread snake is a tiny snake that can comfortably fit on a U.S. quarter. These tiny snakes are found in Barbados with thin and long bodies.

There are various snakes in the world that are really small in size and look like earthworms.

What does the smallest snake look like?

These smallest snakes or the Leptotyphlops carlae look very similar to an earthworm in appearance. The segmented appearance of its body contributes to its earthworm-like looks. Its long and lean length makes it look like a strand of a spaghetti noodle. Hatchlings of this snake are large compared to the offspring of other snakes. Females of this snake species are oviparous. They reproduce by laying eggs. The female of this tiny snake species lays one egg that is half of her body's length.

Hatchlings that are born are half of their mother's length. These small snakes have long, thin, noodle-like bodies with two dots for eyes. Adults of this species spend their lives living under the soil in the forests of Barbados. The scaly pattern on this small snake makes these reptiles look segmented like an earthworm.

What is the smallest snake to have as a pet?

Though not as common, Barbados threadsnakes or Leptotyphlops carlae are the smallest snakes to be kept as a pet. As they are available only on the Caribbean island of Barbados, getting one of them can be a hassle. The non-venomous nature of the Barbados threadsnake is what qualifies it as a pet.

These small reptiles prey on ant larvae and termites while being burrowed under the soil. The thin, threadlike bodies of males assist them while hunting their prey under the soil. This thin snake's body comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Though there is not much difference when it comes to colors, the pattern of scales on their bodies might be completely different. These small snakes have comparatively large hatchlings. One hatchling emerges out of the one egg that the female lays. Females of this species are only capable of birthing a single egg at a time. In order for them to survive with these small bodies, their species is not capable of birthing multiple eggs.

What is the easiest snake to own?

There are various snakes one can own. However, out of the many known snake species available as pets, corn snakes are easily the real winners here.

Their easy nature and docile behavior are what make them the easiest snake to own. It is relatively easier to look after a corn snake than any other kind of snake.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for smallest snake: here's what you need to know about this reptile then take a look at space rocks or space train.

Second image by Blair Hedges, Pennsylvania State University

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