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21 Striking Transformers Facts For All Sci-Fi Movie Lovers

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The Transformers franchise began in the 1980s and has been a prominent part of the world ever since.

Multiple movies, TV series, animated shows, comic books, and action figures have been released under the franchise. Today 'Transformers' is considered a part of eternal pop culture.

The first movie in the series was released in the year 2007 and was directed by Michael Bay. Ever since six movies have been released all being blockbuster hits, and the next two films are under production. The universe did not stop with only movies, they stacked the market with almost everything possible starting from shows to toys, and comics. 'Transformers' has been constantly praised for its work on sound mixing, editing, and visual effects, and has also been awarded numerous awards for the same including seven Academy Awards nominations.

Art Direction

An art director is responsible for making just an idea into a visual reality. What we find to be visually appealing in movies is a result of great art direction.

Art directors for this film series were very well selected. Kevin Kavanaugh, François Audouy, Sean Haworth, Beat Frutiger, and Geoff Hubbard were the people responsible for the striking looks of the film.

The art directors of this film series are known for their incredible award-winning works in films like 'Ford vs Ferrari', 'The Wolverine', 'Logan', 'John Wick', 'Dark Knight', 'Avengers', 'Ghostbusters', 'Spider-Man', and 'Suicide Squad'.

Characters In Transformers

Characters in any movie are very important for the success of the movie itself. The facts related to the characters in the Transformers universe are considered to be very interesting.

Many characters in the animated film 'Transformers: The Movie', were killed just so that Hasbro could sell more transformers toys of the newly introduced characters.

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and the main protagonist in the Transformers movies. He was mentored by Sentinel prime who was the last prime before Optimus.

Hasbro, an American toy manufacturing company, and one of the producing companies of 'Transformers', received an overwhelming response after the death of Optimus Prime. That is why Hasbro took the decision to resurrect Optimus in the 'Transformers' animated series.

The director of 'Transformers', Michael Bay wanted to add more transformers to the movie, but the budget of 160 million dollars was not enough to do so.

A female transformer was selected to be shown in the movies, but the idea was soon dropped due to the difficulties faced in explaining robotic gender, and the director was also not happy with the small motorcycle form of the transformer.

The name Megatron was originally rejected for being too scary. But the writers argued that it was meant to be scary because it was the villain.

The names Optimus Prime and Megatron were actually created by Denny O'Neil and Bob Budiansky, writers from Marvel Comics.

Unicron is considered to be the largest transformer in existence. He is known to be a robot the same as the size of a planet and he neither belongs to the Autobots nor the Decepticons.

Unicron was shown in the 1986 'Transformers' movie and one of his movie roars was actually a recycled sound of Hulk from the 1982 'Hulk' animated TV series.

'Transformers' has been a part of pop culture for decades.

Reviews Of Transformers

One of the primary aims of any movie is to receive positive reviews and good ratings from film critics. Although this film series is immensely popular, the reviews of the 'Transformers' series have not ever been the best with only a few exceptions.

The first film in the series had got mostly positive reviews with only a few criticizing factors. Most positive reviews were related to music, visual effects, the lead actor's performance, and the breathtaking voice of Peter Cullen, while most critiques were not happy with the product placement, redesigning of the transformers, and a few characters with minimal screen times.

The second film got the worst reviews because people were not happy with the Autobot twins, running time, senseless dialogues, unmatched humor, focus on humans, and robots that were indistinguishable. Positive reviews were related to only a few factors like voice acting, musical score, action sequences, and visual effects.

'Transformers 3' is a film with mixed reviews. It was praised for factors similar to other movies like the visual effects, music, voice acting, and editing, but the film received heavy criticism for its story, heavy violence, and the actor's performances.

The fourth film in this series is considered the worst of all the previous films. No one seemed happy with the factors like plot, narration, script, running time, character screen time, and the format changes. Once again the positive reviews were aimed towards a few actors' performances, music, action, and visual effects.

The fifth installment was no wonder of again being one of the worst-reviewed films in the series. The positive focus elements never changed throughout the series including action, musical score, editing, visual score, and a few actors' good performances. Nothing else about the film starting from the plot, narration, to the running time impressed anyone.

'Bumblebee', the next film in the series was able to outperform all the other installments. The film received positive reviews from all the critics. It was praised for the storyline, story tone, direction, acting, visual effects, and most important of all being faithful to the original TV show.

Transformers Vs. Other Movies

'Transformers' is a sci-fi film series that has seen peaks the popularity. So it is obvious that the films are compared to the other best sci-fi movies of all time.

2012's 'Battleship' is always first compared to 'Transformers' because they have similar elements like the CGI and explosive action sequences. Both the movies have a stunning entertainment factor but have failed to receive positive responses.

'Transformers' is also often compared with 2012's 'The Avengers' based on the damage inflicted. 'Transformers' was always told to have massive destructions but in fact, 'The Avengers' final battle saw even bigger destructions.

'Pacific Rim' was released in 2013, and this film was typically called 'Transformers Vs. Godzilla' because you can see massive robots fighting alien creatures.

Some of the positive reviews of 'Transformers' always include good visual effects but when compared to the jaw-dropping VFX quality of 1992's 'Terminator' film, most modern films are nowhere close.


Why is it called 'Transformers'?

They are a robotic species from space that have the ability to transform anytime from typical human-like robots to various alternate formations generally including vehicles, animals, weapons, and machinery. It is due to the capability of transformation they are called transformers.

How old is Optimus Prime in the movie?

Based on the biography of Optimus Prime, he used to Orion Pax for around four million years before becoming a prime. It is often discussed that his age as a prime is also around five million years, so it could be stated that Optimus is around nine million years old.

Is Optimus Prime dead?

No, Optimus Prime is not dead. Although there are multiple moments in the entire franchise where he dies. Autobots very efficiently find out ways to revive him. And it has never happened that Optimus has not been revived.

Is 'Transformers 8' coming out?

'Transformers 8' has been said to be under production and is estimated to be released in the year 2024. This movie title has not been decided yet, and this movie is said to be an animated prequel taking place in Cybertron.

Who is the oldest transformer?

Alpha Trion, one of the Autobots is considered to be the oldest transformer, and he is known to have existed for billions of years before the Decepticon movement started, and is known to have fought in countless battles.

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