The Complete List Of Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

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Three Bohemian Shepherd Dogs sitting on grass.
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Good company is all many people desire, be it their best friend, their soulmate, or their pet!

Your furry friend is sure to be by your side until its last breath. Although there are a variety of pets, especially dogs, one of the most popular breeds is the German shepherd dog; read on to find out why!

A German shepherd dog is known to provide constant companionship and also is quite protective over their loved ones. It is a herding dog that is highly trainable, intelligent, obedient, and physically strong with high energy, thus, it is quite capable of performing various works, including police and military tasks; also, it assists its disabled owner. The working dog breed was also chosen as a guard dog and used for search and rescue during World War I and World War II.

You probably love to play, be it outdoors or indoors. While outdoor sports test your physical fitness and skills, indoor games often test your mental abilities and strength. Matches and tournaments are often held to appreciate the best player. But surprisingly, sports are not limited to humans. You may know that your furry pet might like to play, but you might be surprised to know that a sports game called 'Schutzhund' is specially designed for German shepherds. Like your skills and abilities are tested by various tournaments and matches in various sports fields, similarly, the abilities and skills of a German shepherd dog are tested by the game Schutzhund.

Nature never fails to to make a good impression, it has several marvelous sides yet to be revealed. A dog breeder from Germany once said, 'No good dog can be a bad color.' He was Captain Max von Stephanitz, who developed the breed of German shepherd dogs that have a red, blue, gray, white, black, and tan coats. The first German shepherd was bred in 1889, while the breed was officially recognized in 2013. Formerly, it was a rare breed, but according to the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom, it is recorded as the seventh-most registered breed in 2016 while it is the third-most registered breed in 2020 by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Hence, the medium-sized German herding dogs, or simply German shepherds, have several admirers across the globe. But, if you can't get a German shepherd, breeds like Belgian Malinois or Belgian shepherd, King shepherd, White German shepherd, Dutch shepherd, Shiloh shepherd, Laekenois, Eastern European Shepherd, Tervuren, Berger Blanc Suisse or White swizz shepherd, Northern Inuit, Bohemian shepherd, American Alsatian, Caucasian shepherd, Yakutian Laika, and Czech wolfdog highly resemble the German shepherd. Among these, the White Swiss shepherd or Berger Blanc Suisse, King shepherd, Eastern European shepherd, Shiloh shepherd, and White German shepherd are the five different variants of the German shepherd breed. Scroll through the articles to discover more facts about the dogs like German shepherds.

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What does a German shepherd look like?

Since the dog breed of a German shepherd is more suited to reside in colder habitats rather than hotter areas, the German shepherd has a rough and long-haired outer coat. Some German shepherd dogs also have plush coats and short-haired coats. Usually, the coat color is black or tan, but blue German shepherd, white German shepherd, and a solid black German shepherd. Often, the coat has a solid color, while it can be bi-colored or can have saddle markings over the coat. Also, weight management is essential in a German shepherd, thus, dogs are fed according to their size. Neither excessive weight gain is healthy nor are malnourished dogs, as they are prone to several health diseases affecting their hips, spine, blood, and digestion. German shepherds are classified into five different species of dogs, including the White Swiss shepherd or Berger Blanc Suisse, King shepherd, Eastern European shepherd, Shiloh shepherd, and White shepherd.

The White shepherd is native to the United States of America and has a completely white coat. Likewise, a White Swiss shepherd or Berger Blanc Suisse was recognized as a separate breed in 2003. It is speculated to descend from the White shepherd and has a bold white coat. They belong to the same family and have quite similar resemblances. Yet another type of dog from the German shepherd breed is the King shepherd. King shepherds are bred to rectify the physical deformities inherited by the native German shepherd. Eastern European shepherds are other German shepherds that are larger in size and are cold weather resistant. Also, they are quite popular pets in Russia. Shiloh shepherds were first bred in the 1970s to rectify conformational and behavioral issues found in native breeds of German shepherds. They are as intelligent as the native breeds and are also used for military and police work. Furthermore, they are larger in size, have a longer length of their back, and have soundness of hips.

Types of dogs that look like German shepherds?

Do you want to buy a German shepherd or Deutscher Schäferhund, but can't? Here's a list of dog breeds that could be other options! The following breed of dogs can be your alternative shepherd. Belgian Malinois or Belgian shepherd, King shepherd, White shepherd, Dutch shepherd, Shiloh shepherd, Laekenois, Eastern European Shepherd, Tervuren, Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss shepherd, Northern Inuit, Bohemian shepherd, American Alsatian, Caucasian shepherd, Yakutian Laika, and Czech wolfdog are some breeds of dog that share a similar resemblance.

Belgian Malinois or Belgian shepherds have a similar appearance to a Deutscher Schäferhund. They share a similar fur or coat, ears, and brown eyes. They are herding dogs too. They are 22-26 in (55.8-66 cm) tall, while their weight varies between 40-80 lb (18.1-36.2 kg). If the dogs are properly trained, they prove to be the most loyal creatures.

The white shepherd is a subspecies of the breed, Deutscher Schäferhund. It has a white coat, unlike native shepherd, but one can spot several similarities between the two different breeds of dog. A white shepherd is often not aggressive and needs to be cared ford, played with, and loved.

Although Eastern European shepherd and Deutscher Schäferhund breeds have a similar resemblance, there are several variations too! East European Shepherd is larger. Also, it is not as strong as Deutscher Schäferhund. Also, it has more potential to fall sick.

Both Tervuren and Deutscher Schäferhund breeds are brave and intelligent. They have similar facial resemblances, including pointed noses and ears. Both breeds of dogs are found in a herding group. The dogs vary from each other in terms of weight, coat color, and life expectancy. However, Tervuren is the closest related breed of dogs, considering its appearance.

The Laekenois breed is smaller but has a quite similar resemblance. However, the breed is not popular but is sure to win your heart. Laekenois dogs are brave and protect their owners at any cost. The dog is found in Belgium but is one of the rarest breeds.

Belgian sheepdog or Groenendael breeds are hungry for love and attention and does anything to win over its owner. It is the most loyal breed of dogs and surpasses any other breed in loyalty. Like Deutscher Schäferhund, it too requires regular exercise.

A Dutch shepherd is the owner's best friend! Like the Deutscher Schäferhund, it is a herding dog, too.

Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss shepherds are brilliant! You might confuse them with albino dogs, but they are not. The snowy pup too, has a white coat and a similar resemblance. Found in Switzerland, it is a working dog as well!

Bohemian Shepherds are darker. They are definitely house pets, preferring to stay indoors. They have a calm and friendly temperament.

Northern Inuit is a social dog and does not have an aggressive temperament, unlike the Deutscher Schäferhund.

Yet another similar species is the Belgian Malinois! It has a black mask with a tan coat. Be careful! It is advised not to own Belgian Malinois as a pet until you are a professional. A German shepherd might be a better option!

White Swiss Shepherd dog sitting in a meadow.

Are German shepherds aggressive

German shepherds are known to have aggressive behavior and high energy. Their aggressive temperament and energy are positively utilized by keeping them as guard dogs or using them in the military and police force. They can be incredibly dangerous, but rarely do they hurt their owners. They can hurt other canine species of dog and can also cause considerable monetary loss.

The breed of German shepherds is a quite intelligent species and, thus, are easily trainable. Since they have an aggressive temperament, they should be trained by professionals and should not be taken lightly. If a dog bares its teeth and barks or growls in a low pitch, be cautious as these are warning signs that it might attack. Although the German shepherd dog is portrayed to be scary, it might not be completely true. A German shepherd would likely never attack its owner and rather portrays aggressive behavior against strangers as a protective gesture. If you pet a Chihuahua and, on the other hand, pet a German shepherd dog, you are likely to not care as much about a Chihuahua's attack as it does not have the strength to break through the skin or cause any serious damage. On the contrary, a German shepherd's bite has the potential to break the bones and cause other severe injuries. Thus, it is necessary to train your dog, especially when you own a German shepherd. Even if the dog is kept as a guard dog, it is still important to train them not to attack unnecessarily. So, training is the key to preventing your dog from attacking someone unnecessarily.

Are German shepherds good family pets?

A German shepherd is often not as scary as it is portrayed. Instead, it is the most popular and one of the most registered breeds of the family pet. While it was the seventh-most registered breed in 2016, according to the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom, it was known as the third-most registered breed in 2020 by American Kennel Club (AKC). The dog loves playing with children and is often quite successful in winning their hearts with its energy and considerably large size. Also, the dog is quite reliable near children, unless the children harm or provoke it.

As aggressive German shepherds can be, these dogs also have an equally calm, patient, and highly adaptive nature, making them ideal house pets. What does a pet owner desire in his or her pet? You and others hope to find a caring and loving companion in their pet. They want their pet to be loyal, respectful, and protective. A shepherd can be all that every pet owner wishes for! It is an intelligent pet that is caring, loving, protective, and loyal too. Several instances prove how respectful shepherds can be to its owner.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for dog breeds that look like German shepherds, then why not take a look at dogs that look like pit bulls, or German shepherd facts.

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