The Sunshine Period: Must-Know Facts On Importance Of Summer Season

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Many people look forward to the summer season.People usually play various beachside sports, go swimming, or take a little walk on the beach

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During the summer seasons, there is usually warm weather and lots of sun.

The summer period is between spring and fall. There is lots of fun to be had during the summer so lets discuss the importance of the summer season and find out some more facts!

The months of summer seasons may vary in different hemispheres. In the Northern Hemisphere, summer happens between the months of June and August. In the US, the summer season happens between June and August. In temperate and polar areas, seasons usually are considered by the amount of sun light. There is a difference between Gregorian and astronomical calendars. Most calendars used to use a four-season model which was separated between two intermediate season, the warmest and the coldest. These areas are four-season based (spring, summer, fall, and winter). Although ecologists consider temperate regions as six-season based, including prevernal, vernal, estival, serotinal, autumnal, and hibernal. The solstices are the minimum and maximum exposure to the sun’s rays. IT occurs seven weeks later due to a seasonal delay.

In the meteorological aspect, winter in the Northern Hemisphere starts on December 1 and ends February 28 (29 if a leap year). In the Southern Hemisphere, the summer season starts on December 1 ends February 28 (29 if leap year). In the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical season starts on June 21 and ends December 23. The solar season starts at May 1 and ends July 31. In the Southern Hemisphere, the astronomical season starts December 22 and ends March 21. The solar season starts at November 1 and finishes January 31.

People that live in the northern part of the world experience summer in July and winter in January, which is the other way around in the southern part of the world. This itself concludes that perihelion and aphelion are not the reason for seasons.

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The Best Things About Summer

Families tend to do picnics outdoors in warmth temperatures in the summer season. Let us remind you about those bonfires on the beach on summer season nights or barbecues in your backyard.

As the summer season hits, friends and families prepare for road trips and some become addicted when it comes to ice cream. Even after the fall (winter) seasons, many resume their exercise and training because many believe it's the best time to get into shape. We can even detoxify our toxic substances naturally through sweating. The warm weather outdoors during the summer season, the sun shining, the bright colors, and bring in nature are what please us during this season. It feels therapeutic in summer season. We can weed our own garden or plant flowers, vegetables, herbs, and spices, and at the end of the season, we can use whatever has grown during the summer season.

The Features Of Summer Season

Sunlight is very important to plants for photosynthesis. In the summer season, sun rays consist of vitamin D, which can help the human body to absorb calcium and vitamin D, preventing you away from developing osteoporosis.

Due to the warm temperatures of summer, birds and animals have the most active breeding seasons. Birds look for food to settle down and because of summer, this becomes easy. Animals go hunting in summertime and they start to store energy and food. In the summer season, nature becomes immune to the dominating sun. The summer season is no doubt valuable for temperate climates, in this hot period food usually grows.

People tend to spend more time outdoors in the summer season, having picnics with their friends as the sun shines or going for walks thanks to the lighter nights. Exposure to nature and the bright sun can be a dominant factor in vitamin D absorption. We have to keep both our mind and body healthy. Because of the sudden transition to the summer season and an increase in heat, we have to stay hydrated, use sun cream due to more sun and eat lighter meals. There can be a sudden rise in bugs so try to keep those away. Especially children, wash all the raw foods or vegetables and apply sanitizer to their hands so they don’t get sick.

It's the best time to attend music festivals and state fairs with friends. During this warm summer season period, we can wear lighter clothes which can be comfortable.

How do we enjoy the summer season?

There are so many public holidays happening during the summer season.

In summer days, nature is full with flowers consisting of different colors and amazing smells. Friends spend their a lot of time with their friends in nature in bright daylight during summer seasons.

There are many public holidays as well, such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth in the US, Victoria Day in Canada, many bank holidays in the UK, Festa Della Republica in Italy, and Bastille Day in France. People take advantage of this warm weather and spend time with friends in these longest days. Children make the best fun out of it and all the schools and universities have summer season breaks. Various sports such as basketball, football, skateboarding, volleyball, and other water sports happen as well in summer.

The Olympics have been held in summer since 1896, except the 2000 summer Olympic in Sydney. This Olympics was held in spring the 2016 summer season Olympics in Rio de Janeiro which was held in winter.

American dance festivals happen in the summer season and they offer businesses offer scholarships and sometimes internships as well. This can become pretty competitive sometimes.

During the mid-summer season Europe celebrates long spiritual evenings. Sweden has their Midsommarstang festivities and Iceland celebrates secret solstice midnight sun music festival. In Spain, they have bonfires and let off fireworks. In the US, there is an all day yoga event in Times Square which is very well-known. If you live in Pennsylvania or are a travel enthusiast planning to visit next time, don’t miss the Kutztown Folk Festival. It is German-based and they arrange workshops in summer season.

Whether you want to experience new things during summer, it is a great time to be a music fan! If you are a music fan you definitely don’t want to miss either the Electric Zoo Festival in Randall’s Island, New York or Lollapalooza at Grant Park, Chicago.

If you are indulged by wanderlust and backpacking, your next trip summer season got you covered. Go visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona to relax or you can hike the rim trails. Take a look at San Diego’s 70 mi (112.6 km) long coastline or Balboa Park in California. Why not arrange a summer hiking trip to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Canada or book a holiday to the Maldives.

Or you can be freshen up by the snow-covered mountains in Manali. If you are a photographer and prone to adventures, explore Ladakh (kind of a cold desert), where you can go star-gazing, camping, and you can spend time doing astrophotography at nights in the summer.

Why is summer called summer?

Summer season arrived from ‘sumor’, which derived from Proto-Germanic ‘sumur’ word. These words came from the Proto-Indo-European root ‘sam’ (together), meaning 'summer'. These months are warm, full of sunlight, humidity, and fresh air. Summer can be considered as best season.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer season is named after dog-days. All earth’s seasons happen because its orbit around the Sun and its axial tilt (angle 23.4 degrees) proportionate to the ecliptic. It's called the obliquity of the ecliptic. Earth’s perihelion is approx 91,400,000 mi (147,094,041 km) and aphelion is approx 94,500,000 mi (152,083,008 km), approximately a 3,000,000 mi (4,828,032 km) of differentiation. Perihelion (in July) is when earth’s closest and aphelion (in January) is when the earth is farthest away from the Sun.

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