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The Sword Of Truth Facts: Things About The 22 Epic Fantasy Novels

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There are twenty-two novels in Terry Goodkind's epic fantasy series, 'The Sword of Truth'.

Terry Goodkind's epic fantasy novel 'The Sword of Truth' follows the heroic adventures of Richard Rahl, a Seeker of Truth, The Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell, and First Order wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander as they fight against dark forces and evil overlords aiming to subdue the land. The first book in the series, 'Wizard's First Rule', was published in 1994.

This saga was turned into a television series by ABC Studios and marketed by Disney, which is why some fans also refer to it as 'The Legend Of The Seeker' series. If you want to learn more about the series, know which book comes after which, or wonder what to expect, keep reading.


Characters are central to Goodkind's novels: they are character-driven. The main character, Richard Rahl, also known as Richard Cypher, is a Westland woods guide whose quiet life is changed forever when he becomes the Seeker of Truth and is tasked with handling the Sword of Truth, from which the series takes its name.

A strong man both physically and morally, Richard is descended from great wizards and is able to perform magic, making him the first wizard in 3000 years to possess the two types (additive and subtractive) of the gift. In short, he is prophesied to save the world.

In addition to Richard, the other main character is Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor, last in the lineage of women with extraordinary magical powers. She is called the Confessor because anyone who touches her must tell the truth.

Richard's closest friend, Zedd, is one of the key characters, and he appears to be a crazy old man living out in the wilderness. However, this is really a facade he maintains to keep his true identity hidden. He is a 'First Order wizard,' the most powerful type of magician.

In the course of the series, Richard matures and learns a great deal of High D'Haran (the ancient D'Hara language) as he reads Kolo's journal: the diary of Kolo, a wizard during the Great War. He travels along with his grandfather, the First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, and his love interest, Confessor Kahlan Amnell, and eventually faces off against the evil wizard Darken Rahl to claim his rightful place as Lord Rahl, the master of D'Hara.

Strong male hand with sword on top of open Bible


Throughout 'The Sword of Truth,' the world is composed of two regions: the New World and the Old World. The story begins in the New World, several weeks after the death of Richard's stepfather, George Cypher. This story has two prequels, one standalone sequel, and two sequel series.

The two prequels are a good place to start the story in chronological order. The first prequel novel and Terry Goodkind's first self-published book, 'First Confessor' (2012), takes place centuries before the main 'Sword of Truth' series. Another prequel novella, 'Debt of Bones' (1998), introduces the events leading to the division of the Westlands, Midlands, and D'Hara by the boundary.

The novel 'Wizard's First Rule' (1994) is the first in the main series, 'Sword of Truth,' in which Richard is confronted by the mysterious woman Kahlan Amnell in his forest sanctuary following the brutal murder of his father, ultimately leading to Richard becoming a Seeker.

'Stone of Tears' (1995) reveals Richard to be a war wizard who has the gift of both additive and subtractive magic, and Kahlan is forced to betray the man she loves.

In 'Blood Of The Fold' (1996), Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell must save the New World and free humankind from the Imperial Order after a barrier between the Old and the New World is collapsed.

'Temple Of The Winds' (1997) finds the Emperor of the Imperial Order, Jagang, unleashing a plague that sweeps across the lands that forces Richard and Kahlan to make rational choices and sacrifice their love to stop the plague.

Kahlan accidentally releases terrible magic called 'the chimes' in 'Soul Of The Fire' (1999) as she attempts to treat Richard. However, the chimes will ultimately destroy magic from the world of the living.

In 'Faith Of The Fallen' (2000), Richard leaves Kahlan behind and heads into the Old World to take on Emperor Jagang.

'The Pillars Of Creation' (2001) follows Jennsen Rahl and Oba Rahl, Richard's half-siblings, in which Jennsen confronts Emperor Jagang and Oba captures Kahlan.

In 'Naked Empire' (2003), Richard is poisoned by a Bandakar Empire agent as retribution for destroying the magical barrier protecting them from the Order, forcing Richard to save them from the Imperial Order.

The next three novels in the main series were written as a trilogy known as the 'Chainfire' Trilogy. In 'Chainfire' (2005), the first book in the trilogy and the 10th in the main series, Richard discovers that Kahlan has disappeared from all memory and from the books of prophecy, and he must find her. The search for Kahlan continues in 'Phantom' (2006), but Richard fears that if he cannot find her soon, she might unknowingly become a weapon of destruction for the world. Confessor (2007), the final book in the Chainfire trilogy, brings to an end the story arc involving the Imperial Order.

Richard and Kahlan sequel series contains four novels that continue the story where the last novel of the 'Sword Of Truth' series left off. In the first novel of the sequel series, 'The Omen Machine' (2011), Zedd uncovers a machine deep underground, and he must figure out how to destroy it as it starts issuing increasingly worrying omens. After the events of The Omen Machine, the story continues in 'The Third Kingdom' (2013) with Richard and Kahlan stranded in the Dark Lands after surviving their encounter with the Hedge Maid. The old Emperor Sulachan and Bishop Hannis Arc take an army of Shun-Tuk and other wicked 'half-people' into the heart of the D'Hara Empire to attack the realm of the living in 'Severed Souls' (2014). Richard and Kahlan's sequel series concludes with 'Warheart' (2015), the final chapter in a war three millennia old.

The 'Nicci Chronicles' continue the story after Richard and Kahlan's reign is finally stabilized. Nicci, one of Richard and Kahlan's closest friends, sets out on her own for new adventures in this next four-book sequel series. Nicci and her traveling companion Nathan face lethal battles on the high seas in 'Death's Mistress' (2017) as they grapple with the street life of the port city of Tanimura. In 'Shroud Of Eternity' (2018), Nicci, Nathan, and Bannon journey south from Kol Adair towards Ildakar, a fabled city shrouded in time. The story continues in 'Siege of Stone' (2018) as they remain in Ildakar following a large internal revolt that freed the slaves and overthrew the powerful wizard's council. In the final installment of 'Nicci Chronicles' and the 22nd book of the main series, 'Heart Of Black Ice' (2020), Nicci must stand alone against Norukai's barbarian raiders after the brutal war swept the Old World in 'Siege of Stone.'

TV Series Adaptation

Do you know 'The Sword of Truth' series had its own live-action TV adaptation? It was called 'The Legend Of The Seeker' which ran for two seasons, consisting of 44 episodes. This series was created by ABC Studios for broadcast in the United States and was distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. It premiered on November 1, 2008. However, it got discontinued after the second season.

Magic Of The Sword Of Truth

The 'Sword Of Truth' has both additive and subtractive magic, and in the hands of a true Seeker, it becomes a weapon, a guide to the truth, an instrument of judgment, and a key for both protecting and unlocking the Power of Ordin. Whenever the wielder of the sword believes the target is evil, the seeker is filled with righteous fury and is compelled to punish it with death. 
However, the 'Sword Of Truth' cannot harm those the wielder knows to be innocent. Only a true seeker who understands the concept of good judgment can use this forgiving, benevolent power.


What is the power of the Sword of Truth?

A sword has the ability to cut through anything perceived by the Seeker as an enemy.

Did Richard and Kahlan have a child?

The couple lost their unborn child a few weeks after conception following a vicious attack on Kahlan by a group of thugs in Anderith.

What order should I read 'The Sword of Truth' series in?

Ideally, you should read the main 'Sword of Truth' series from beginning to end, then jump into the prequels.

Is the 'Sword of Truth' worth reading?

Keeping the political aspects aside, it is an engaging fantasy story set in an interesting world.

Who wrote the 'Sword of Truth' series?

The series was written by Terry Lee Goodkind, an American writer.

How many books are in the 'Sword of Truth series?

There are 22 books in the main 'Sword of Truth' series, including two prequels and sequel series.

What book comes after 'Confessor' in the 'Sword of Truth' series?

In the 'Sword of Truth' series, 'The Omen Machine' follows Confessor in publication order.

What is the wizard's second rule of the 'Sword of Truth' series?

Wizard's second rule states, 'The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.'

What is the grace sign in 'Sword of Truth'?

Grace is a magic symbol that represents the infinity beyond our own world.

How many pages are in the 'Sword of Truth' series?

It's a massive 22-volume series with 700+ pages in each book.

What is the star shift in the 'Sword of Truth' novels?

The magic of star shift is what Richard used to banish the Imperial Order.

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