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The World's Rarest Animals From Land To Sea: How Many Do You Know?

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how many animals are becoming extinct?

If your answer is yes, and you want to know why beautiful animals from all over the world might become extinct, we have all the answers for you. Whether it be an Amur Leopard, a Mountain Gorilla, a Cross River Gorilla, a Sumatran Rhino or a Bornean Orangutan, there is so much to learn about the rarest animals on the face of earth.

Thankfully, there are many conservation efforts underway in order to make sure that the populations of these rare animals can be stabilized. There are also some interesting ways of reviving extinct animals that have recently been discovered. Read on to find out more.

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Rarest Jungle Animals

There are quite a few jungle animals that are considered to be rare.

The issues that have caused them to be declared as rare species, despite the extensive conservation efforts that have been put in place to save them, include habitat loss, destruction of river sites and killing them for fur and food. The rarest species of animals include some animals that are rarely seen by any humans, mainly because of how tiny their habitat range is and how much their population has reduced over the years.

One of these rare animals is the Amur Leopard. This wild leopard species is not only one of the most beautiful to behold but also one of the most desirable when it comes to the fur trade. The fur trading industry is one of the main reasons that there has been such a huge decline in the population of such beautiful creatures. Another thing that has caused the declination of their population is the loss of their native habitat.

Named after the Amur River basin and found throughout places such as China, Russia and Korea, the conservation status of these animals has been declared as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. In spite of the efforts made to save these animals and attempts made to ensure that their population can be stabilized over the next few decades, only about 60 Amur leopards remain in the world at this time. These wild leopards are largely affected by logging as well as poaching, and the animal would greatly benefit from a more informed public that understands the risk of extinction so that humans are more careful.

Another rare animal that is threatened by human practices such as hunting and logging, is the Greater Bamboo Lemur. This animal is one of the rarest animals in the world mainly because it is widely hunted and killed in its native habitat. These beautiful animals are threatened not only by hunting, but also practices that have led to the declination and degradation of their beautiful natural habitat. There could hardly be a human being who does not find this animal to be completely adorable, and, since new scientific methods have been discovered that can help to save this animal from becoming extinct, it is very important for humans to be more sensible. In a perfect world, humans would only do things to help Greater Bamboo Lemurs all over the world, instead of pushing them closer towards a speedy extinction.

Another rare animal species is the Sumatran Rhino. This rhino species has reached extinction mainly due to the fact that human beings, instead of trying to conserve this wonderful animal species, have relentlessly poached them. Both of the two subspecies of the Sumatran Rhino are critically endangered and stand at the verge of extinction. As the name suggests, the Sumatran Rhino's habitat consists of Eastern and Western Sumatra. This native habitat is close to being critically degraded as well, which, in addition to how extensively they are killed for their horns, makes the species vulnerable.

Ever since the concept of captive breeding was discovered and introduced as a solution to help save endangered species, this wild rhino has benefited substantially. There is only one National Park that has a few of these rhinos, and so the chances of us getting to see them in all their majesty are rare. One more Sumatran animal that is critically endangered is the Sumatran Elephant. The animals of this species have a very small population size, so conservation efforts are underway in order to make sure that the Sumatran Elephants do not become extinct in the near future.

Pangolins are an animal that has been endangered and threatened by a few different factors such as the loss of their native desert habitat and hunting. This species of animal has almost reached the point of extinction, mainly due to the fact that the scales on the body of a Pangolin are very desirable in the industry and can be sold for absurdly high amounts of money. This has been the sole motivation for hunters who have recklessly killed these animals with no regard to current conservation efforts.

The Hainan Gibbon is one monkey species that has been critically endangered for a while. Their native habitat in China has largely been degraded. As a result of this, the lifespan and reproductive functions of the animals have been severely affected. The Hainan Gibbon is one of world's rarest monkeys, so conservation efforts are currently being made towards making sure that captive breeding will ensure the animal's survival.

The Bornean Orangutan is one of the most endangered species of monkey that lives in the present day world. The Bornean Orangutan population is only found on the island of Borneo and so the habitat loss that the area is currently experiencing has had huge effects on the numbers of these wild monkeys. The population of the Bornean Orangutans has reduced by more than 50% over the past few decades and hence, the conservation of this wild ape has become a significant cause for concern. The Javan Rhino is also a critically endangered animal. The native habitat of these animals is largely contained within Java in Indonesia, and there are only about 60 Javan Rhinos in the world!

Rarest Sea Animals

One animal that comes to mind when thinking of a rare and critically endangered marine mammal is the Vaquita. The Vaquita species is endemic to the Gulf of California and the Baja California, and hence, the population size is mainly contained and also very small.

The Vaquita population is threatened by a rise in the practice of illegal gillnet fishing. In spite of the bans that have been imposed in these areas regarding the catching and killing of these beautiful animals, the Vaquita mammal species still continues to be one of those that is heading towards complete extinction. Climate change is also considered to be one of the main problems that has contributed to the threat that this animal is currently facing.

The Angel Shark is also endangered to a great extent and is set to become extinct in the next few decades if proper measures are not taken. These fish are also threatened by illegal fishing and are usually caught as a bycatch. This accidental killing of so many Angel Sharks has rendered the conservation status of the animal as critically endangered.

While Vaquita and Angel Shark are mostly only caught and subsequently killed as a part of fishing accidents, one endangered animal whose population is declining for other reasons is the Hawksbill Turtle. The population of these creatures is declining due to the fact that they are killed for their shell and meat. Animals that are likely to become extinct due to the deliberate hunting and fishing habits of human beings could be saved if better laws are put in place. However, even though there are more than just a few laws that forbid the killing of the Hawksbill Turtle, humans still continue to cause a huge decline in the population size of these animals.

The Yangtze Finless Porpoise is also one of the most endangered marine animals in the world. Named after the Yangtze River, this species of animal has had a declining population size since the year 2013. This decline in numbers has mainly been caused by man-made environmental changes which adversely affect the lifespan of the Yangtze Finless Porpoise.

A male silverback mountain gorilla.

Rarest Mammal

There are quite a few mammals that are considered to be rare across the world. One such animal is the Red Wolf. The native land of the Red Wolf is limited to Eastern North Carolina. In spite of the extensive conservation efforts that have been put in in place to preserve these animals, the population size has continued to decline over the years.

The Dama Gazelle is also a highly endangered mammal. This native of Africa has seen a substantial dip in population size and hence, there have been some quite impressive efforts made in order to make sure that they are not lost due to any external factors such as loss of habitat. As a result, there is a fund and an organization that makes sure that the population size of the animal is maintained and stable for as long as is possible.

The Saola is a rather beautiful animal whose horns are sure to leave you spellbound. Whether you see this animal in an image or become fortunate enough to behold its beauty in person, the beautiful muted color scheme of the Saola and its twisted long horns are sure to leave an ever-lasting mark. However, the populations of these animals have been steadily declining. However, medical and scientific practices ensure that their wild habitat is being restored and conserved.

The Hainan Gibbon is an animal from China whose range of habitat has been wildly degraded and reduced by a drastic amount. These natives of China have faced the problem of habitat loss to such an extent that they can now only be found on a certain island in China, where conservation efforts are underway.

The Mountain Gorilla is another mammal whose extinction is looming. The Mountain Gorilla is a rather beautiful animal, although, beauty is largely subjective! There are only few members of this gorilla species who are being treated with love and care in order to make sure that their extinction can be delayed or even prevented.

There are also quite a few tiger species that are critically endangered. These include the Sunda Tiger, the Malayan Tiger, the Sumatran Tiger and the Bengal White Tiger. The declining numbers of these animals are a threat towards the food chain that exists in the wild forests as well, and so, there are a few adverse effects that could come into play if they went extinct.

Most Endangered Animals In The World

The Black Footed Ferret is one of the rarest animals on earth. Ever since there have been developments in the field of life-science, many methods have been discovered which have allowed scientists to be able to save around 300-400 species of the Black Footed Ferret from becoming extinct.

However, the population sizes of these species of the Black Footed Ferret are not sufficient in order to make sure that the conservation status is moved to a slightly less precarious place.

Some of the most critically endangered and endangered species in the world include the Pika, Amur Leopard, Red Wolf, Saola and Peruvian Spider Monkey. These animals have been placed in such a vulnerable spot when it comes to their survival on the face of earth for a couple of reasons. While some are threatened by climate change, habitat loss and man-made environmental shifts that do not align with the wild habitats of the animals, others have become susceptible to becoming extinct mainly because of human practices such as hunting and killing for fur, shells, horns or meat.

Whatever the reasons are behind the statuses of these animals, it is our responsibility to make sure that the wild habitats of these animals are preserved as much as is possible. Climate change is not an issue that merely affects animals such as the Vaquita. The problems caused by climate change, and the adverse effects that accompany it, are equally threatening towards humans, and it is therefore for the greater good that we take care of our planet and all the animals that live on it.

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