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Things You Should Know About Henry Lee III's Many Children

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Henry Lee III was born in the Colony of Virginia on January 29, 1756, to Col Henry Lee II and Lucy Grymes.

Henry Lee III was a U.S. politician and a great contributor to the U.S. army services. Because of Henry Lee III's contribution to the American Revolution, he was also named Light-Horse Harry.

The Lees are a renowned family in Virginia and U.S. politics because of their involvement and contributions in political and military sectors. There are a lot of sources on social media exhibiting detailed information about the details of the Lee family tree which includes all of the known family members. Henry Lee III worked as a governor in Virginia state and represented the United States Congress from Virginia. He is known as a famous cavalry officer.

Because he was imprisoned due to illegal land speculation and an attack by the Democratic-Republican mob on the federals, he soon became weakened. His health deteriorated from this point and shortly after, he died.

Let's find out some interesting and detailed information about Henry Lee III, his career and his contributions to the U.S. military forces, and his achievements. This article will also explore information about Henry Lee III kids and their achievements.

Books About Henry Lee III's Children

Henry Lee III is considered the most admirable and saluted hero in the U.S. nation's history. He was a true patriot who fought and lent his major support in contributing to the U.S. becoming an independent nation. He was a daring and commendable citizen who was focused on national unity. He is known to have quoted a famous line, 'First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen', lauding the death of his close friend and the first USA president, George Washington.

There are a lot of inspirational books detailing the life history and achievements of the people's hero Henry Lee III. These books are very inspirational for kids and teach them how to face challenges in life and handle difficult situations. The most famous children's books on Henry Lee III's life are 'Light-Horse Harry Lee: The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Hero' and 'The Father of Robert E. Lee' by Ryan Cole. Another is 'The Revolutionary War Memoirs Of General Henry Lee', written by Henry Lee III and edited by Anne Hill Carter's son Robert Edward Lee. Henry Lee III wrote this book when imprisoned in a debtors' prison. His writings provide information about the facts and true insights of the American Revolution.

The Revolutionary War is also called the American War of Independence. The Revolutionary War began when some of the British American colonies fought against the taxation policy imposed on the Americans by the British. The war started mainly in North America and Continental Congress took the lead. Continental Congress was a legislative assembly of 13 British colonies who unitedly wanted to form the New Independent United States of America and wanted freedom from the British Empire.

At 22 years of age Henry Lee actively participated in the Revolutionary War and earned fame by governing Lee's Legion, handling infantry and cavalry troops. He was honored as an efficient leader in handling the light troops. For his excellence in handling horsemanship, he was called Light-Horse Harry Lee. He was remembered for capturing the British Fort at Paulus Hook, New Jersey, and was awarded a gold medal for his achievement. He was an advocate of the federal union and helped frame the constitution. He, unfortunately, became bankrupt and spent one year of life in debtors' prison in Virginia. His memoirs were the outcome of his prison life, which is where he wrote it. This book was published in two volumes explaining every incident about the Revolutionary War, and Lee mentioned the major characters and contributors to the war's success in detail. The third edition by Robert Lee portrays a biographical essay about his father, Henry Lee III.

In 'Light-Horse Harry Lee: The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Hero' and 'The father of Robert E. Lee', the author Ryan Cole described Lee as a leader with good tactical sense. He wrote about how efficiently Lee handled both cavalry and infantry troops, how actively he was involved in framing the constitution, and about his political journey and his governorship of Virginia state. He also mentioned how he lacked business skills, which led him to bankruptcy. In the final chapter, the author describes Lee's last stage of life, which was very tragic and painful.

During the 1812 Baltimore riots, Henry Lee III received injuries to his head and face while helping to save his friend Alexander Contee Hanson. Hanson was attacked due to his article opposing the War of 1812 in his newspaper. This attack made Henry Lee III weak physically and caused trauma. On his way to Virginia from West Indies, Henry Lee III passed away in Georgia on March 25, 1818.

Henry Lee III's Children

Standford Hall has a unique importance in the Lee family and is the home of many generations of the family. Henry III's siblings included Benjamin Lee Sr, Richard Bland Lee I, Theodoric Lee, Daniel Lee Sr, Anne (Lee) Page, Charles Lee, Mary (Lee) Fendall, Lucy Lee, and Edmund Jennings Lee.

Henry Lee III married Matilda Ludwell Lee, who was his second cousin. She was also called the Divine Matilda, daughter of Elizabeth Steptoe and Philip Ludwell Lee, Sr. Unfortunately, Matilda Lee died in 1790, leaving her three children behind; Philip Ludwell Lee, Lucy Grymes Lee, Henry Lee IV. Henry Lee IV was the last member of the Lee family to own Standford Hall, as he sold it to cover his debts.

Later, in 1793, Henry Lee III married Anne Hill Carter Lee, who was the daughter of Charles Carter and Ann Butler Moore. Henry had six children with his second wife, Anne Hill Carter Lee. Their names were Algernon Sidney Lee, Charles Carter Lee, Anne Kinloch, Sydney Smith Lee, Robert Edward Lee, and Mildred Lee. Robert Edward Lee was a Confederate general in the American Civil war against the U.S.

Henry Lee III Children's Biography

Henry Lee III was the ninth governor of Virginia.

Richard Lee was a prominent member of the Lee family who went to Colonial Virginia in 1639. The other prominent members of the Lee family were Thomas Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, and Arthur Lee. Let's discover the detailed biography of all Henry Lee III's children.

Philip Ludwell Lee (1784–1794) was born at Stanford Hall when his mother Matilda Lee was just 19 years old, and while Henry Lee III was serving as a governor of Virginia. But he died at a very young age, although the cause of death is unknown and he was buried in Virginia.

Lucy Grymes Lee (1786–1860), born to Matlida Lee and Henry Lee III, was married to Bernard Moore Carter. She died on March 24, 1860, in Philadelphia, USA, and had six daughters and four sons.

Henry Lee IV (May 28, 1787 – January 30, 1837), also called Black-Horse Harry Lee, was the half-brother of Robert Edward Lee. The son of Lee III and Matlida, he was also born in Standford Hall. Henry Lee IV was an author and writer and served in the U.S. army like his father. Educated at Washington Academy, Lee IV served as a major in the 1812 US war against the British. Being active in social circles, he was praised for his talkativeness and charm when attracting women. Lee IV married his cousin Anne McCarty which contributed to an increase in money from slave and land ownership which became part of Lee IV's property. He had an affair with his wife's sister, Elizabeth McCarty, which was then reported in the local news.

In 1818 he had a daughter who died when falling down the staircase, which left the couples devasted and depressed. While his wife was grieving, Henry had an illicit relationship with her sister, Elizabeth McCarty. Later Lee was sued for mismanagement of McCarty's estate and was forced to sell Standford Hall to return the money to McCarty. Because of the scandalous relationship, he could not save his political career. He later began writing and published 'The Campaign of 1781 in the Carolinas' (1824), 'Observations on the Writings of Thomas Jefferson' (1832), and 'The Life of Emperor Napoleon' (1835).

Anne McCarty Lee was addicted to morphine. She moved to Tennessee and was a regular visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson helped her in recovering from her substance addiction. Lee later reunited with his wife after several years. He helped Andrew Jackson as a speechwriter and wrote an inaugural speech after Jackson won the presidential elections. He was appointed as a consular to Algeria. He served a very short period and traveled to Italy, Paris, and France. Because of a lack of funds, he depended on his brother Charles Carter Lee financially and encouraged the sale of his wife's slaves. Regardless, he still could not repay his debts. On January 30, 1837, Lee IV died of influenza and was buried in Montmartre.

Algernon Sidney Lee (April 2, 1795 – August 9, 1796), son of Henry Lee III and Anne Lee, lived only a very short time and was buried at Sully Plantation, Virginia.

Anne Kinloch Lee (1800–1864) was born on June 19 at Stanford Hall and later married William Louis Marshall in the District of Columbia, USA. Leaving behind three sons, she died at 63 years of age on February 20 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Sydney Smith Lee (1802–1869), served as a naval officer in the American Civil War. He was the third child of Lee III and Anne Hill Carter. During the Mexican-American War, he participated in the Battle of Veracruzandh along with his older brother Robert E. Smith Lee. Robert was married to Anne Marie Mason and they had five sons. One of his sons, General Fitzhugh Lee, was a writer and served as governor of Virginia.

Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was famous for his service in the American Civil War and worked as a commander for the Confederate States Army. Lee III's father, Henry Lee II, was the first cousin of the sixth president of the Continental Congress, Richard Henry Lee. Richard Henry Lee was honored as the founding father of the USA, and many schools in Maryland, California, are named after him. Richard Henry Lee was a distant relative of Robert Edward Lee.

Like his father, Robert Lee was admired and respected for his tactical skills and for leading the North Virginia Army (1861-1865). He earned a great reputation for his skills among the Federal army troops. Robert graduated from the United States Military Academy and worked for 32 years as a military general in the U.S. army. During the Civil War break, he was appointed as an advisor for Jefferson Davis, a Confederate President. When his father, Harry Lee, faced severe financial losses and was jailed, the Lee family, including his wife, moved to Alexandria.

They lived at Oronoco Street in 1811 when Edwards's younger brother Mildred Lee was born. He married the great-granddaughter of George Washington, Mary Anna Custis Lee. However, Custis Lee's father did not like her marrying the son of Light-Horse Harry Lee, who was in the news because of spending time in jail. However, he later gave his consent. Robert Edward Lee and Mary Anna Randolph Custis had seven children. Robert E Lee experienced a stroke on September 28, 1870, and died two weeks later, on October 12, 1870, in Lexington, from pneumonia. His last words on the day of his death were 'Tell Hill he must come up! Strike the tent.'

In 1829, Lee was actively involved in constructing a fort on Cockspur Island, Georgia. Later he was transferred to Fort Monroe, where his job was very hectic, and he was actively involved in budgeting. In 1834 Edward was appointed as assistant to General Gratiot and moved to Washington, away from his family, till 1837. His accomplishments included being involved in the reconstruction of the state line between Michigan and Ohio states, supervising St.Louis harbor construction, and some engineering work. Edward gained promotion to Captain in Des Moines Rapids, Mississippi river. Later he served as an engineer at Fort Hamilton.

Catherine Mildred Lee (1811–1856) was born on February 27, in Alexandria, USA. On April 29, 1831, she married Edward Vernon Childe, and the couple had four children. She dies in Paris at the age of 45 and was buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Massachusetts, USA.

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