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Training 101: When And How To Use A Dog Whistle?

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Many of us love to keep dogs as pets due to their loyalty and love towards us.

As soon as we raise this furry pet we get excited to have fun with them, take them for walks, train them, and play with them. While training your dog, there are various techniques of voice intonation, verbal commands, and expressions.

In many cases, we use training tools to teach and train the dog. One of those training tools involves a dog whistle. Whistles can either be the instrument or the one which you make through curling up your tongue and mouthing an 'O'. These whistles act as a whistle command for the dogs and training them becomes easy. Now as much as we all know how to have fun with dogs, many of us are not aware of dog whistles and ponder about what they are, and how these whistles can be used?

A dog whistle is also called Galton's whistle, named after Francis Galton, the inventor, or a silent dog whistle. This silent dog whistle is a high-pitched, high-frequency whistle that acts as a whistle command for dogs in their training. These whistles emit a high-frequency sound that comes from the ultrasonic range. The sound from this range is so high in frequency and pitch that humans cannot hear it. However, dogs can hear these whistles and whistle commands. Cats and other animals can hear these whistles too. The sound which these dog whistles make for the training purpose of dogs are heard by the dog's but as opposed to the general notion they do not go crazy after they hear the whistle commands. Whistle training can be done with a physical whistle, electronic dog whistle, or digital whistle. Digital whistles are in the form of applications that the trainers or the owners download on their phones and address the issue. The frequencies of these whistles are ultrasonic and high-pitched, therefore, the dogs respond to these almost instantly. Many times the owner or the trainer adjusts a dog whistle to stop barking and safely and smoothly teach them how to behave. Like other dog training, training with a dog whistle for dogs to immediately respond to commands takes time. However, it can help the dog in following obedience and dog training. Also, a dog-whistle warning is one of the most positive and successful options when you want to interact, engage and communicate from distance every time you signal noises or blow the whistling dog.

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What is a dog whistle?

A dog whistle is a form of physical or digital instrument which is of high pitch and frequency coming from ultrasonic range which when blown catches the dog's attention. It acts as a command signal for the dogs to hear, recall, and respond.

Pet dogs respond to these silent signals many times in the hope of treat or reward. Training can be done with the use of these whistles. The frequencies of these whistles are ultrasonic so be careful of blowing right into your dog's ears. Many times the owner or the trainer adjusts a dog whistle to stop barking and safely teach them behavior. Dog's immediately understand the signals and respond to the commands of these dog whistles making them obedient and well behaved.

How to use a dog whistle?

Dog whistles are commonly used for dog events and competitions, where they use these whistles for commanding dogs or signaling them when to start and when to stop. Many sheepdog events and competitions use these silent whistles to command the dogs as whistle commands. These whistles are not silent, but the pitch is so high from the ultrasonic range that the human can not hear them. It helps in dog training which helps them to follow commands right after the blowing whistles go off. The noise is not very gentle but acts as a call of command for the dogs every time they hear the blast of these silent whistles. Tips and ways to use a dog whistle is to simply train the dog with each blow and offer them a reward or treat. That way whenever they hear the silent dog whistle they will understand the voice or the sounds and recall the reward or treat which will make them follow those commands in positive and best of their behavior. The frequency of these whistles of the dog whistle may change the tone of the command which your dog is accustomed to following during dog training. This training tool is the easiest and direct way to ensure your dog can get the signals of hunting, when and where from distances, and stop barking if they were on the streak of nonstop barking. It is the best way to get their ears hearing capacity accustomed to the verbal tone from distances. These signals act as a verbal tone for them to sit, or wait, run, or fetch. The obedience which follows post the dog training of the dogs through these dog whistle training sessions will blow your mind. They will be at their best behavior as the tone sets.

The frequency of these dog whistles is between 23-54 kHz. They are above the range of human hearing. However, if needed can be readjusted to the human hearing capacity. To humans, these dog whistles sound like hissing sounds. Dogs are capable of listening to them in their raw form of 23-54 kHz. However, it is advisable not to blow these in your dog's ears. Always use these training tools from a distance And do not use them in many or multiple frequencies. Also, ensure that you do not keep blowing this off for a long time. It might give them a headache or make them irritable if used multiple long times or in close proximity to their ears. As long as you are cautious enough to understand not to blow these whistles loudly or for a long time, or multiple times in many frequencies or right in the ears of your dog, it will not hurt or damage your dog's ears. Take care of these small details and rest be assured this training tool will act as one of the best techniques to train your dog and out them to the best of their behavior. You only need them initially for training purposes especially in between one to three years. Once the dog is trained they would not require the dog whistles, so if you do not want to invest in the physical tool, you can simply install the apps for dog whistles and dog-whistle training and use them to train your dogs.

What does a dog whistle do?

Dog whistles come in different sizes and features.

A dog whistle is used to blow the whistle to use a dog to train. It is a great training tool for the dog whose commands are followed from distance. Their ear hears these ultrasonic sound wave signals which tip them off to follow orders and commands.

Your pet dog might simply sit and relax but as soon as humans blast these high pitch training toll called dog-whistle they get ready for action. The commands of the dog whistles are ingrained in the dog's mind in a way during their dog whistle training that the sound is enough for them to start or stop action and control them. The range of these ultrasonic frequencies is heard more clearly by the hunting dogs or gun dogs. Therefore, these whistles are more than often used with them. While using these dog whistles the dog parents need to ensure that their dog responds to the signals. Every dog is different, few may respond to these dog whistles, few may not. The dog parents need to check and observe whether their dogs are responding to dog whistles. If the dog is not responding to the whistle during the whistle training, it is in the best interest to quit this silent dog whistle training and figure out an alternate method of training. Whatever training technique, method, intonation you use just to ensure that the training process is followed as dogs need to be trained especially when they are in the age between one to three years. This is the best age for them to learn as they are active and ready to be molded. Once trained and molded they will act and behave in a set pattern or way for the rest of their life. They will start understanding and following the commands which will be ingrained in their behavior, mind, and body for the rest of their lives.

What is a dog whistle used for?

Silent dog whistles are used for hunting dogs and gun dogs. The range of these ultrasonic frequencies which these hunting dogs or gun dogs can hear is much higher than any other animal. Dog whistles have been commonly used for training herding dogs to take care of sheep, mostly in the countryside. These dog whistles work but every dog is different so a few of many might not respond to dog whistles as they would to a voice sound or a treat. It is best that you observe and read your dog with these dog whistles and use it accordingly to train, and if your dog does not respond to the whistle during the whistle training then it is better to use alternate methods of training rather than completely missing the training phase or process. Figure out which method works for your dog and what tone or whistle or method catches their attention.

Many dog owners concern over the fact that these high frequencies, high pitched dog whistles may hurt or damage their dog's ears, while many feel rude using them. However, it should be known to you that dog whistles are like any other whistle. When you blow a normal whistle you catch a lot of attention. However, if the same whistle is blown very loudly or with too high a frequency then it may hurt your ears and the same goes for these dog whistles and their impact on dog's ears too. As long as you are cautious enough to understand not to blow the dog whistles one too many times and very loudly or blast it for a long time, or decide to blow it in your dog's ears instead, from a distance, it will not hurt or damage your dog's ears.

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