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Tuesdays With Morrie Facts: A Memoir By American Author Mitch Albom

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'Tuesdays With Morrie' is a beautiful memoir written by the author Mitch Albom.

The book is emotional, poetic and also talks a lot about life and compassion. The novel is all-in-one, which leaves the readers asking for more every time they flip the page.

What makes this book even more beautiful is how the relationship between a student and teacher is shown here. The narrator visits his teacher every Tuesday and walks us down the path of his conversations with his college professor, Morrie Schwartz. As the name of the book tells, the narrator, Mitch Albom spends his Tuesdays talking with his teacher, Sir Morrie Schwartz. The book is a true story, this story is about ideas, lessons, and about life. Much more than that, the compassion shared between the student and the teacher is also the main element of both the movie and the book.

Characters Of Tuesdays With Morrie

This book toggles between life and death. Mitch Albom learns that one of his favorite professors who taught him in school is dying of ALS.

Morrie is a professor, who teaches sociology to the class. Before learning about this, Mitch was mostly engrossed in popular culture. He however is not so much fond of his job as a journalist and media spokesperson. The characters of the book are played by some amazing actors. One of the actors is Jack Lemmon, who plays the role of Morrie Schwarts. Morrie is the dying professor. Hank Azaria plays the role of Mitch Albom. Actress Wendy Moniz is seen playing the role of Janine, who is Mitch's girlfriend.

Synopsis Of Tuesdays With Morrie

Mitch is a journalist, who has made a very beautiful and impressive career for himself. Mitch constantly finds himself in a battle to spend time with his friends and girlfriend while also managing his work life.

One day Mitch watches an interview with his old college professor, Morrie. Morrie in the interview talks about life and how he is awaiting death due to his complicated health. As the story flows, Mitch has decided to visit professor Morrie after 16 years of no contact. In his conquest to find an ideal day when he will find his professor Morrie, Tuesday works the best. Since on Tuesdays, Morrie grades papers and is often free, the two meet and Mitch makes it a habit to visit Mitch every Tuesday till the day of his death. Together, the two share lessons on life, marriage, and on death too. Morrie talks to Mitch about his relationship with his father. Morrie also opens up about his past life with his mother and also with his stepmother. The two together become very good friends and Morrie becomes an important part of Mitch's life and he starts taking care of him. The novel ends with a sad wave. In one such incident, Mitch asks Morrie about his definition of a perfect day. To this Morrie replies, it would be with friends, family, people who are important in his life, while choosing his burial site. This hurts Mitch and he promises to meet Morrie again, next Tuesday. That week on Saturday Morrie waves goodbye to life and his funeral is held on Tuesday.

A portrait of a book entitled "Tuesday with Morrie"


The novel is based on the last days of Morrie and his interaction with his old student from his class and shares very important life lessons.

The book has been adapted many times in dramas and stage plays too. The book was soon also converted into a film. The key element of this novel is the rawness of the story, the beautiful emotions, and the reliability with everyday life.

About The Author

Mitch David Albom is a famous author, journalist, and also musician. The author has sold over 60 million copies worldwide.

Mitch was born in a Jewish family, with rich culture and ethics. Most of his life he spent in Buffalo, after which he moved to Oaklyn with his family. Mitch was born into a middle-class family but according to him, he has very supportive parents. The author first started writing for the Queens Tribune on a weekly basis. His work was so good that he got admission to Columbia University. The author also had a great interest when it came to writing about sports and many other things. In the very beginning, Mitch started his path as a freelance writer, later he was hired as a full-time writer by The Philadelphia Inquirer. During this time he also developed an interest in writing novels. And thanks to that, today he has over 10 books to his name.


Why should people read 'Tuesdays With Morrie'?

There is no reason not to read this beautiful book. The lessons taught in this book are sure to make a difference to your life. The book teaches the importance of forgiveness and living life to the fullest. Going with the popular saying, 'old people always have the best tales to tell' this novel is sure to win anyone's heart.

What are the three most important lessons Mitch learned from Morrie?

A lot of people are roaming carrying a meaningless life with no purpose whatsoever. That's because they are not chasing the right thing.

In life, we must learn how to give out love, to friends, our community, and to each other.

Professor Morrie also taught Mitch about how comforting silence is and how we should learn to love it.

Is 'Tuesdays With Morrie' a real story?

Yes, this beautiful book is based on real-life interactions between the author and his college professor. Everything written in the book is real and true.

What is the main message of 'Tuesdays With Morrie'?

The message in the book is given by a dying man, who happens to be the teacher of Mitch Albom. The main and the most important lesson in this book is to love life, to find a purpose, and devote yourself to that purpose, only then you are going to find yourself.

Who was Morrie's wife?

Charlotte is Morrie's wife. The couple met when they were students and have been together for around 44 years.

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