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71 Ukraine Facts: History, Culture, And Other Cool Details Revealed

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Bordered by many countries and the Black Sea, Ukraine is one of the best countries to visit in Eastern Europe!

Did you know that Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe in terms of area? The Ukrainian landscape is dotted with beautiful sites, and the rich cultural heritage is sure to have you and your family looking to extend your vacation for a few extra days!

Ukraine is also one of the most diverse countries, with a landscape that includes forests, mountains, and beaches. The people of Ukraine are equally diverse, with a rich culture that dates back to the ninth century. Let's discuss some interesting facts about Ukraine that you may not have known!

Ukraine's Geographic Location

Ukraine is one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe. This country has a long history of struggle and subjugation, a lot of which stemmed from the fact that Ukraine has always been rich in natural resources. The Ukrainian territory is such, that people from all corners of the world have tried to monopolize it at some point, which has ended up creating a lot of trouble. Despite the long struggle with the Russian Empire as well as with the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian culture has managed to sustain itself, as the country has now been trying to emerge victorious in the face of all its hardships and misfortunes.

Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe, by area. This comes second to Russia, with which it shares a border and also a very long history of struggle.

This country has been one of the easiest and most sought-after targets for conquerors all over the world because of how rich the soil of Ukraine is.

Ukraine is most readily characterized by its steppes, which are plain fertile lands.

Ukraine shares borders with Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, and Poland.

This country also has a long-standing history with Western Europe.

The Carpathian Mountains are also a characteristic feature of the country,

The temperature in Ukraine is usually maintained at a temperate or continental type

The southern coast of Ukraine is close to the Black Sea, which results in cold winters in the area.

Summers in the country are known to be quite moderate.

Winters, on the other hand, can be quite harsh.

The country also receives a lot of snow in the winter season, which attracts many tourists.

The Black Sea has also ended up being the site for many battles and other significant events over time.

The Carpathian Mountains guard the land against northern winds.

The proximity to the Black Sea also provided the perfect opportunity for traders to make their stronghold in the country and carry out economic activities through seaports.

Russia and the USSR, or the Soviet Union, are known to have made use of the geographic location of this country in the course of the great wars.

A Carpathian town, known as Colomyya, is known as one of the safest places to visit in Ukraine.

It is located in Western Ukraine.

Russia lies to the immediate east of Ukraine.

Ukraine currently has a semi-presidential type of government.

The executive head of the government is the Prime Minister.

Independence Day is the most important holiday in the country.

The area of Ukraine is 233,062 sq mi (603,627.8 sq km).

It is located in Western Ukraine

Important History Facts About Ukraine

This country of Eastern Europe is beautiful, which is also assured by the number of times that it has been nominated for being a scenic place, but Ukraine has a long history of struggle against many empires.

The struggle that the people of Ukraine have gone through is so extensive that it has now become an essential part of the social fabric, as well as the constitution of each individual.

Despite its independence, Ukraine has been facing many troubles in establishing itself as a completely independent country!

Civilizations are known to have thrived in Ukraine from 4800 BCE.

This was aided by the temperate and appealing climate of the country, as well as its natural resources, which would be adequate to sustain generations!

A prominent invader to set foot in Ukraine was Vladimir the Great, he invaded Ukraine in 988.

An interesting fact about this invasion is that he was the one who introduced Christianity to the people of Ukraine.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity is now the most popular religion in the country.

Many of the present-day community ideals are based on the love and respect for Christianity.

Vladimir the Great's invasion was followed by the attempts of many more such as the Mongols and the Lithuanians.

The Mongols arrived in the 13th century and it took another century for the Lithuanians to enter the country and tap into its rich reserve of fertile lands and oil!

The Polish invasion of Ukraine is known to be the point in history that triggered the formation of the Cossacks.

Understandably, generational subjugation was the real fate of many of the people of Ukraine, this essentially meant that people were beginning to become angry with their situation.

The Polish entered Ukraine in 1569 and were eventually faced with fierce retaliation from the Cossacks.

The Cossacks allied with Russia to fight off Polish-Lithuanian invaders.

The mission was successful but this eventually led to the country being annexed and controlled by Russia for several years.

At the time, Ukraine was divided into the Russian Empire and the Habsburg Empire.

This continued through the 18th and 19th centuries!

The only brief period of independence that this country experienced in the early 20th century was short-lived and only lasted for around two years.

Even at this time, parts of Western Ukraine were under the control of countries such as Romania and Czechoslovakia.

Following this, Ukraine became a part of the USSR and would maintain this status until 1991.

Joseph Stalin allegedly triggered two artificial famines in Ukraine to curb rebellions.

In the course of these two famines, nearly eight million people are estimated to have died.

Ukraine became a hero nation during the Second World War.

This was because moral duties were so high in the country that they not only fiercely fought the German Nazis but also provided food and shelter to Jewish people.

After the end of the Second World War, the country was ruled by the USSR.

Ukraine gained its independence on August 24, 1991.

Since then, the country has been making ample efforts to establish itself.

One of the greatest facts about this country is that it has the world's deepest metro station.

However, this architectural, modern-day marvel was built out of the necessity for a hiding place during the Cold War.

The basic idea behind this station was that it would provide shelter to many people on the occasion that war broke out.

In 1986, the country was also hit by one of the worst disasters of the modern age, which was the Chernobyl explosion.

With the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, entire areas were wiped out by the strong radiation.

Even though radiation is still present at the site and the surrounding areas, people are now allowed to visit towns around the actual power plant.

Ukrainian Culture And Traditions

The Ukrainian language and culture are very diverse. This country continues to be one of the greatest places to visit, simply because the people of Ukraine are welcoming and humble. Since Ukraine has faced many hardships has also instilled a sense of unity across communities, which has been binding the country's social fabric for decades, if not centuries!

A city named Lion is considered to be the cultural capital of Ukraine.

The capital of this country is Kyiv, which is also the largest city.

Ukrainian culture has evident influences from Western Europe and Russia.

This is shown through the fact that many families in Ukraine speak Russian in the course of their daily lives.

The country is also characterized by its folk music and dance.

There are several events in the country for which men and women dress up in traditional floral prints.

Ukrainian oral folk culture is also strong and can be witnessed in some areas of the country.

The city of Kyiv is known for its many influences from places around the world.

This is shown through the fact that cafes can be seen in abundance in this area.

Russian songs are also very popular in Ukraine!

The official language of the country is Ukrainian.

Many festivals are held in Ukraine, such as the Dubno fest.

The appreciation of music in the country is also made evident through the fests held, that honor almost all music genres.

The Atlas Weekend festival is known to be one of the greatest in Europe and attracts thousands of people to the country every single year!

Famous Ukrainian Tourist Spots

The fact that Ukraine boasts of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites is evidence enough that this place will have something that excites everybody.

Kyiv's Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the first places to visit when in Ukraine.

This cathedral is characterized by this mind-boggling architecture as well as its serene beauty.

The Byzantine architecture of this cathedral surely is one of the main attractive features.

Lviv's historic center should also be visited to soak in the multicultural nature of the nation.

The Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans provides a glimpse into a time when the country was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The architecture is immaculate and the charm of the place is otherworldly!

The Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese is celebrated for its history of winemaking.

One of the things that characterize this place is the fact that it was one of the most important trading hubs along the Black Sea.

The Struve Geodetic Arc is a must-visit, as it shows one of the most important attempts at measuring the meridian!

The beech forests and Carpathian churches are also places that make the Ukrainian territory more stunning!

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