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69 Unbelievable Fall Out Boy Facts For Music Lovers

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Fall Out Boy is a rock band that started in Wilmette, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, in 2001.

Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley are the four essentials. The Fall Out Boys, or FOB, incorporate funky, rock, pop-punk, alt-rock, emo, and emo rock into their music.

From 2001-2002, they were an underground band until they became famous in 2003.

Throughout their time as a band, the Fall Out Boys have garnered several honors.

Fall Out Boy, the boy band, was nominated for Artist of the Year in 2014, which they won.

Patrick Stump was named Best Singer at the Alternative Press Music Awards in 2015, among other accolades.

'Take This To Your Grave' their debut album released in 2003, was an underground hit, culminating in a big label record in 2005, 'From Under The Cork Tree', which yielded two top 10 songs.

The band's first chart-topping album, 'Infinity on High' was published in 2007, followed by the band's fourth album, 'Folie à Deux' the following year.

In 2009, the group announced an indefinite sabbatical while exploring other hobbies, citing tiredness as the reason.

Since their comeback in 2013, every one of their releases has debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, including many smash singles.

The Fall Out Boys have had total earnings of $35 million, which they have earned from their music business and the millions of CDs they have sold.

Continue reading to learn more about Fall Out Boy and its journey.

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Fall Out Boy Members:

  • Fall Out Boy is made up of four members.
  • Patrick Stump is the lead vocalist, Pete Wentz is the bassist, Joe Trohman is the the main guitarist, and Andy Hurley is the drummer.
  • After meeting at a local bookshop to discuss the metal band Neurosis, Pete, Joe, and Patrick decided to form a pop-punk band, finally adding drummer Andrew Hurley to the group.
  • Before forming Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz was the lead singer of the Chicago-based metalcore group Arma Angelus.
  • Patrick was first tested to be the percussionist, but due to his soulful voice, he was asked to sing.
  • Pete and Patrick own the world record for the most interviews conducted in 24 hours by a pair. Within 24 hours, they conducted 74 interviews with radio DJs.
  • Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy's bassist, suffers from bipolar disorder and began taking medication for it when he was 18 years old.
  • When Pete was hit above the eye by his guitar, Joe had to sew him up.
  • Patrick Stump played drums in a few bands before joining Fall Out Boy as a vocalist, including Public Display of Infection and Patterson.
  • They'd all played in bands associated with Chicago's underground hardcore music scene.
  • Hurley was a member of Racetraitor, a ferociously political metalcore band.
  • When the band went on hiatus, Joe and Andy started a new band called Damned Things.
  • Meanwhile, Wentz formed Black Cards with a new singer, Bebe Rexha.
  • Stump took advantage of the opportunity to start a solo music career, abandoning the emo-pop style of his band in pursuit of more techno, rhythm, and blues.
  • Soul Punk, Stump's debut solo album, was released in 2011.

Facts About Fall Out Boy Songs

  • Fall Out Boy screened 19 undiscovered bands to accompany them on the 2007 Young Wild Things Tour.
  • They've started their charity, the Fall Out Boy Fund, which has since provided food education and organic gardening equipment to nearly 20,000 children in the Chicago area.
  • Because their record label informed them they required shorter song titles, 'Thnks Fr Th Mmrs' contains no vowels.
  • Following its performance at the APMAs, 'Thanks Pete' became such a famous meme that the band produced a shirt for it, which they now sell in their store.
  • 'Bang The Doldrums' was written by Fall Out Boy for the Shrek soundtrack. Although it didn't make the final cut, it did appear on 'Infinity On High'.
  • In 2002, Fall Out Boy collaborated on a split EP with Project Rocket, a band of which Andy Hurley was a member at the time.
  • They once distributed posters autographed by their blood to boost attention for blood donations for Hurricane Katrina sufferers in 2005.
  • They have always supported the Chicago Bulls as Chicago natives. As a result, the team requested that they compose a new version of their title song, which they gladly agreed to do in partnership with Lupe Fiasco, a fellow Chicagoan.
  • During the production of 'Take This to Your Grave', the band came close to breaking up five times owing to disagreements and disagreements about how various things would sound.
  • Pete stayed hospitalized for seven days after attempting suicide by overdosing on the anxiety medicine Atvian. Fall Out Boy was inspired to create the song '7 Minutes in Heaven' after witnessing a suicide attempt.
  • 'Short Story', 'Unhappy Ending', and 'Forget Me Not' were all original names proposed for Fall Out Boy.
  • 'Dance, Dance A Little Less Sixteen Candles, 'A Little More Touch Me', and 'This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race' are three videos directed by Alan Furguson for them.
  • Each member of the band composed their section for the songs on the record, 'Infinity On High'.
  • For their single 'Dance, Dance', they were nominated for the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards in two categories: Best Group Video and Viewer's Choice, of which they won the Viewers Choice.
  • 'The Simpsons: Radioactive Man' (1995) has a character named Fall Out Boy, and they also sang the title for 'The Simpsons: Lisa the Drama Queen' (2009).
  • Among many other bands, the band acknowledges the emo band, The Get Up Kids, as an inspiration.
  • The band cites its hardcore punk background as an inspiration; before joining Fall Out Boy, all four band members were part of a Chicago hardcore punk band.
  • The band's major objective when they returned from a sabbatical with Save Rock and Roll was to completely revamp the group's sound.
  • Mania, the band's seventh studio album, debuted at number one in 2018, becoming the group's fourth studio album to become the number one record and sixth top 10 album in a row.
  • The band follows the principle of 'all for one, one for all.' Even if one person writes a whole song, all the band money is split four ways.
  • Their first job was at a DePaul University cafeteria.
  • Patrick Stump suffers from synesthesia, which means he has color connections with most letters and numbers.
  • FOB is part of the Live Earth concert series, which began on July 7, 2007, and will stop in South Africa later that month.
  • They let fans design a limited-edition album cover for 'Infinity on High' that would only be available online.
  • Fall Out Boy has worked with rappers Kanye West and Timbaland, which demonstrates their versatility.
  • On Saturday, April 28, 2007, Fall Out Boy camped on the sidewalk in cardboard boxes to increase awareness about Uganda's homeless street soldiers.
  • Fall Out Boy also donates to the Invisible Children Charity, which raises money for Ugandan children.
Fall Out Boy was founded in 2001 by buddies Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman

The Downfall Of Fall Out Boy

  • Fall Out Boy was founded in 2001 by buddies Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman in the Chicago neighborhood of Wilmette, Illinois.
  • The band's debut live appearance was at a DePaul University cafeteria, where they were joined by Stilwell and another group.
  • The band recorded their initial cassette tape demo in Rose's garage, but they subsequently traveled to Wisconsin to create a formal demo with Jared Logan.
  • While Stump was disinterested in the group at this time, Wentz saw it as the vehicle that would propel him to fame, so he began marketing it.
  • 'Take This to Your Grave', the band's debut album was released by Fueled by Ramen in May 2003.
  • As the label pressed for the record's mainstream popularity, the band's fan base increased.
  • In the summer of 2004, the band toured the Warped Tour for five performances, and on one of those occasions, the stage collapsed owing to the massive audience, after the group had only sung three songs.
  • As opposed to 'Take This to Your Grave', Fall Out Boy recorded 'From Under the Cork Tree' in Burbank, California, at a considerably slower tempo.
  • The band scrapped 10 songs two weeks before recording sessions began and composed eight new ones, including the album's debut hit, 'Sugar, We're Goin Down'.
  • However, the band faced a setback in February 2005, when Wentz suffered an emotional breakdown that culminated in a suicide attempt.
  • The popularity of the album resulted in the band's debut arena tour, which saw them perform in front of 10,000 people each night.
  • Following the band's chart-topping achievement, Wentz became the most visible of all the band members.
  • Fall Out Boy came back to the studio after a two-month-long break to start work on a new album.
  • 'Infinity on High', the band's third studio album, was released in early 2007, marking the band's second album on the big label Island.
  • The album has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, earning it a platinum certification in the United States.
  • Following that, the band found it impossible to record.
  • Stump stated that both he and Wentz had several disagreements.
  • Trohman said Stump and Wentz had too much influence over the group and that both he and Hurley did not get enough artistic independence.
  • To make things right, Trohman met with Stump to express his worries, which led to greater involvement in 'Folie à Deux'.
  • The band later discovered that they'd have to deal with uncertainties in the music business.
  • 'Folie à Deux', which premiered in December 2008, didn't perform as well at the box office.
  • Due to diverse public views of 'Folie à Deux', the band's frequent traveling schedule proved challenging.
  • The band decided to take a sabbatical after releasing 'Believers Never Die – Greatest Hits' in the fall.
  • During the break, the boy band members pursued their musical passions.
  • According to Hurley, the pause was good for the band and its individual members in general.
  • On February 4, 2013, the group revealed a comeback tour and Save Rock and Roll specifics.
  • The band's revival was dubbed a 'rather stunning renaissance' by Andy Greene of Rolling Stone.
  • Joe Trohman talked to 'Rolling Stone' and said that the album contains a lot of hip-hop grooves.
  • The release of the band's new album resulted in the quartet's third-best sales week and their second historic number one on the list.
  • For one and a half years, Fall Out Boy hosted Save Rock And Roll tours and performed at music festivals all over the world.
  • Fall Out Boy won another Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album for 'Mania' on December 7, 2018.
  • Furry Puppet Studio sued the band in 2019 for using llama puppets produced by them.

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