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University Of Pennsylvania Facts: Centre Of Learning For You!

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You may have heard about their collegiate business school, but UPenn has more to offer!

UPenn's school of business and the veterinary school sure do make headlines, but there are many more courses this institute offers. Considered to be one of the Ivy League institutions, this college will give you a well-rounded experience of life at a university.

In order to make sure that you are choosing the right college, knowing every university policy and the student culture is very important. In this regard, this private institution won't give you much to worry about. The university is set in an urban environment within Philadelphia and allows students to explore all aspects of their life. Whether it be sports or academics, you can rest assured that this university will give you the best experience and lasting memories. Keep reading for some interesting University of Pennsylvania facts and figures!

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University Of Pennsylvania Engineering Facts

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the private Ivy League schools in the country.

Both national and international students usually have a tough time getting into graduate schools of this university since it has a very low acceptance rate of about 8-9%. This means that to get into any educational program under the university, the student would have a very good academic background and SAT scores. The undergraduate schools of this institution provide around 92 degrees, which means that there are plenty of options available for the students. The undergraduate programs have a staggering 66 majors and there are around 21 fields of study. The popular majors include business and marketing, social sciences, biology, engineering, computer and information sciences, and philosophy.

This university is considered to be one of the top research universities in the country, and each graduate school also provides flexible academic programs. This, combined with the fact that Penn students are most likely to be highly successful and also have a fairly high salary expectance once they graduate are some of the very few reasons why many people gravitate towards this institution and try to secure a place here. Being a private institution that is considered to be one of the very best in the country, it is natural that Penn's schools aren't overly filled. The student-faculty ratio at this institution stands at an impressive 6:1. This ratio is very nice in comparison to the national standard, which is 15:1!

University Of Pennsylvania: Computer Programming Facts

The school of computer programming at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the most famous in the country.

The school of engineering and applied science attracts many graduate students because of the research centers and the adequate guidance which is provided by the staff and faculty. Pennsylvania University offers a staggering 153 bachelor's courses in computer sciences, which allows students of all fields of interest to become a part of the graduate studies at the institution. In fact, the first electronic computer was created at the University of Pennsylvania, which gives students an unmatched motivation to make more advances.

the statue of Reverend George Whitefield

University Of Pennsylvania Tour Facts

UPenn offers a virtual tour of the campus for anyone who is interested in having a look at the infrastructure and architecture.

The tour is sure to show you places such as the statue of Reverend George Whitefield, which adds to the charm of the campus. The college hall is adorned by the statue of Benjamin Franklin, who was the primary founder of this Ivy League school. The Wharton School of Business, which is one of the best and most renowned at UPenn, used to be housed at the Claudia Cohen Hall - formerly Logan Hall. It now houses the College of Arts and Sciences. A tour of the campuses will also cover the Bolton Center, the Morris Arboretum, and the West Philadelphia campus. A view of the Furness Library is also sure to leave you in awe of the many architectural wonders that the students of UPenn get to live amongst. A guided tour will also tell you that the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, was also a student of the University of Pennsylvania.

Facts About The University Of Pennsylvania Athletics

The student body and student union at this institution are quite active and also support national sports competitions.

The University of Pennsylvania and its students appear in many collegiate competitions such as in the games of basketball, field hockey, fencing, golf, gymnastics, and others. Penn relays very skillfully between academics, public service, and sports, which makes it one of the first universities that students think of attending. There are around 37 active club sports at the institute, which gives the students an excellent balance between academics and physical wellbeing.

University Of Pennsylvania: Top Facts

UPenn has a community service program that qualifies as one of the very best in the country.

The community service program makes coursework available to the community, which helps a large chunk of people who cannot avail of the educational facilities at this Ivy League institution.

The University Of Pennsylvania's founder, Benjamin Franklin, was a trustee of the Academy and College of Philadelphia, which later merged with the University of the State of Pennsylvania. This merger is what gave birth to the University of Pennsylvania as we see it today.

The Perelman School of Medicine had one of the highest numbers of admissions for Fall 2020. The numbers reached above 2000. The School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science also had upwards of 2000 students. The college of Dental Medicine, on the other hand, had only around 720 new students. The School of Veterinary Medicine and the graduate Nursing School also have very few students, which means that there is a higher level of competition in getting into such schools. The Annenberg School of Communication has the lowest number of new students, only around 70!

The University of Pennsylvania is particularly famous for its law school, courses in liberal arts and social sciences, medical school, and the Wharton School of Business.

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