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What Color Does Pink And Green Make? Color Mixing Guide For Kids

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To make pink, you have to mix the color red and the color white, and for making green, you will be mixing yellow and blue.

Colors are always a means of happiness and joy for everyone. They play an important role in changing the mindsets of the people, help in reducing stress from their lives, cause excitement, and sometimes cause a soothing effect on a tiring person.

Color can recall a certain mood and can create a response within the viewer’s brain. Colors have different meanings to individuals of different professions, be it a psychologist or a scientific expert, or a person who is involved in the field of art. Red and green, blue and yellow, green and pink, green and red, yellow and blue, black and white, orange and violet are some of the popular color options that you can see all around you.

For example, when you mix red and white, you will get pink and when you mix red and yellow, you get orange.

Colors are essentially divided into three categories primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors. The primary colors are yellow, red, and blue. Secondary colors include the blend of primary colors, and the blend of primary and secondary colors make tertiary colors. After reading all about green and pink, you must also check our recent posts on what color is espresso and what color is garnet.

How to mix pink and green?

Did you know that for making a color lighter in value, you must mix in white? The colors pink and green are placed on opposite sides of the color wheel. When the colors pink and green are mixed together they will form a mixture that appears to be quite brown in color.

To begin with the process of mixing the colors pink and green together, the first that you need is either a paint knife or a color palette. Mixing the colors with a brush is good but in order to get a more finished look, you must paint or mix your colors with a paint knife in order to achieve a uniform shade and a more even color as compared to mixing paint with a brush. It is very important to clean your paintbrush in between the process of mixing colors. This will help in getting a proper finish to the final color as it will prevent the previous color paint from mixing with the colors that you are currently using. In order to clean and wash off the acrylic paint, you must use soap and water and for oil paints, you must use turpentine or mineral spirits. The paint can also be used for later work, the colors should be mixed in a jar instead of a pallet. Color mixing takes a lot of experience in order to be done properly. The perfect combination of pink and green is created by mixing equal parts of the color pink and green. In any case, if you use unequal parts of both colors then you will destroy the resulting color and you will be getting more of the dominating colors. Playing with primary colors is always a good idea, you can try playing with colors by using more pink than green or by using greener than pink to see what color pink and green make.

Color Combinations Using Pink And Green

Pink Lotus flower blooming in summer pond with green leaves.

While mixing both the colors together you will be getting a new shade of color that is different from pink and green, the shade can be either brown or gray. Both brown and gray colors are formed as a result of pink and green mixed together.

As mentioned above the combination of pink and green mixed together makes brown together. You can create any particular hue of brown by changing the proportions of the colors. This mixture is similar to the mixture made by the complementary colors, for example, the mixture of blue and orange color and that of yellow and purple color will also make brown together. You may wonder why the mixture of complementary colors makes brown or gray only, the reason is that these colors cover a huge spectrum of colors which when mixed together form a muddled brown color. This mixture of colors gives a more warm neutral tone as none of the complementary colors can stand out individually. In order to form different shades of the pink and green mixture, you need to change the mixing point of different colors in the mixture.

Different shades of pink and green

In order to find out the complementary color for pink, you need to look for the opposite to the color pink by placing it on the color wheel. The color which is located on the exact opposite side of the color pink is its complementary color. These cool colors not only create a kind of balance and harmony but also complement each other.

The colors pink and blue are considered to be opposite colors but they both compliment each other and go well when placed together. Playing around with different shades of pink and blue can be a great idea. The pink color mixed with white can be used to change the shade of pink and make it a lighter color. A lush pink color which is a shade of pink can be used with the color aqua is a great combination. Radiation along with positivity and boundless energy is reflected by this combination.

Several other colors including neutral and warm colors like the colors gray, brown, black, and vibrant hues like pink, yellow, and blue. The undertone in the shade is very important in order to create the perfect color scheme. Some shades of the color green can bend towards brown, yellow, or red colors as green is considered to be a warm color. In order to create a perfect color scheme, choosing the right undertone is very important. The combination of green and yellow color give a harmonious look. Both green and yellow colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. The mixture of both colors gives a refreshing feel to the eyes.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for what color does pink and green make then why not take a look at what color does green and red make, or what color does pink and blue make?

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