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What Color Is Aubergine? Interesting Color Facts For Curious Kids

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This article is a perfect read for you if you are interested in knowing about the aubergine color and interesting color facts related to the aubergine color.

The search of the word aubergine dates first,  long back to page from India and Sri Lanka. The aubergine color is beautiful, basically a deep brownish purple hue. Favorite of many. Aubergine color meaning is also an eggplant.

This composition of aubergine color consists of a close mixture of red, blue, gray, brown, and black tones. Because of a large variety of color tones, there exists an even complexity and warmth in this color. Many people may like or may not like the result, but together the combinations for sure are very appealing.

It has always been a question of debate as to whether the color is to be considered a warm color or cool color. It can be both because it is inclusive of both: the coolness and calmness of blue while the warmth and energy of red color. Various psychological studies have suggested that the aubergine color radiates confidence and self esteem. Aubergine has been linked with position and royalty since ancient times. This color gives a very solid and luxurious look when used in interior designs and rooms. It gives very cozy and comfortable vibes in the environment when used in home decor. Given its versatile characteristic, it has been considered as the perfect purple by the director of the Pantone Color Institute. After you are done reading about the eggplant color combinations, do check our articles on what color is bronze and what color is copper.

Different Shades Of Aubergine

Aubergine color is astonishingly flattering and attractive as it is in the middle of the color spectrum. Since it falls in the middle, it can be said that it is neither too warm nor too cool. We can agree. the aubergine color palette is extremely versatile in characteristic, it has the tone of black, dark brown, or navy.

Aubergine has wide ranging color variations, primary shade is a medium-dark shade of magenta pink with hexadecimal color code of #693b58. It is composed of 41.18 percent red, 34.51 percent blue, and 23.14 percent green in the RGB color model. While the HSL color palette, it has 28 percent saturation, 32 percent lightness, and a hue of 322°.

It is pertinent to mention here that the eggplant color combinations and aubergine color are the same things used differently in different regions. However, plum and aubergine are not the same color, as aubergine paint color has a darker and purple tone, while the plum color has a more reddish tone.

Aubergine color almost looks like a darker shade of purple.

What colors go well with aubergine?

Some may agree that the aubergine color is one of the best color options for interior designing of home, offices, reception of an office, living or dining rooms. Going with aubergine complementary colors and combining them with other dark colors will give the best premium and luxurious look to your design.

This color presents a very masculine and sophisticated look when it is combined with dark brown color and some natural textures in its neighborhood. The color aubergine always looks very attractive and gives a very royal look when combined with gold, because of the presence of yellow as a complementary color in it. Sometimes, this combination might become too pompous because of the opulent characteristic of both colors. If your space is looking very formal and stressed, you can make it a bit informal and relaxed. All you need to do is to add some rustic textures and simple elements. Aubergine color looks very pleasant and classy when used in small and dark places, as it helps you in distracting from the small dimensions of the room or place.

Aubergine Color vs Burgundy

Burgundy is also one of the most favorite colors used by designers and fashion enthusiasts because of its deep reddish tone.

The color burgundy is named after the very popular wine burgundy. In RGB color space burgundy color is composed of 50.2 percent red, 0 percent green, and 12.5 percent blue while it has a saturation of 100 percent, lightness of 25.1 percent, and a hue angle of 345°. The color burgundy is very close to the aubergine but It is not the same color as aubergine. Burgundy is basically a deep reddish brown shade while aubergine is brownish in character. The color burgundy is more serious and sophisticated than the aubergine. It is a mixture of red with brown with some purple tint in it. Burgundy is also linked with indulgence and richness and it is considered that introverts value it the most. The burgundy color looks amazing when it is used with off white and other off white shades, while the aubergine color goes really well with the dark and its close color shades. The different shades of aubergine color go well with the range of indigo to white while the varieties of burgundy range from light or vivid burgundy to dark burgundy. The aubergine is considered to be named after the eggplant while the burgundy is a name even after the burgundy wine.

Aubergine Color Combinations

Aubergine color signifies a sense of confidence and self esteem. It can make absolutely fantastic fashion and interior designing combinations for various occasions because of its versatile nature.

The result would look very pleasant if the eggplant's color is combined with a cream color. Because the slight touch of pink in cream color would emanate very pleasant and energetic vibes. The aubergine also goes really well with green, in fact, it goes really well with other colors of nature. It will definitely create a very positive and welcoming environment because of its natural touch. If you want to show your creativity or if you want to display comfort., you can add the eggplants color with brown to get and share a perfect reminiscent look. Considering the fact that aubergine goes really well with the colors of the natural palette, it would for sure make a perfect match when you get a gray shade. The next few good eggplant color combinations can be achieved by combining this color with purple, brown, and dark blue.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for what color is aubergine then why not take a look at what color is garnet, or what color is espresso facts pages?

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