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What Color Is Sable? Learn About Its Origin, Meaning, And Shades

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The German shepherd dog is one of the best examples of sable color.

We know many colors in our surroundings. The colors like blue, black, red, yellow, green, are very familiar to us as we see these colors regularly in our day to day life but the color sable is very rare and people always confuse between sable, tan, black and brown.

The term sable became popular because of the fur trade that existed in the early medieval period.  The color sable is very darker, almost like black and shades of brown. It is described as a chocolate brownish color. Many colors go well with sable like blue, brown, gold, yellow, and other related colors. Sable usually represents diamonds from jewels and Saturn from heavenly bodies. Sable is a natural color that provides a wealthy look. Sable pattern gives an elegant address to dogs and this feature makes them adorable and attractive. After reading all about sable color meaning, do check what color is espresso and what color is indigo?

What does sable mean?

The term ‘sable’ originates from a Slavic source. Sable refers to a species of marten, a mammal that is valued for its fur. The term entered most West European languages through the fur trade which existed in the early medieval period. Sable fur is considered unique as it retains its smoothness in every direction it is stroked.

History comments that, when Genghis Khan married his first wife, his mother received a coat of sable furs from the girl’s parents. In the US, the term sable refers to black dogs with lighter hair at the root.  The color sable is a very dark color. It's similar to black relatively and seems like a shade of brown. Since it has brown undertones, normally sable color is considered a neutral color.

The name ‘sable’ derives from the black fur of an animal called ‘sable’. It’s a species of marten whose attractive features are short tail and dark brown coloring for fur. Its fur is so valuable as it is used to make coats.  Sable is so much smoother than other furs. The sable is solitary and it stays healthy by feeding on small animals and eggs.  The sable is considered as a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Sables are usually found in Russia, Japan, and Siberia. The color ‘stable’ varies from light yellowish brown to dark brown. Sables look so cute but we can not make them good pets as they have sharp little teeth and they are capable of delivering a painful bite. Their skin is smooth which makes them adorable.

Sables have their own features that distinguish them from other animals. They have delayed implantation. After sable breeds, they do not begin developing the embryo for nearly eight months. Therefore, sables utilize delayed implantation in reproduction. They have varied behavior. Sables usually spend their days foraging for food and roaming around their territory. But if they face any harmful situations like heavy snowfall or heavy hunting by humans, they will sometimes become active at night instead of daytime. They were capable enough to resist the weather. If the weather is very harsh, sables sometimes will hunker down and they begin to store food in their dens to eat later when they are unable to catch food. They have fur in order to resist the weather.

Different Shades Of Sable

We can see different shades of sable coloring in our surroundings. Sable seems like brown, black a gray, and other similar colors. The resemblance with these different colors makes it difficult to identify a sable color.  Sable is an elegant color that can go well with almost any color.

The term ‘sable’ is not exactly a color, but it refers more to a color pattern. The most important feature that distinguishes a sable dog is that its hair is lighter at the base than the hair on the top. Sable patterns can have various colors like brown, black or red coloring. Sable fur can be seen in different colors and its coat lengths vary. The term ‘sable’ is often used in America to describe black dogs with lighter hair at the root. Sable is a color that has various connotations. It is a natural color that is noticeable and attractive.

Color pencils on white background.

What colors go well with sable?

Tan color when combined with sable is aesthetically pleasing.  The sable color will be enhanced when combined with white color. Sable with the white color shade will give a luxurious ambiance and a traditional outlook, especially for homes. The white color perfectly blends with the sable. Sable with blue color gives a modern and sleek appearance. The cooler tones in blue perfectly harmonize with the warm sable color.  Sable with blue lines gives a classy look to our homes. Sable with yellow color gives an energetic and lively appearance. Sable combined with white patterns gives us a light shade. Sable also goes well with the shades of mint. Sable with mint provides a fresh and organic vibe which gives a pleasant appearance to the onlooker. Sable color combined with the shades of gold has a magical attraction that invites the aesthetic sense of the onlookers. Sable color with shades of copper can give an incredibly trendy look.

Is sable closer to brown or black?

The color ‘stable’ varies from light yellowish-brown to dark brown. The color sable almost looks like black. But as the media portrays, they are not perfectly black but appear close to the shades of brown.

People often get confused between sable and brown. Sable color meaning refers to chocolate brown.  Sable trimmed robes were usually worn by kings. Therefore it suggests ‘royalty’. Sable fur also denotes ‘evil’, ‘grief’, or ‘blackness’ due to its dark color.  Since the darkness or black color is associated with the devil, sable color also suggests negative elements.  Since sable fur is too expensive, it is typically integrated into various fashions of clothes to decorate collars, sleeves, hems, and hats. Sable colors also have a close association with dark, raven, black, brown, ebony. Sable brown is closer to smokey grey than traditional brown. Sable black color is a very dark and intensely rich blend. It uses classic black granules mixed with gray, umber, and sable tones. Sable furniture provides a luxurious look to our living room. All Burmese cats were sable in color.

While decorating, sable color can be paired with almost any color as a background color. Sable is a deep and rich color. Sable can go well with complementary colors like brown, black, and gray. Sable color gives dogs a luxurious appearance. Although sable is a rich color, it can also be paired with contrasting colors like white, blue, yellow, or green. Sable is a color that is rare and most people do not notice its aesthetic beauty. It is a natural color that gives a rich and wealthy look to homes and furniture and can be paired with almost all colors. It would be royal if we paint our living rooms with sable color.

What is a sable color dog coat?

There are different types of dogs. Sable color dogs are one among them. In sable color dogs, we can see their hair shaft is lighter at the base but it becomes darker at the tip. German Shepherd is a perfect example for sable dogs. The German Shepherd dogs are famous for their beautiful fur.

We can see three variations of sable in our surroundings. They are clear sables, tipped sables, and shaded sables. Clear sable dogs are dogs who carry a red coat in their body and their hair color changes throughout their body. Their hairs made them cute. Tipped sable dogs have color variations only on the head, back, and tail.

Shaded sable dogs have a lot of brown and black hairs only on the head and back.

The most famous sable dog breeds include Shetland Sheepdog, Pug, Sable German Shepherd, and English Mastiff.  The Sable Shetland Sheepdog has dark tips and they have varied fawn, brown, or whiteish hair at the root. Their beautiful thick coat made them attractive and adorable.  The Pug has a beautiful sable coat. Most of their hair is grey with dark tips. We can see this peculiarity especially on their backs and top of their heads. This pattern makes them attractive and noticeable. German shepherds are so strong. Sable German Shepherd is one of the most famous sable dogs and the sable pattern really suits them and makes them more elegant. Sable German Shepherds have various sable combinations ranging from tan, red, and grey and they are strong. Sable is the pattern that comes first to our mind when we think about a German Shepherd family. Sable German shepherd is the first of the German Shepherd species and its sable coat is the result of the dominant gene present in it. This dominant gene is the reason for their attractive sable coat.  German Shepherds are recognized by the famous  American Kennel Club and the sable color is recognized by the breed standard.  The origin of the  German Shepherd dogs is an interesting story. They were first discovered by Von Stephanitz. He noticed the German Shepherd at a dog show and he understood that this breed was the perfect standard for a working dog. He adopted one of those German Shepherd dogs and named it ‘horand’. He then established the society for the German Shepherd dog.  ‘Horand’ was the first breed standard for the German Shepherd breed. The sable German Shepherd dogs are similar to other German Shepherds. The difference is only the color of their furs. German Shepherds will have one of two coats. They either have a medium coat or a long coat. Both these coats are double coats. These coats help to keep them warm. The color of the coat of the German Shepherd dogs has no effect on their temperament. Although the color of the coat is sable, it would not affect their characteristics like sounds.

The English Mastiff has a strong, short, and smooth coat that can have a sable pattern. This sable pattern makes these dog giants impressive.

Sable is one of the natural colors which provides a luxurious, rich, and trendy look, especially for homes and resorts.

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