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What Did Charles Darwin Do? Curious Evolution Facts!

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Charles Darwin is a forever known scientist, a person who made consistent and amazing discoveries.

Charles Darwin, a famous name in history, best known for 'The Voyage Of The Beagle'. This was a ship that Charles Darwin used to travel to the Galapagos Islands.

Darwin is famous for his contributions to the world of science. Charles Darwin was a British geologist, naturalist, and biologist. Charles Darwin’s full name is Charles Robert Darwin. Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury in the United Kingdom. Charles Darwin studied at Christ's College at Cambridge. Have you heard of Darwin's discoveries and the famous Galapagos Islands? It was Charles Darwin who made this five-week journey to this island and made history.

Darwin’s father was a doctor and Darwin’s mother died when Darwin was eight years old. However, Darwin had three elder sisters who cared for him and helped raise him. His early life also consisted of one of his first loving relationships which did not work out as Darwin was too busy discovering the undiscovered life sciences of earth and did not give enough time to his partner. He married Emma Wedgwood later. The life Charles Darwin led eventually led him to his interest in the theory of evolution, making him a famous fellow of the Linnean Society.

The day the book 'On The Origin Of Species' was released, the tragedy of Darwin’s 18 month old son happened. Charles Darwin is indeed the father of evolution. Charles Darwin made some of the most remarkable discoveries about life on the earth. Questions about how and why life forms evolve were answered by Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin changed the world that people see today.

Charles Darwin’s discoveries have helped people to see the world from a different angle, encouraging people to being curious and to discover more about the natural world. However, Darwin became the most famous after the release of Darwin’s theory on natural selection. Natural selection, also known as the evolution theory, provides scientific evidence of how natural history drives evolution and about how species change, which definitely inspired other naturalists.

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Historic Facts About Darwin

There are many amazing facts about the greatest scientist and naturalist Charles Darwin. Here are some amazing historical facts about Charles Darwin which will fascinate you.

The famous Darwin's theory of evolution written and formulated by Charles Darwin had to wait for around 20 years to be published. Charles Darwin was a naturalist and Darwin had visited many places and discovered some of the most amazing places. The Galapagos Islands are famous for Darwin’s discoveries on the island.

Apart from career-related facts, there are many other interesting facts about him. He is known to have been born on the same day as the famous Abraham Lincoln.

Darwin even dropped out of medical school just to discover new things and lives. However, this is not entirely true. He is known to be fearful of the sight of blood. He attended to the University of Edinburgh, and Darwin’s father was a doctor. At one point, he once to become like his father. However, soon after watching surgery procedures, Darwin realized that he did not enjoy the sight of blood.

This made Darwin’s father angry and disappointed in Darwin. He even listed the positives and negatives to decide whether to marry or not.

Even Darwin is known to have hated some of the animals which created huge problems in the discoveries made by Darwin. Peacocks were animals that Darwin hated.

It is believed that Darwin was suffering from some chronic illnesses.

There are many sources that call Darwin a wild adventurous eater because he tasted lots of different animals. According to some of the reports made by Charles Darwin, Darwin ate an owl which he described as an indescribable experience. Throughout his life and adventures, Darwin enjoyed eating different varieties of exotic animals, but was never fond of owls.

Darwin even married his cousin.

Societal Facts About Darwin

Darwin was known to be a believer in natural selection and the survival of the fittest. This social Darwinism or Darwin theory has had a wide impact on society.

The theories put forward by Darwin were subjected to several social and cultural consequences. While some people questioned Darwin’s theory, many of his theories were highly appreciated too. People had a mixed response. However, Darwinism did face political, economic, social, educational, religious, medical, racism, and imperialism questioning at the time when Charles Darwin released the first theory.

Darwin's religious and political views were inspired at a young age by Erasmus Darwin, an English physician. Brother Erasmus was the first to write about natural selection, natural history, and evolutionary theory. He focused on the descent of life from a common ancestor, sexual selection, the analogy of artificial selection, and this understanding is referred to as homology.

Today, there have been more than 250 species and many higher groups who have Darwin’s name.

Inspirational Facts About Darwin's Discovery

Charles Darwin, the name, itself has inspired many people after hearing the amazing history of this naturalist. Charles Darwin’s love for nature and life science is worth remembering. Charles Darwin was a changing force in the history of biology.

The field of biology is highly grateful for Darwin’s amazing contributions. Darwin had a significant influence on the modern world and evolutionary thoughts.

Evolutionary biology proposed by Charles Darwin is very interesting to study. Darwin is called the father of evolution. Charles Darwin's theories have changed biological life sciences.

Darwin’s theory allows us to easily understand the concepts of people's lives and has even helped humankind to change our thought process. Darwin has given this world a new insight and a way to explain evolution.

The amazing diversity of species that is found on earth has been answered by the great naturalist Darwin.

Young Darwin's life journey started in Edinburgh's Intellectual Society. Due to his lack of interest in anatomy, he was sent to Christ’s College, Cambridge to graduate as an Anglican gentleman. He completed an Arts Degree in 1831, which is where he started learning the side of botany from a botany professor. Little did the professor know that Darwin's lifetime work would be inspired by this moment. He took a geologic field trip to Wales. Later, as mentioned in his personal narrative of travels, he took a trip to South America to work on a rebuilt brig, HMS Beagle.

He accompanied Robert Fitzroy, a 26 year old captain on HMS Beagle. Darwin spent time pursuing different islands as the HMS Beagle sailed. Darwin's voyage led him to explore more about animals, giant tortoises, and sometimes, Darwin returned with huge bones of extinct mammals after a trip, fuelling his interest in natural selection and the theory of evolution. To be specific, he first came across the tortoises on the Galapagos Islands but did not collect any reference for his research.

Research Work Of Darwin

Darwin established evolutionary biology which changed the world. The most common questions about the changes in an organism have been answered by Darwin. Human evolution and the evolution of many animals have given a strong factual basis of information for the modern world to keep learning.

Charles Darwin discovered all the basics of life that occurred and evolved on earth. Speciation, formation of new species, changes in the current species which is called adaption, and the main question of how organisms compete, survive, and reproduce is everything that Darwin contributed to the field of biology.

Charles Darwin is remembered for his works and enthusiastic values to research, studying lots of different life forms on earth. Today, Charles Darwin is a hero to many budding scientists and young people due to the awesome works and amazing values possessed by Charles Darwin.

A great admirer of Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace produced scientific journals with Darwin in 1858, after which Darwin went on to work on 'On The Origin Of Species' the next year.

Charles Darwin was highly invested in the field of biology. Darwin has been a great influence in modern lives today.

Darwin has allowed scientists to understand how the world works and how animals adapt and survive in nature. Darwinian's theories have allowed today's researchers to continue his work and learn about adaptation in the changing world.

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