What Do Koi Fish Represent? Fun Fish Facts Everyone Should Know!

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Koi fish are small beautiful carp fish species that symbolize different meanings and myths.

Every animal on earth has their own hidden symbolism in regard to their abilities. Some recognize their abilities, while some are not able to recognize their abilities.

Koi fish represent the same thing as perseverance, courage, and prosperity. What could have made koi fish symbolism so special? There are many myths and stories about Japanese and Chinese culture. Before that, you must know the scientific facts about koi fish. The koi fish was first described by a French naturalist named La Cepede in 1803. The koi fish is a native species of Japan and China. The koi fish is omnivorous and mostly feeds on small insects, bugs, plants, and algae. Apart from that, there are over 100 species of koi fish which are mostly found and swim in freshwater. The koi fish belong to the Cyprinidae family and class of Actinoptergyii.

The koi fish can live up to a life of 25-30 years. Koi fish are known to lay 1000 eggs, and thus, they reproduce a large number of larvae in one spawning period. There are many different types of koi fish which also vary in color, such as blue, white, orange, brown, red, pink, yellow, and cream colored. So, even if you plan to keep a koi pond, then you must be aware of the fact that it should be in an area where there is less or no direct sunlight. The symbolic koi fish is preferably kept as an aquarium pet because a koi fish represents wealth, prosperity, success, good luck and a good career. You might even have seen a koi fish tattoo in many eastern countries' shops and as business stamps. This koi fish tattoo is special because of what it symbolizes. A few of the koi fish species are red koi fish, white koi fish, black koi fish, blue koi fish, yellow koi fish, dragon koi fish, yin and yang koi fish, etc.

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What do koi fish symbolize?

Koi fish symbolize different meanings, which differ with their color and with what they have been drawn. Generally, a koi fish represents and symbolizes perseverance, good luck, restraining from obstacles, wealth, prosperity, success in business and career, etc.

The different colored fish species of koi fish represent different meanings. Koi fish are often associated with characters of strength from the different stories which have evolved over time. In Japanese culture, koi fish are named nishikigoi and were more popular among rice farmers. The koi fish, overall, symbolizes positivity in life. The meaning of each koi fish differs on the basis of its color. For example, white koi fish represent success in business and work. The the golden koi fish represents wealth, while the koi fish with a black body represents transformation in life.

The symbol of the yin and yang fish, or two koi fish together, represents the dual phase of life, i.e., the good, as well as, the bad. The origin of the yin-yang koi fish tattoo comes from Chinese culture. The main origin of koi fish is from China, and it was later brought to Japan later in the years through business. The Japanese koi fish is the official symbol of the Children's Day festival in Japan, which is celebrated on May 5th of every year.

What do koi fish symbolize in feng shui?

A koi fish symbolizes abundance and away from the obstacles of life, i.e., protection from negativity. Koi fish symbols are mostly used in eastern countries.

Feng shui's meaning is the way of wind and water. It is an ancient Chinese art of making buildings, objects, and places that have harmony. Feng shui was limited to China or eastern countries before, but is now being recognized throughout the world. Koi fish symbols are mostly used in feng shui art work as designs because they attract positivity and repel obstacles. The feng shui reason behind choosing the koi fish symbols is their meaning as it also attracts most of the people around them.

Dragon fish and gold fish are commonly used in feng shui. Each koi fish feng shui aquarium must consist of one, three, six, eight, and nine koi fish because each number has its own meaning. For example, the six number is associated with benefactor and mentor luck, while the nine number means a long lifespan that is smooth sailing. You have to ensure that a good space is provided for them to swim around in well-filtered fresh water. If you cannot handle the live koi fish, then you can keep feng shui koi fish paintings which have many elements such as koi fish with a lotus flower which give the meaning of positivity in times of challenge, as well as, transformation in life.

In people's lives, gold koi fish are associated with prosperity and wealth.

Yamabuki's Golden Koi Fish Symbolism

Yamabuki, or golden koi fish symbol meaning, is often associated with good wealth, prosperity, and gold.

As of now, you all must be well acquainted with the fact that each koi fish species has its own meaning. All of them mostly represent the meaning in a positive context. Most of the Japanese koi fish are very colorful and true species of their own kind. Gold koi fish are frequently represented by waterfalls, flower lotuses, and are frequently transformed into golden dragons which is a fortune symbol.

The legend gold koi fish tattoo is very much in the life force of people because you could win the lottery. However, if you own a gold koi fish, do not look for one that is too yellow in color. The yellow-colored koi fish may have red spots on their upper body. Although the symbol of the yellow koi fish also represents wealth, it is recommended to own a koi species which is more golden in color.

The Meanings Behind Different Colors Of Koi Tattoos

Each koi fish species has a different color along with its meaning. Each koi fish tattoo symbol is different with the small elements they are designed on the body.

You must have known the importance and meaning of koi fish, but have you ever wondered about a koi fish tattoo? This koi fish tattoo is engraved on the human body either in a golden dragon koi fish design or with a flower lotus symbol. It is so because a koi fish tattoo brings prosperity and positive outcomes if carved on the human body. It even might protect you from the evil eye of the people. A koi fish tattoo has significant meaning along with how it has been designed. A koi fish tattoo is a symbol of self expression.

Generally, a koi fish tattoo can be seen facing upwards or upstream. Koi fish are very adaptable to different climatic conditions, and similarly, a koi fish tattoo can also be seen on different parts of the bodies of humans. The meaning of a legend black koi fish tattoo is related to success, specifically overcoming the obstacles of depression, pain, and negativity. So, a black koi fish tattoo would mean strength. A black koi fish tattoo is also a symbol of a father figure.

Because of its red color, the koi fish tattoo means love. The meaning of love is not limited to the two partners but also in context to spreading love. A mother figure is represented by a legend red koi fish tattoo and an orange koi fish tattoo. The meaning of power and bravery is also associated with the red, pink, and orange koi fish tattoos. The blue koi fish tattoo is a sign of masculinity, and the meaning is also associated with reproduction. The blue koi fish also symbolizes the son. Along with the meaning of perseverance of this mutated carp species, the blue koi fish tattoo, including the white koi fish tattoo symbol means calmness, peace, and tranquility. The white-bodied koi fish with black spots is known as the Kohaku, which also represents the transformation of life.

A yellow koi fish tattoo is often associated with a gold koi fish whose symbol gives the meaning of wealth and prosperity. Yellow koi fish also has red spots on their head. The Japanese koi fish tattoo is also designed with other elements such as fire, water, two koi fish, i.e., yin-yang, and a lotus flower. With each symbol or element, the meanings of the koi fish species change. Such as the yin-yang koi fish, whose meaning is to bring balance in life. The meanings of yin and yang koi fish also differ. Sometimes it is referred to as female-male swimming together. If the yin-yang koi fish tattoo is made with the two fish swimming together in circular motion, then its meaning changes. It means that everything in life is interconnected.

If the Japanese koi fish tattoo is a dragon, then it symbolizes perseverance and keeping the strength to move upstream. It also signifies a great transformation. A lotus and A koi fish tattoo is often interrelated in context to their origin and growing into beautiful species of their own kind. A lotus flower grows in a dirty pond and still attracts people because of its beauty. Similarly, a Japanese koi fish transforms into a dragon by becoming more resilient by swimming in an upstream direction.

The Meaning Behind Which Direction The Koi Is Swimming

The meaning of koi fish swimming upstream and downstream almost has the same meaning but differs in context a little.

If the koi fish tattoo has any koi fish facing upstream, then its symbol gives the meaning that either the person is fighting with the obstacles and struggling hard to overcome challenges or has already overcome the challenges and has the strength to be resilient enough. While a koi fish tattoo with a koi fish facing downward symbol gives the meaning of either giving up or having already achieved the goals. They both symbolize perseverance through a great transformation into a dragon.

Koi Symbolism In Japan

Koi are of great reputation in Japan because of their symbolism, i.e., luck, prosperity, wealth, and good fortune.

The meaning of the Japanese koi fish differs, along with its name. Most of the koi fish swim upside down in the waterfall and are very resilient because they have gone through a big transformation in their lives by facing obstacles. The word 'koi' means 'carp' and was introduced to Japan through China. The Samurai warriors of Japan are often associated with Japanese koi fish. The meaning of koi fish varies depending on their color; for example, blue koi fish represent a son, while red-pink fish represent a daughter. The meaning is not limited to it and also has many other meanings. Kohaku, also known as the white koi fish, is a symbol of peace and calmness. At the same time, blue koi fish represent the same meaning as Kohaku. The lotus has great symbolism in Buddhism. The lotus is also a foot sign of Buddha.

Kohaku White And Red Koi Fish Meaning

The Kohaku is a white-bodied koi fish with black markings that also depicts the metamorphosis of life. The red, pink, and orange koi fish tattoos are also associated with the meanings of power and bravery.

The Japanese koi fish tattoo signifies because of its crimson reddish color. Love has a broad definition that includes not only the two partners but also the act of spreading love. A famous red koi fish tattoo and an orange koi fish tattoo signify a maternal figure. Calm, peace, and peacefulness are the meanings of the white koi fish tattoo symbol.

Koi Fish And The Golden Dragon Legend

The legendary koi fish and the golden dragon story are very popular in eastern countries.

It is believed that a school of koi fish was swimming upstream in the yellow river. A few of the species gave up against the current of water flow, while a few reached the top of the waterfall, but a local demon mocked them and made them jump off a waterfall. With many years of jumping and trying hard, a koi fish made it with the help of God. God observed their hardship and struggle. He transformed the koi fish into a golden dragon with lots of strength and power. The resilience of the koi fish swimming in the yellow river and making it to the top of the waterfall even after being mocked made them the best of their own kind.

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