What Does Lobster Taste Like? Why Do Some People Love Lobster?

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Lobster comes from the most popular cold-water crustaceans belonging to the Nephropidae family.

Lobsters are invertebrate arthropods, who possess a hard protective exoskeleton without any backbones. Lobsters are also called 'decapods' because of their 10 legs.

The word lobster has an uncertain origin. It is derived from the Latin word 'locusta', which means 'grasshopper, locust'. This makes some sense because the appearance of lobsters indeed resembles grasshoppers, right? A lobster is a cold water invertebrate, and they have a life span of about 50 years in the wild. Can you believe it? This yummy crustacean belonging to the family of shrimps and crabs can weigh more than 44 lb (20 kg). The colorful sight of a lobster swimming in any aquarium often catches a child's attention.

As you enjoy the delicacy of lobster, they might trigger you with loads of questions about the body structure, life-cycle, and various other exciting aspects of this brightly designed and unique aquatic arthropod. Understanding this cute tiny aquatic crustacean will satisfy a child's curiosity and boost their knowledge of such marine life. Scroll down to learn more important lobster facts for kids.

There are about 49 species of lobsters present in various oceans around the world. Out of the 49 species, 33 species of these crustaceans are used for commercial purposes. Although 200,000 tons of lobsters are caught every year by fisheries, lobster is still not on the list of endangered species. That's because a lobster is not a fish.

The truth is that lobsters are an entirely different species. We all know that fish are aquatic vertebrates, but lobsters are invertebrates, which lack backbones. Fish have tails and fins around their body, whereas a lobster's body comprises many pairs of legs. These legs are made up of various parts or sections covered in a hard outer shell, and so they are called shellfish. Another funny fact about lobsters is that they do not have brains because their nervous system is primitive.

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How can you tell if lobster is bad?

Let's dive in deeper to know what does lobster taste like? The flavor and taste of lobster meat and a lobster tail can be compared to a prawn or a crab.

Lobsters are one of the yummiest foods on the earth. It is also hazardous and poisonous to eat bad or rotten lobsters as it may result in dangerous health ailments. When lobsters are cooked, they are put in water, which is brought to a boil so that the meat gets cooked well. These steps are done before preparing lobster dishes. To find out if a lobster is good or bad depends on how well your lobster meat is cooked.

Uncooked or half-cooked lobsters last only for a few hours, while fully cooked meat can be preserved for 3-4 days in the refrigerator and several months if in a well-conditioned freezer. Frozen lobsters are also available almost everywhere. We have a few other methods to find out if frozen lobster is good to eat or not. If it gives a pungent odor or has a slimy-like texture, it's better to throw the lobster in the trash. When you take the lobster meat from the refrigerator after several days, if it still has the same stiff fresh flesh feel, then it is good to eat. On the other hand, if it has a cottage cheese feel, it is better to avoid it. How to tell if a lobster is spoiled or good entirely depends on the cooking of the meat.

What does lobster tail taste like?

Now that we know how to tell between good and bad lobster, let's find out which part of the lobster will appeal to our palate more and dive into some more details.

Lobsters have a reputation for being fancy and expensive food. You often see them in restaurants as part of surf and turf specials. Their tails are firm and taste like rich, cooked chicken when eaten. This flavor and texture come from the high amount of protein in their tails. Lobster meat easily soaks up lots of spices and flavors of the ingredients that it is cooked with. So if you cook them with garlic and butter, you will end up with a garlic-flavored, buttery, tasty lobster tail.

What does lobster bisque taste like?

A bisque is a creamy and tasty soup that highlights the flavor of the main ingredient.

The lobster texture is between shrimp and crab. Compared to a shrimp with high protein, it is not that chewy, whereas if you compare it to a crab, it is not as flaky. Lobster has a quality that melts inside your mouth. Lobster bisque soup usually has a creamy, sweet, and succulent taste. It will mostly taste like a lobster that's been cooked in butter and cream. On the other hand, if you use the shells of the lobsters in the cooking liquid, it will add a depth of lobster flavors to the final soup or sauce. Dishes that are prepared with tender fresh lobster or grilled lobsters in their shells will have a sweeter taste.

Stir Fried  lobster with cashew nuts and pineapple.

Shrimp That Tastes Like Lobster

Most of us have doubts about what lobster tastes like. Does lobster taste like crab or does it taste like shrimp? The answer is it’s neither! To further be able to describe the sweet flavor of lobster you should try it and decide for yourself. Lobster tails are considered to be the tastiest part of a lobster, which the taste of lobster depends on the method used for cooking.

You can serve lobsters baked and steamed, which will make warm and delicious sweet seafood. It can be added along with chicken and cheese in dishes like pasta. The steamed, grilled, or boiled lobsters will be a very light meal for many. This is because lobster dishes are rich in proteins. While preparing pasta, we can add fresh sweet corn or baked corn to the meal with some butter to add flavors to the shellfish. This shellfish tastes best if eaten hot or at least when warm. There are many delicious sides to go with lobsters. Some of the traditional ones are corn, light pasta, crusty bread, rice, and salads.

Whatever side dish you cook and serve with lobster, be sure to serve plenty of hot butter with it. Lobster, when dipped in butter, will be the most commonly enjoyed way to eat it. When you boil your lobster, the flavor and taste of the lobster will remain fresh. With tender steamed lobster, the flavor remains a bit juicy and sweet. Maine lobster has the sweetest meat in the lobster species. The reason for the sweetness of this Maine lobster is that it grows in fresh, clean, and cold water. When eating this fresh lobster from Maine, you will be able to taste the freshness.

What parts of a lobster can you eat?

The main parts served for a lobster dish are parts that contain edible meat. These are the tails and the claws, and they are the best tasting lobster meat because of the texture and rich flavor.

Grilled lobster tails are truly delicious when served with extra butter. In comparison to seafood like crab, cooked lobster meat is known as some of the best food. Cooking this seafood can take time because if the food is not well cooked, it can result in upset stomachs and digestion-related issues. The lobster shell cannot be eaten because it can break into pieces and cut your mouth and stomach. Claws are very hard and can be sharp. If their claws poke your tongue or cheeks or are swallowed, it will be pretty uncomfortable.

Is lobster supposed to taste fishy?

Just like any other shellfish, lobsters too can be defined as fishy. However, a fresh lobster that is well cooked will not have that fishiness like other fish dishes contain when you cook it. Lobsters should not taste like other common fish when it is boiled or grilled. Lobsters make one of the richest and tastiest meals in the world.

When you serve crab or lobster to people, it is imperative to make sure they don't have seafood allergies. They are exempt from having this dish as this dish may result in severe allergic reactions. Did you know that a monkfish tastes very similar to lobster, and it has the title of being called a poor man's lobster? Monkfish is a cheaper alternative to expensive lobster. The world of lobsters is definitely fascinating!

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