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What Is A Group Of Crocodiles Called? Fun Facts For Kids

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Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles that can be found on Earth.

How about a group? Crocodiles are known to have the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. Crocodiles do have some amazing body characteristics.

Ever heard of crocodile tears? Well, it is not a myth. Crocodiles do have tears in their eyes, but it is interesting to note that the tears are not from crying. Crocodiles do shed tears, which helps in clearing out their eyes and in lubricating their nictitating membrane. Even studies have found that crocodiles are highly related to dinosaurs and birds. Crocodiles do live a longer life. There are more amazing facts about crocodiles down below; make sure to check them out.

There are collective nouns for each of the groups of animals on Earth. Crocodiles tend to form teams. So, the basic question on any curious mind would be what is a group of crocodiles called? A group of crocodiles is called bask or float.

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What is a group of crocodiles on the land called?

As earlier stated, a group of crocodiles is either called a bask or a float.

This highly depends on the place where a crocodile is found. To call a group of crocodiles a 'bask', you must make sure that the group is of three or more and that it is on land. Crocodiles in water are called a float. Clearly, there are two nouns.

Types of Crocodile Group

Crocodiles, as you may guess, are not particularly social animals; they don't know how to be social. Crocodiles do not generally hang around in groups other than to hunt.

A crocodile is a cold-blooded animal, and there have been many different types of groups of crocodiles around the Earth. The crocodile group of Zimbabwe and the crocodile specialist group are the most well-known group types of crocodiles. Other groups of crocodiles are the vertebrate crocodile group and saltwater crocodile group. There have been efforts made to preserve many different species of crocodile gang, and they have names like gharials, caimans, and muggers.

 Australian crocodiles in Darwin.

Crocodile Group Behaviors

Crocodiles are aggressive animals and do not gather unless they want to hunt for food. Crocodile group behaviors show that crocodiles are more aggressive during the mating season. Males compete to get female crocodiles.

Though crocodiles are aggressive and search for food together, it is fascinating to take note of the fact that crocodiles do settle down for meals. Crocodiles calmly eat with each other. Both genders have brilliant night vision and it is used for hunting and to avoid any hassle while hunting. It means, quite literally, that they see it all.

Since crocodiles are cold-blooded animals, they hibernate under the ground when it gets too cold for them.

Finally, let's not forget the classic float. It is called a float as their bodies, on the upper surface of the water, look like a boat. If you have seen crocodiles, you can imagine what we describe.

Awesome Animal Group Names

Now, we might as well explore more about other animal groups and names since you should know by now what a group of crocodiles is called.

You must have heard of the term 'congregation'. Well, a group of alligators is known as a congregation. It is highly confusing for many people to judge whether a group is a crocodile group or an alligator group. Small crocodiles are named 'caimans' in English. Baby crocodiles are called hatchlings. A male crocodile is called a bull, while a female crocodile is called a cow. Interesting, is not it? There have been no specific names for a group of baby crocodiles. However, bay crocodiles are often known according to the type of crocodile group that the babies are born into. For example, a group of baby crocodiles is called hatchlings of saltwater crocodiles if the babies are born into the saltwater group.

Why not learn about leopards? A group of leopards is called a leap. The preferred food sources of a leap are anything and everything. Likewise, flock is a word used for various species, although birds are most well-known as flocks. However, there is also a flock or herd of sheep. Did you know clowder is what we use to indicate a group of cats? Also, we have the word clutter to call cats. Similarly, sloth is the word for the group of bears. It is rare that you find a group of bears, anyway. Now you know all about different groups of animals.

Are crocodiles and alligators the same species?

The most widely confusing thing about these big animals is whether crocodiles or alligators are the same. Crocodiles and alligators are indeed different animals.

The two different species do have some great distinguishable factors. For example, one can find a crocodile having a U-shaped mouth while alligators have a V-shaped mouth. It is quite fascinating to note that crocodiles tend to show teeth in the upper teeth area even when their mouth is closed. This is not the case with the alligators. These can be the easiest distinguishable factors for crocodiles.

Crocodiles are surely amazing animals to know about. There have been many hidden facts about crocodiles that will surely be amusing to hear. Such a fact is that crocodiles can survive without eating for days. In the end, the species variation of crocodiles is huge and it is all thanks to several people who have helped to preserve different species (23 species till now) in different parts of the world.

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