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What Is Nougat? Explore Curious Facts About Your Candy Bar Ingredients

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Modern sweet comes in various forms.

Nougat was first made in the 15th century. Now has again regained its popularity.

Nougat comes from Spain. It then went to France and slowly migrated its way to the rest of the world. The most basic and common nougat is the white nougat or the Persian nougat which is made using egg whites, sugar, and dried fruit with corn syrup, and the second, least common one is brown nougat, which does not use egg whites in its preparation. But brown nougat is a type of nougat used in commercial preparation.

Spanish nougat follows the recipe with toasted nuts like almonds. Italian nougat which is called Turenne has a vanilla flavoring. Venetia produces nougat using brown sugar in its preparation. It is also called Cologna Veneta. It has a harder texture due to the presence of brown sugar and a difference in the recipe. Vietnamese nougat is a popular nougat that uses chocolate mass in it. It uses hazelnuts and cocoa nuts in its preparation. It is a bit harder than a normal soft nougat you might be expecting. The nougat is placed between two sheets of rice paper. It is a very popular type of dessert. Making candy is a nightmare for many people. Normal people attempting to make nougat often have less success in completing the recipe. There are many recipes on the internet. Making nougat requires a lot of precision and accuracy. Any mistake can harden the nougat, and instead of its signature gooey texture, it becomes hardened due to the solidifying of sugar. Many candies and chocolate companies have their nougat made in machines in factories. The proportion of each and every ingredient is important.

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What is nougat made of?

Nougat is made of a variety of ingredients and has either a fluffy texture or a firm texture depending on the varying ingredients.

Basically made of egg whites, corn syrup, sugar, honey, and dried fruit such as nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, white nougat has a soft, chewy texture and sweet taste. It is often used as a filling in candies or chocolate bars. It can also be eaten on its own if you don't mind the gooey texture in your mouth.

People also add fruits on top of nougat-related candy too. Those can be tropical fruits such as bananas, apples, dragon fruits, and kiwis. They make the simple nougat look more appealing, and it tastes delicious. Vanilla is also added to recipes. Candy bars with the fillings of brown nougat are becoming extremely popular as compared to white nougat filling.

Home-made nougat usually has a shorter shelf life. Without the use of preservatives, it becomes hard to maintain the freshness and consistency of the nougat constant.

What is nougat in candy?

Whatever the recipe, nothing beats a candy bar.

Nougat appears more commonly than you think in candy or a chocolate bar. Many popular bars such as Reese's, Milkyway, Twix, Snickers, and more contain dried fruit nougat or plain nougat as their filling. The sugar is boiled and added to a whipped mixture of egg whites, before adding some dry fruits of your choice. The recipe for making nougat is not as easy as it may seem. The ingredients are cooked at a specific temperature separately and then mixed in the raw whipped egg white texture. Then the mixture is stored in a cool place for two to three weeks so that it settles down completely. A popular nougat is a Roman nougat made by Russel Stover. Its recipe consists of chocolate and almonds.

A pile of nougat squares on a wooden board

Is nougat healthy to eat?

Anything sugary is not the best for your health.

Nougat is the same - eating large amounts of it is really not a good idea if you are conscious about your health. But, as modern fast-paced life goes, you can find substitutes for sugar. Honey is an excellent substitute and is a very healthy option. Instead of using boiled sugar syrup, using honey can give nougat the same texture which is sticky and a taste that is sweet. Artificial sweeteners such as stevia, are also popular nowadays for making nougat a healthy option. But compared to their counterparts, such as Smarties, gummy bears, and Pop-Tarts, which are ranked as the most unhealthy candy in the world, nougat does have some nutritional factors to it due to eggs and nuts.

Why is it called nougat?

Nougat is a centuries-old dish. Some say its origins have been traced back to Central Asia and Greece. Countries like Persia, Syria, and Iran used to make these, and then the recipe was borrowed by France, Roman, and Spain.

The word nougat which is a French word comes from the Old Latin word nougat. Nougat meant nut cake. Since many dried fruits and nuts are used in the preparation, it made sense to call it a nut cake in those times.

There are three main types of nougats:

White Nougat: It is a traditionally made nougat, made of egg whites, roasted nuts, sugar, and honey.

Brown Nougat: It is also a popular creation of nougat. It is seen in many candies such as Toblerone, Snickers, Mars, and Reeses. It is made with caramelized sugar, instead of sugar boiling up to 248 F (120 C) in temperature. Hence, the brown color. It follows the usual recipe of white nougat.

German Nougat: It is a praline made of chocolate and nut. The usual nut used is hazelnut.

Turrone: This is a popular dessert around Christmas time. Particularly in European countries, like Spain and Italy. It is called Turrón in Spain and usually looks like a white slab of chewy, candied nuts. It is commonly made with almonds.

Many countries in Europe take credit for their different type of mixed recipes. Middle Eastern nougat contains pistachios or almonds, as those are the nuts that are consumed widely around that area, and are also easily available.

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