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Where Did God Come From? Know The Truth About God's Existence

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Have you ever wondered where God comes from?

In the Christina Bible, it is believed that God created the universe and nature. In other religions, it is also believed that God created the universe.

Some religions worship specific gods (theists) while other religions believe in the idea of several heavenly beings looking after them (polytheists). Irrespective of their beliefs, each of them sees God as a supreme being, someone who exists all around the world and even across the universe. As well as this, there is another group of people, known as atheists, who do not believe in the presence of God at all.

Not all monotheists call God the same name. For different religions and cultures, there are different sets of beliefs, and each has its unique way of expression. For example in the Christian faith, people pray to three entities, the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit, believing that the same God exists within all of them.

There is an Old and a New Testament in Christianity. The Old Testament was developed in Hebrew around 1200-165 BC. The New Testament was formed by Christians in the first century AD. The New Testament though doesn't really focus on the concept of the Trinity. The Old Testament talks a lot about making sacrifices and the New Testament describes how the coming of Jesus wiped all sins, removing the need for sacrifices to be made, as well as many other topics.

In the religion of Islam, people follow prophets who spread the message of a single supreme leader, Allah. Followers of Isalm are called Muslims and their greatest prophet is known as Muhammad.

Another religion with a belief in God is Hinduism. In Hinduism, although several deities are praised, the monotheistic belief is that Bramha is the sole creator of the universe. Brahma also includes Vishnu and Shiva. The three are together seen as the ultimate power which led to the creation of the universe.

As you can see, there are different beliefs across the world. For many people, believing in a supreme power gives them hope and helps them to endure difficult times. After you have read this article and discovered the answer to the question, where did God come from? Why not keep reading and learn more? Find out the answer to what is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the Bible and read plenty more Bible facts here at Kidadl.

Who invented God?

The first name given to God around the sixth century was a German word put forward in Christianity as ‘Codex Argenteus’. The English word for God was also generated from German literature, ‘Gudan’. The word ‘God’ which we use now is believed to have come from a European tradition. This word is not mentioned in the earliest Jeodochristian, Hebrew, or even Greek literature and manuscripts. There are many lines of thought that exist in modern times and different researchers have come up with different concepts about the origins of God over the centuries. Evidence from the Old Testament suggests that there was more than one supreme leader. However, later the belief in a single creator and protector who is infinite gained momentum.

According to St. Anselm (11th century), God is self-existent. This means that the existence of God is not dependent on anything. Most things in the universe are interdependent. For example, something is known to be good only if something bad exists. Or, trees exist because there is water and humans exist because there is food and water. Since the existence of God is not dependent on such factors, it is regarded that he is self-existent.

According to the Bible, God came from a place called Teman (East). God’s fatherhood can be read in the Old as well as the New Testaments. According to these Biblical explanations, God was not created by anyone. He has always been a part of nature and our surroundings. The Bible states that he existed before us and will continue to exist long after we are gone. They also state that Jesus was a heavenly being, created to do God’s work on Earth.

How old is God?

It is difficult to state the exact age of God, which is not really known. Some say God is about 7000 years old. But as you have read, the Christian Bible believes that God is eternal and existed long before the formation of the world as we know. It is believed that he created the universe, and since all his creations known to us are within this universe, there is no solid data to measure or understand God’s age. As per the Christian Bible, God has always been there. It is believed by Christians that, when Jesus was brought back to life, God gave the gift of immortality, so it can be regarded that God himself is an immortal being. He is believed to be ever-present. Unlike humans who grow old and cease to exist, Christians believe that God is always around each of us.

In order to give us an understanding of his true nature, it is believed by some that God came to Earth in human form as Jesus. This is a belief held within the Christian faith. Christians believe that all things that are born must die, but God, however, has always been there and will continue to exist. He cannot die. This essentially means that he was never born, and he is immortal. In Christianity God is an ever-existing eternal entity. He does not have parents and he exists in the faith and thoughts of his creations. He looks after all his children whether they are babies, parents or grandparents.

The concept of not having a mother or a father and not being born might be difficult to understand because it is not something tangible we can see. Unlike human beings who change with time and have different thoughts, Christians believe that God remains constant. He does not change and therefore, for many people having faith in someone who never changes brings about feelings of hope.

God is believed to be eternal and infinite, who has been there since the beginning of time.

What is God’s real name?

Over the years, God has come to be known by several different names across the world. In Israel, God has been addressed by a variety of names over the ages. These included Yahwe, Adonai, Elohim, Shaddai, and Tzevaot, after which the latter name began to spread through Latin regions. A widely held belief across Christianity is that the real name of God was comprised of four letters, YHWH.

Many different names are used to denote God in different religions. For example, he may be called Allah, Bhagwaan, the Almighty, or the Great Spirit. When searching for the oldest religion, Hinduism comes into the limelight. It is considered the oldest religion in the entire world and it is said to have started over 4000 years ago. Even though Hinduism is the oldest religion, it is not where the oldest God is believed to be from. Evidence suggests that the divine power that is considered the oldest comes from Egyptian Atenism. The name used at this time was Aten.

When was God born in the Bible?

Scholars have carefully studied the Old and New Testaments and recorded the origin of Christianity and the beginning of God in the Bible. On the basis of Herod, it was concluded that religious belief began somewhere between the sixth century BC and fourth century BC. However, the exact date of God’s existence cannot be determined. Some followers of the Christian faith believe that this date is the same as the birth of Jesus. However, there have been arguments against this notion.

It is believed the first angel who was sent to Earth by God was the archangel Gabriel. He was sent to Nazareth, to visit a woman named Mary. This is when Mary was gifted by the angel to bring Jesus into this world. He was born in Bethlehem. He was called Jesus in his early years and later came to be popularly known as Jesus Christ. He was named Christ because in Hebrew it means ‘Messiah’ or 'Savior'. His earthly father was Joseph. There is not much evidence of his childhood or career life, but Christians rely on the Bible for much of the information surrounding him. Upon his arrival at Jerusalem, people began to follow him which later led to the development of the religion of Christianity.

Among many people, it is believed that God is the most powerful being. He is seen as the ultimate form of natural power. It is not possible to estimate the amount of power he possesses or where this power originated from. But irrespective of this fact, there is a belief among many that this creator of the universe and all of life is undoubtedly the most powerful. Many followers believe that since God is eternal, he has always had his powers, and therefore there is no question of him getting or receiving these powers. Another set of beliefs view God as having power over heaven, earth, the seas, and the mountains, which respect and honor him. Understanding the power of the Lord is seen by many as beyond our knowledge as humans.

Having faith in a supreme being goes a long way for many people. Believing that God is everywhere around us and within us, having faith in him for many also means having faith in yourself. Developing faith in yourself and your own abilities is an important aspect of life. For some people, faith in God helps provide hope when everything seems lost. It can assure people that they are not alone and sometimes help people move ahead in their lives. Believing in a supreme power offers peace and strength to many individuals around the world.

Whilst some believe that God is all around us and within us, guiding us and assisting us in our journey throughout life on earth and into the afterlife, debates over whether God exists and the source of his power have been going on for years and are likely to continue well into the future.

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