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Why Do Dogs Get Hiccups And What To Do When They Have It

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One of the most common reasons why dogs get hiccups is that they are eating or drinking too quickly.

A dog that has hiccups is quite an adorable sight. There is no fixed age at which it is common for dogs to experience hiccupping episodes.

Overexcitement in puppies could be one reason why hiccups occur in dogs. A puppy with hiccups can seem very cute. For a puppy, hiccupping after lunch and dinner or while sleeping can be a frequent event. Although it is very common and pretty adorable, it is usually short-lived. Some people believe that this phenomenon cannot be seen in adult dogs, but in actual fact, even adult dogs can get the hiccups quite frequently.

Hiccups in dogs are very much the same as those in humans and, just like with people, they don't last for long before they slow down and are very normal. Hiccups are a natural phenomenon in a dog's life and may be a post excitement reaction in your pet. Hiccups in dogs, especially in puppies, make a hilarious 'hic' sound that can sometimes scare the dog itself. Although there are many reasons why your dog hiccups when it is awake, if your dog has the hiccups while sleeping, body conditions are usually the reason behind them.

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How To Get Rid Of Hiccups In Dogs

Just like in humans, hiccups are common in puppies and dogs. Dog owners can rest assured that there is usually nothing abnormal happening and hiccups are generally not a sign of something serious. Sometimes they can just be cute. They are a natural process which occurs due to air movement. However, you cannot do much to stop them and most of the time you will just have to wait until they end.

Having said that, there are a few things that might lessen the intensity of hiccups. One very easy way to reduce a dog's hiccups is by making them more relaxed. You could put your dog in a comfortable position and pet it gently until you feel that it has calmed itself down. After relaxation, its hiccups should eventually end. Eating and drinking too fast is another common cause of hiccups. Therefore, it is helpful to decrease the speed at which your dog is eating food or drinking water. There are specially designed dishes which can slow down a dog's eating by only allowing it to have one chunk of food at a time. You may also need to ensure that your dog's vaccine sessions are up to date because hiccups can occasionally occur as a symptom of bad health. In these extreme cases, there is cause for concern; your dog may need urgent attention. However, you shouldn't need to take your pet dog to a vet if there doesn't seem to be serious problems when they get the hiccups.

Why do dogs get hiccups when sleeping?

Just like humans, dogs can also have dreams when they are asleep. These dreams trigger their senses and sometimes they don't know how to control all of the excitement which they feel around them. This disturbs their regular breathing patterns and may cause a dog to get hiccups. Your dog might also experience diaphragm spasms during its sleep, which is usually because of excessive fatigue and stress. While dreaming in the REM stage, a dog breathes more heavily and moves around more, which in turn irritates the diaphragm and causes the dog's hiccups.

Almost every dog and puppy will have hiccupping sessions. Occasionally, these hiccups may be a serious sign of health problems or stress related to a dog's lungs and respiratory process. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to your dog's breathing. Offering your pet a ball or noisy toy is usually enough to help get it breathing properly again. Giving your pet water can also help; however, you should not give your dog or puppy any food or treats. Feeding, in this situation, could cause your dog to choke. Another alternative is to massage or touch your dog's chest to help your pet relax its diaphragm.

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What does it mean when dogs get hiccups?

It does not necessarily mean something every single time that your dog gets the hiccups.

Hiccups are involuntary contractions of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is like a dome-shaped organ in the body that separates the chest from the abdomen. It is involved in respiration. A diaphragm contracts when we breathe in and expands when we breathe out. This is the same process that dogs use when breathing. Most of the time, this movement is very smooth and regular, but, whenever your pet experiences a sudden muscle spasm, it can cause hiccups. A bout of hiccups in a puppy works the same way and is usually nothing to worry about. These hiccups will go away in a short time. Sometimes, even if your dog is making a 'hic' sound, it may not actually be hiccupping. It is very common for people to confuse reverse sneezes with hiccups in dogs. Reverse sneezes are when a dog rapidly sucks in a lot of air through its nose .

Is it normal for dogs to get hiccups?

It is very normal for any dog to get the hiccups, especially if it's a small new-born puppy.

Hiccups are as normal as breathing and, because it's a completely natural process, there is usually nothing to worry about. After a short time, the hiccups should slow down and go away. These episodes do not tend to last long and your dog should soon get over them without any harm. The cause of these hiccups is simply the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm. You shouldn't need to search for any medicines or go to the vet as they are not normally a serious concern and occur in every dog.

For a dog, getting hiccups is not typically painful, although they can be surprising. However, a long series of hiccups might result in some pain in your puppy's chest. If you feel that it's been hours and the hiccups haven't completely stopped, or you realize that the sound of these hiccups is changing into more of a wheezing noise, you should immediately take your dog to the vet or call them for a check-up. Feeding at these times is also not recommended. There is no need to assume that all hiccups are a result of a breathing problem, but, when there is a sudden change in the breathing pattern or sneezing pattern of your dog, there might be an issue. Your dog won't be able to exercise much and they won't be interested in training during these issues because their breathing is effected. Dog hiccups can also be a symptom of an eating problem, but this is also very common in a dog's life. There is no need to search for cures or change your puppy's food as this is not necessarily a way to decrease hiccups in dogs.

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