Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys? Your Pup's Obsession Explained

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Out of so many toys that are available in a pet store, squeaky toys are quite famous and almost all dogs love them.

The desire to play is one of the many retained behaviors in domesticated dog breeds. There are pros and cons of this behavior.

The answer to this question is quite simple, like all the other behaviors of dogs. These toys get the instant attention of your dogs, and high-energy dogs love squeaky toys. There are a variety of squeaky toys, and preference changes from one dog to another. You sometimes wonder what's so appealing in these toys; do dogs enjoy biting them? Maybe they like the sounds they make when they bite? Dogs might even carry the toy around with them everywhere for a long time. Of course, this is an instinctual behavior and is the prey drive that has been retained by canines from their ancestral wolves. It resembles an act of hunting and catching prey and holding onto it till it squeals. Let's look at some more facts about dogs and squeaky toys.

When dogs play with a squeaky toy, it is quite fun or sometimes annoying to watch as your dog happily throws the toy up and down. There are some tricks and tips to let your dog play with a toy. Some dog breeds like to chew on tennis balls, plush toys, or frisbees, whereas others like to chew on harder toys and other groups of dogs prefer these squeaky toys. Due to their hunting instincts, they always respond to the high-pitched squeak as the sound reminds them of a frightened or injured animal.

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Are squeaky toys good for dogs?

Yes, squeaky toys are good for dogs. Make sure to monitor your dog when he is playing with a squeaky toy. It is also necessary to constantly check for any tears or rips on your dog's squeaky toy after playtime. Make sure to throw out any damaged toys as they can cause potential damage to your dog.

When a dog plays with a squeaking rubber toy, the toy usually resembles a prey animal. This is the simple theory of the cause and effect mechanism. The squeaker toy produces sound when your dog bites it, which activates the brain's reward center and the dog feels satisfied and encouraged to keep playing. There has long been a debate about change in the biting tendencies of dogs due to squeaker toys. It is said that the dogs will bite more if they play around with squeakers. However, this claim has been disapproved because if a pup does bite its owner, the owner will react to it. The biting habit is never encouraged from a young age when your pup undergoes training. They can surely have some fun with their squeakers by letting their instinct or prey drive take control. However, there is a limit to this. There are some cons to playing with and chewing these squeaking toys.

Playing over time can also lead to ingestion. Swallowing the squeaky toys' plastic, stuffing, or any other material from the toy can be hazardous. Some pros of the squeaky toy are: it promotes exercise for better health, improves the behavioral instinct of a dog, the bond of a pet and owner is strengthened, and it improves your dog's dental health.

The high-pitched noise produced by these toys is similar to sounds produced by prey.

Do dogs think squeaky toys are alive?

Yes, a dog does think that the squeaker is alive.

A dog plays with squeaker toys as they are highly attracted to the noise produced by the toy and also prefer varying materials. The instinct of a dog tells him to hunt small, squishy animals and this toy resembles prey. The dog will catch hold of the toy and the noise produced by these toys is associated with the squeak of an injured animal. As the sound dies down, to a dog, it feels like they are killing prey. Many trainers will advise you against buying a squeaky toy for your pet as it stimulates aggressive behavior, even towards a human. The squeaky toy can also trigger hyperactivity which can cause destructive behavior such as tearing up the toy. This behavior can make your dog aggressive towards children or other small animals which can also impact the dog's social life.

Why might your dog cry when they play with squeaky toys?

Your dog might be crying to get more of your attention, trying to emotionally manipulate its owners, or it may be anxious about its toy being taken away. You can also consult a vet if you are concerned about such behavior and encourage your dog to play with some other non-squeaky toys.

As dogs evolved from their ancestral wolves, breaking away from certain behaviors caused some consequences in the traits of dogs; mainly miscommunication. Dogs have been observing and evolving alongside humans so, they have learned to understand human behavior. A study in 2015 indicates that dogs are capable of imitating or mirroring human behaviors. Similar to how humans study the movements of birds by bird watching, dogs watch humans to understand our actions. Dogs always seek out a way to communicate with humans. After playing with a squeaker your dog whines or cries to manifest a hereditary response, to manipulate the owner's actions, and to exhibit possessiveness, as well as many other reasons.

What are some other toys that dogs love and why?

There are many other toys that your pet might love like rope toys, plush toys, food dispensing toys, floating toys, and puzzles. You can introduce them to a few toys when they are young to get your dog associating them with playtime.

Not all dogs love squeaky toys. Other toys except for squeakers that dogs love are retrieving toys, balls, rope toys, plush toys with stuffing, food dispensing toys, floating toys, puzzles, and interactive toys. Chewing is their natural instinct and providing them with various options means they can release their energy. A dog selects his toy based on the ease of chewing and playing. Any dog loves to play fetch and ball toys can help you with this but there are also balls with squeakers in them. Make sure to pick a large-sized ball to avoid ingestion. Ball toys are not the only retrieving toys; a disc or frisbee also works well. You might have seen some dogs carrying around their favorite toy such as a spiky ball as they are squeezable, bouncy, the spikes on the ball massages the dog's gums, and it also floats in water, making it great for fun any time and anywhere!

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