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Why Do Flies Like Poop? Here Are The Disgusting Reasons

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Unlike human beings, poop smells good to flies and it has great nutritional value for them.

Flies feed on fresh poop and moist garbage. Some, like stable flies, even lay their eggs in cat poop, which serves as a perfect breeding ground for them.

Have you ever witnessed flies sitting on poop? You must have felt disgusted when a fly lands on poop or flies around it. Flies like to fly around feces, garbage, rotting animals, decaying organic matter, and other gross stuff. The germs attach to their legs and are transmitted to the surface where flies sit. Have you ever wondered why they are attracted to smelly things like feces? Flies are completely different than humans. Poop smells extremely delicious to flies. This is because they feed on it. It also contains various substances like bacteria (dead and alive), fats, proteins, fiber cellulose, and minerals that are nutritious for flies. Poop also serves as a safe place for flies, like stable flies and house flies, to lay their eggs. The larvae get their food from poop only. You may wonder if flies are attracted to their own poop. Well, the answer is no. Flies are not attracted to their own poop but that of larger organisms like humans, cats, dogs, birds, and other larger vertebrates.

Do you know why our parents always tell us to wash food items? House flies are the reason. Since they quite often sit on poop, garbage, decaying organic matter, rotting animals, and various other gross places, this species brings in a lot of bacteria and viruses. All flies, especially house flies, poop every time they land on food. Sometimes they even vomit if they think the surface is their food.

Did you know that due to incredible reaction times, it is impossible to swat a fly? Read more about insects in why do flies rub their hands together and why do fireflies glow?

Why do flies like dog poop?

Flies land on all kinds of poop and garbage. Do they like dog poop? The answer is yes, as they are attracted to dog poop. They find its smell delicious and feed on it.

House flies feed on moist organic substances and decaying material like dead organisms. Dog poop contains all kinds of nutrition for flies, and that is why they are attracted to it. It may have fats, living and dead bacteria, carbohydrates, minerals, and various other substances that may provide nutrition to flies. Female flies also lay their eggs on fresh feces. It is a safe breeding ground for them. When these eggs hatch and become larvae, they feed on poop and extract nutrition from it.

Why do flies sit on poop?

You must have witnessed flies swarming around poop, rotting animals, decaying material, and garbage. Poop is a source of food and is their breeding ground.

Feces of organisms like dogs, cats, humans, birds, and other large animals contain a huge amount of bacteria, fiber, proteins, cellulose, fats, and minerals. Flies vomit enzymes onto poop that break down its substances and they then drink the material. Female flies also consider it safer to lay their eggs in poop. The larvae of flies extract their nutrition from feces.

Flies are known for feeding on open wounds in humans and animals.

Why do flies like bird poop?

Some flies like to feed and breed on animal poop, but some of them are attracted to bird feces. This species does not have the required mouthparts to eat solid food and instead uses a part called a proboscis to drink their meal as a liquid.

House flies extract all sorts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibers, acids, and other substances that hold nutritional value to them from poop. When flies sit on bird poop, this species will break down the substances by throwing up enzymes on the bird poop and, after the breakdown is completed, slurping it up. They use nutrients from any filthy site for their growth.

Why do flies like smelly things?

The things we find smelly may be attractive to other organisms, such as a housefly. Flies find bad-smelling things like poop and garbage delicious. They even feed on it.

Decaying material and rotting animals also attract flies. This is because the materials provide food and nutrition. Since flies cannot chew, they slurp the liquid. They only feed on soft and moist material. Fresh poop, decaying organic matter, rotting animals, and garbage are soft and moist. They are rich in fats, fibers, proteins, cellulose, carbohydrates, and other minerals. Flies can extract all the nutrition from them that they need for growth. It also serves as a perfect breeding ground. Female flies usually lay their eggs in poop and garbage. When eggs hatch and larvae come out, they also feed on poop and garbage to grow into pupae. The pupae ultimately grow into adult flies.

Did you know that flies like to lay eggs in cat poop? Yuck! This is the reason that house flies are extremely harmful. Scientists have ascertained that a housefly can bring in dangerous viruses and bacteria which may cause digestive diseases like typhoid, flu, cholera, E.coli, dysentery, food poisoning, tuberculosis, and others. So, it definitely becomes extremely important to get rid of them for good digestive health.

You could use cinnamon to repel flies since these insects hate this smell. You can also spray essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus to keep a house fly away. You can use herbs like basil, marigold, bay leaves, and catnip too. You can also use insect repellent spray in areas like trash bins, animal poop, dung, compost, and places where there are most flies, as they eat such solid foods for nutrients. You can make insect repellant for a housefly at home, too. All you need to do is mix water and cayenne pepper and spray it around the house to get rid of this pest. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. If you have pets like dogs and cats, it is advisable to dispose of their feces properly and clean the area.

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