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Why Do I Love My Dog So Much? Man's Best Friend Explained

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Dogs are not only man's best friend but a better companion for many.

Once you become a dog's owner, it’s hard to go back to a life without this cute animal, no matter how many years ago you became a pet parent. You will love this fluffy animal with all your heart.

Dogs are the number one choice for those looking for a pet. Hence their nickname of man’s best friend. You hear dog owners say 'I love my dog so much, it scares me.' This cute little canine charms its way into our lives just with its adorable gaze without ever speaking a word in any language.

Unlike cats, dogs are extremely social animals and like to play with their humans. They love to be around people and learn how to interact with them. Dogs can make people feel more secure and loved. They play the role of savior, friend, protector, and helper. Since time immemorial, dogs and humans have developed a bond worth cherishing. A dog's default instinct is to protect its human, which is the same as the human's desire to offer all the love to this furry family member.

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Is it normal to love your dog more than humans?

Do you ask yourself why do I love my dog so much? Don’t worry, it’s not unhealthy to love your dog more than humans. I mean how can you not? Look at them. Their adorable eyes and wagging tails are too irresistible to move past the world's cutest little companion.

There is a scientific explanation to describe the deep bond between dogs and humans. Animal behaviorist Takefumi Kikusui found that just by looking into your dog's eyes, the level of oxytocin, a feel-good chemical, increases in the human body.

The bond between the owner and dog is almost similar to that of the parent-infant bond among humans. So it is not even a little bit surprising if you love your dog more than people in some instances. Dogs become more like family and not just pets. Dogs are your first ‘fur babies’ not ‘pet animals’. This description difference is more than enough to understand why individuals feel more affection towards their fluffy pets.

For most people, dogs are their constant companion; someone to share their worries and sadness with. Dogs can connect with people when they are sad and provide warmth for them. The fluffy little cuddles from your furry friends ease any sadness that comes into your lives. The connection that people feel towards their canine companions is similar to maternal love. The responsibility of caring for your pet invokes a maternal affection towards them. It's normal and natural to love them a great amount.

Do dogs feel love when you kiss them?

Kisses are a form of affection. We kiss as a means to show affection. The way dogs show affection is different from this. It may happen that when they are young, they are unable to associate kisses with affection. But after a while, they associate kissing as a sign of being happy. The thought of making you happy makes them feel happy and loved. So it is safe to say that your dog feels loved when you kiss them. They see it as a good sign, showcasing that their owners are happy with them, which is what matters the most.

If you accompany your kisses with a gentle conversation, it makes it easier for the dog to understand your emotions. They could associate the gentleness in your voice as a positive sign. Your kisses are reciprocated by the dogs in their doggy way of showing affection. This may include wagging their tail, head tilting, nuzzling your neck, licking your face and hands, or running around all excited when going for walks. Licking is the closest form of kissing for your dog. The way they behave indicates how much they liked the kisses, even if they don’t know what it means.

Young pups are more confused when kissed for the first time. They don’t know how to relate this behavior to their owners. But as time passes, your dogs get an understanding that kisses are a good thing and they will respond to it. Dogs communicate very differently from people. Still, they can express their happiness and love in ways that we would understand. We are aware of the positive signs in the body language of dogs just as they are aware of ours too.

Dog's behavior can make it friends with the entire human family and become a family member.

Can you love dogs too much?

Too much of anything is bad. There should always be a balance in what you do. You'd think that too much love is good; but, in reality, too much love leads to spoiling. You can love them too much to the point that it’s bad for you and your dog. Before you decide to suffocate your pet with too much love, think again.

Spoiling your dog too much means that anything bad they do is ignored and not given the proper attention it requires. Your dog doesn’t know what’s good and bad. You must give them proper guidance on how to live properly with people. If you reward bad behavior with silence, your dog will take it as a cue to continue it in the future. But if you discourage them from something, they will stop doing it in the future.

You should set boundaries for your pet to live together in harmony. If you love them too much and end up spoiling them, with time your dog will become more demanding and aggressive. Loving your dog doesn’t mean letting them do whatever they want. You can develop a healthy relationship with your dog with good boundaries. Discourage the bad behavior in dogs and encourage them when they do something good. A clear balance is needed when it comes to loving your dog.

Signs Of Smothering Your Dog

How can we understand if we are smothering our dog to the point that is not healthy for both parties? If your dog is suffocated in your love, their physical and mental health will start depleting. You must check your behavior towards your dog and their response to your actions. If you find your pet trying to run away from you, it is important to reexamine your actions.

There should be a clear understanding between loving your dog and smothering them. You don’t want to be the person who makes your dog's life miserable. If you notice that you do the actions that are considered smothering for your dog, stop such behavior immediately. Your dog is not a human who could tell you to stop doing something. It’s better if you are aware of it and reign it in.

It’s possible that you are too obsessed with your pet dog. How can you blame yourself when dogs are so adorable? However, it is also unhealthy to suffocate your furry companion. If you find yourself dragging them wherever you go, it’s a bad sign. Your dogs can experience separation anxiety, it is normal. What is not normal is taking them with you wherever you are without any healthy distance. Distance only makes love grow stronger. Maintain a healthy distance between your furry friends to save yourself from future trouble.

Also, if you constantly make them move by playing with them or training them, your dogs will be exhausted. Dogs need stimulation, as it keeps them healthy. But too much activity prevents them from taking any rest to relax. In the same way, not doing any activity makes them obese and lazy. There needs to be a clear balance between the stimulation that they get.

Your dog will have certain instincts. Whether it’s to roll over and hang their tongue, there are some basic instincts they need to go through with. If you prevent your dog from following its instincts, it is bound to end in a bad way.

Let your dog be a dog and don't try to control them all the time. There is no need for you to overcompensate when you fall short of doing things for your dog. They are called a man’s best friend because they love and protect us with no judgments. You won’t ever find your dog complaining when you fall short sometimes.

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