Why Do People Get Baptized? Important Ceremonies Explained For Kids

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The moment we enter the baptism’s water, we proclaim the message of the gospel.

Baptism is a holy process of resurrection and believers all over the world celebrate it with Christ's teachings and god's faith leaving the body of sins and wrong acts behind to get raised again. God's holy spirit blesses us when we baptize ourselves.

After getting baptized, the person becomes a member of the church and enjoys the community of the church, shares the gifts and skills with other members, responds to the teaching in name of the father or the name of Jesus Christ. Baptism is like a way to provide one common foundation to all Christians who have faith in Jesus, to those also who are not yet included with the Catholic Church. The Bible tells us to make disciples get baptized. The church also recognizes a validity in many Christian churches until the religious rite involves the pouring of water, an intention to get baptized, and the Trinitarian formula. It is believed that the person who has got baptized saved himself/herself by the faith in Jesus Christ and the Baptism. And later now, they can call themselves Christians and be accepted as loyal followers of Jesus. Christian nations baptizing procedure can be a little different from others. The Church fathers and the new testament of the second century have made clear that this gift of salvation belongs to children. The individuals being baptized could be dressed in white. According to the Matthew 28 of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus Christ has risen and this also describes the first actions of the first witness. Peter also reiterated this because baptism is like an act to appeal to be the son of God for a good conscience. In Romans six, Paul has put this in this way that when we get baptized and submerged underwater, we get buried with Jesus Christ into death in order.

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What is the importance of baptism?

Baptism is a holy process of beginning a new journey of faith and new life with the name of the father or the name of Jesus Christ. It’s like our foundation to a new life and hence very important.

After getting baptized, God helps us in many invisible ways and we can’t even understand them. Christians believe that after this, God claims to us and walks with us in the path of our new life. All of our sins get forgiven by baptism. We repent and be baptized. All personal sins, original sins, and temporal punishment because of sins get removed. You get reborn and after this, nothing left can prohibit your entry into the kingdom of God. But even after the removal of all sins, the effect of the original sin remains and the inclination to that is called concupiscence. We get a new life as an adopted child of God and become members of the divine life and the temple of that holy spirit. There are three prime importance as well of baptism which are, faith-undergoing baptism, an individual declares their faith in the religion. They can channel strength from their faith, identity as a Christian. The process of Baptism marks an individual as a Christian and administers them into the religion. This is an important identity for a person. Sign of purity-baptism is also a process that signifies deliverance from negatives and a sign of following a pure path. The process can motivate people to be positive and responsible individuals. The baptism of babies is also very important among all the big children of the family.

How is baptism performed?

Baptism is like a sacrament to the admission to Christianity. Various rituals of Christianity vary from different churches, but the process of baptism is invariable and involves the use of the Trinitarian invocation and water.

This process has five simple steps; believe, hear, confess, hear, and be baptized. Also, there are five symbols allotted universally to baptism, they were a white garment, the cross, oil, light, and water. There are some other symbols also, like the scriptural readings, the baptismal font, and godparents. The ritual of Baptism is believed to have an important role for the Parish, the priest, and the parents of the individual to be baptized. Catholic Churches are believed to conduct the process on Sundays in general. The individuals being baptized could be dressed in white. For children, a small white piece of clothing can be placed on their bodies. There is no absolute performer of baptism, however, it is usually the Priest or the Deacon who performs the act. The process includes naming the child, in the case of an infant. The individuals being baptized are asked whether they accept the religion. The priest or Deacon, perform prayers and bless the individual with blessed water and oil. Baptizing can be done publicly as well. It is like God's process to help in resurrection and salvation from the old sin body we had with the help of the teachings of Jesus Christ. For believers of Jesus, it is the occasion to celebrate. Peter also reiterated this because baptism is like an act to appeal to be the son of God for a good conscience.

Infant baptism rituals

What is baptism?

Baptism is a sacred ritual followed in Christianity and getting baptized is a big deal for them. In its basic form, baptism is an individual’s adoption of the religion. It is also commonly known as christening. The moment we enter the baptism’s water, we proclaim the message of the gospel.

The idea behind the procedure is to link all Christians into a united form. Baptism is not universally followed everywhere. Various places of worship have their belief system when it comes to baptism. Many believe that baptism should be done following a person’s birth. Many have their unique methods of conducting the process. The ritual can be traced back to Judaism and has been researched by various Christian scholars. The process is said to be popularized around the 1st century, with ‘John the Baptist’ playing an important role in its adoption. The Bible teaches that disciples of all nations get baptized. It is a very religious and holy ceremony for all Christians around the world as it involves the glory of the father. The person getting baptized becomes a member of the Christian church as it follows the procedure of being help underwater or even having some water droplets on his/her head. Also, that person gets an official name with it. Baptism is like an inward phenomenon with an outward act to accept Christ, the holy spirit, and Christianity. Those who believe in god get reconciled with him forever thought this. It’s like a testimony to give our commitment to God and is like the first step to discipleship. The word baptism does not mean 'sprinkle' or 'pour'. The Greek word ‘baptidzo’ means to ‘immerse’ or ‘dip’. There is a symbolism of this holy process, it is the way Jesus Christ died and was later buried, the same way, the person who wants to get baptized gets submerged in the holy water. And later, the way Christ again rose from beneath this Earth, the same way the person getting baptized rise from beneath the water. It is believed tha, under the water, there is the old, sad, stressed, and suffocating life of the person, but the person out of the water is a new person cleansed by Christ with a more purposeful life. Just like a wedding ring, which we put as a symbol of our devotion and commitment to our partner, baptism shows love, commitment, and devotion to Jesus Christ, the holy spirit. A wedding ring shows officially that we belong to a special person and baptism shows that we are Christ’s followers and have complete faith in him.

Reasons For Getting Baptized

There is a very common notion that people of the Christian church get baptized to save themselves, but the real fact is that they respect the almighty and want to obey Jesus. Many people consider baptism as just a religious ritual, but if you will look at it from another point of view, you will realize it’s a lot more than that. Getting baptized is like a new beginning to the new and prosperous life blessed by Christ. Christians perform baptism to glorify God and bring honor to him. You can say that getting baptized is an integral part of the life of a Christian. John declared, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near" while baptizing many people in the Jordan River (Matthew 3), way before Christ was teaching, healing, and preaching.

There are many reasons behind the preference of many disciples for getting baptized. The Bible teaches that disciples get baptized. It’s very clearly written in the bible that, if you won’t get baptized, you will be condemned. We know we won’t get condemned this way because it’s about the belief that is required for salvation. Peter also reiterated this because baptism is like an act to appeal to be the son of God for a good conscience. People also get baptized to declare their faith in Jesus Christ, the holy spirit. They believe that all Christian brothers and sisters around the world are persecuted because they don’t step back from believing in Jesus Christ, the holy spirit. And to support this act, they believe that we should get baptized to officially declare that we have accepted Christianity and Jesus. Jesus saves us from evils. Many view baptism as an opportunity to get raised from the dead after the burial and resurrection as a compassionate and loving follower of the holy spirit, Church, and Jesus Christ, the holy spirit, just the way Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. The way a new year gives us a chance to be all fresh and start again as a more evolved human than the old life, the same way baptism allows us in life to let go of our old self and be new all over.

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