Why Do Puppies Sleep So Much? How Much Sleep Do They Need

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Originally Published on Oct 11, 2021
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These tiny fur babies sleep on an average for 15 hours a day, much longer than an adult dog.

Yes, that’s like most of the day, but for us, not for them. One moment, your puppy is too energetic and playful, the other moment you may find them napping.

Puppies take frequent naps and for a longer period. Their nap can extend from 30 minutes to two hours. There are many reasons behind puppies sleeping a lot. Since they are tiny, they get exhausted easily. Therefore, naps are necessary to keep them charged up. Adapting to many changes takes up quite a lot of their energy. Sleeping is necessary for their overall development too. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with them sleeping too much. To find out if your dog's sleep is a cause for concern, please continue reading.

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Is it normal for puppies to sleep a lot?

It is absolutely normal for puppies to sleep a lot. In fact, as far as sleeping is considered, puppies are just like infants.

Both require more sleep because this is when growth happens. Initially, puppies use most of their energy in getting used to the surroundings, their daily routine, people, and more. Therefore, they get exhausted easily and tend to take more rest. During waking hours, you’ll find them jumping and playing around. And, doing such small activities exhausts them and they go back to napping. This cycle goes on for a few months until these dogs grow up.

Unlike human babies, puppies grow way faster. This is another good reason why they need so much sleep. Rapid growth requires more rest otherwise it would lead to anxiety. Sleeping not only enables growth but develops the brain, muscles, and immune system of puppies. This is why Jeff Werber (a veterinarian) says 'Let your puppies sleep whenever they want, don’t stop them'. Stopping them will make them cranky and irritated which will then lead to them barking unnecessarily. 

What to do when your puppy is sleeping a lot?

Are you worried about your puppy sleeping too much? Well, the answer is 'don’t panic'. This is the way puppies are and it is normal for them to sleep a lot more than an adult dog.

This should not be a concern as with age their sleeping hours will automatically reduce. When your puppy is about a year old, they will start adjusting to their routine and will mostly fall asleep through the night. You will find them taking shorter naps during the daytime. Note that when they reach their age of maturity, they will switch back to sleeping more as they will get tired easily. One solution is to create a custom puppy sleeping schedule for your puppy. A pro tip is that don’t let your puppies sleep in the evening, take them for a walk or play with them. By doing this, these dogs will get tired enough till their bedtime and sleep easily throughout the night.

It seems that this age is where habits start getting formed, you could mold your puppy’s habits the way you want. You can create a fixed schedule that matches with you. For instance, syncing their sleeping habits with yours, food timings. If followed regularly, this schedule will turn into your pup’s habit and make your life easier. Also, try not to give your puppy any meal two hours before they sleep. Otherwise, their sleep will be disturbed as they will have to wake up for potty.

There is no need for you to worry if your puppy’s sleeping schedule is normal. However, if your pet is sleeping more than their regular routine for no reason, then it might be time to visit a vet. Maybe the puppy is facing anxiety issues or has some kind of infection. There are a lot of other things that might require an immediate check-up, therefore, do not waste time if you notice anything unusual about your puppy’s eating or sleeping habits. 

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How much sleep do puppies need?

Sleep and waking habits are affected by various factors like diet, age, level of activity, and breed of the puppy. Young puppies tend to sleep more during the day.

If you’re training your puppy, then they’ll get tired and sleep more. Just like infants, puppies sleep most of the day. Your pup will need to rest more in the bed to adjust to the change in routine. Make sure that the bed is comfortable and cleaned every day.

Usually, they need to sleep 18-20 hours a day. This sleep is required for the overall physical and mental development of the puppy. As they continue to grow, there is an evident reduction in their naps. Slowly, they’ll start forming habits and learn to sleep at night. 

What does it mean when your puppy is sleeping a lot?

Normally, this isn’t a situation to panic. As mentioned above, puppies sleep more than they do any other thing. Mainly, the sleep that these pet animals require differs with their age.

For instance, a three-month-old pup will sleep around 15 hours a day whereas a six-month-old might need 12 hours of sleep only. It might seem too much to us, but for them it is normal. There can be a number of reasons why your puppy is sleeping a lot: Not getting enough good sleep. Anxious or bored from being alone and being engaged in a lot of physical activity, like getting trained, can be tiring and eating too much and exercising less. It may be a cause of concern if there is something unusual with their sleeping schedule. Something unusual means that these dogs are sleeping more than their regular routine. Also, you could easily notice changes in their behavior. This is when you should consider going to a veterinarian. An experienced vet can address these problems efficiently, ensuring a better quality of everyday life for your dog.

How to make your puppy sleep through the night?

Getting your puppy to sleep through the night can be a little challenging for new things every day. These pet animals might not be comfortable or have to pee.

Designate a place for them to sleep. It can be a crate, a kennel, or just fluffy bedding. What’s more important is that it should be comfortable and cozy. However, some puppies might feel more comfortable on hard and cold floors. Be observant and find what suits your puppy more. Make sure that the puppy’s surrounding is peaceful and there isn’t a lot of noise. So that the puppy does not wake up the whole family and you can sleep in complete peace.

Burn their energy before they go to bed through intense exercise or a long walk. Play with them, make them exercise, just do some kind of average physical activity because once they feel exhausted and tired, they’ll go to sleep faster. Along with this, take your puppy for a potty break right before they doze off. This will reduce the chances of them getting up at midnight for a loo break.

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