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Why Do We Fall? 'The Dark Knight Rises' Quote Explained!

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This famous quote was uttered by Alfred in 'Batman Begins'.

The Batman trilogy is one of Nolan's best works. In this article, you will get to know more about the Batman quotes and the movie. 

The quote means when you're failing at something, you must learn to pick yourself up, that is you must not stop. You must first believe in yourself and always make a way to attempt again no matter what obstacles come in your way. This is one of the most famous quotes in the movie from Alfred.

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What is the name of the movie why do we fall?

'Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up' is the famous Batman quote. In these movies, the secret of a successful person is explained in just a few words. There are few times when this quote has been used in the film. It explains that in only rare cases, the first attempt is successful. It says that time is taken to do something of great success and it also says that people should learn from their failures. 

What can we learn from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Christopher Nolan, through his trilogy, has not only entertained us but also communicated with us intellectually and emotionally. He has first turned the short stories into something compelling and intriguing and then provided us with the trilogy. ‘The Dark Knight' Trilogy is considered one of the masterpieces. We get many moral lessons from this trilogy. 

You get to know how important it is to have your own morals and values, how to conquer your fears, learn to pick up again after you fall, and always be there for the special person. We also understand that everyone has to struggle in life, enemies help you learn and grow, and there is always a way out and tells you to be a symbol.

Alfred used to refer to Batman as either 'Master Bruce' or 'Master Wayne'. As Alfred was a trained butler, etiquette shows that he would have referred to young Bruce as Master Wayne. This shows a touching father-son relationship. 

'The Dark Knight Rises' was the last part of the Batman trilogy. It gave a proper ending to the film. It showed that Bruce Wayne was successful at detaching himself from his alter-ego and then living a happy and peaceful life which he could have never got in Gotham. Batman had come for a purpose, which he had completed and thus his time came to an end. But that wasn't meant to end for Bruce Wayne. He then lived a happy life. 

What is the message of Dark Knight?

The most important theme that's focused on through the film was perception. The character of Batman, in this trilogy, was based on fear. Criminals considered him as something mythical, who was a symbol of great fear for them, and was an avenger who used to come through rooftops at night just to hunt them down.

Another message delivered through the film was that one should make the correct choice, as choices define the person who he is. It showed that the only difference between Batman and the Joker was Bruce Wayne´s choice. He chose to fight chaos while the latter chose to create it. Though they were both made by tragedy, their choices led them to opposite paths.

Why do we fall sir is an extremely famous quote by Alfred.

What is the story of the Dark Knight?

'The Dark Knight' is a crime-thriller movie, where Nolan focused mainly on the theme where everyone is telling lies both to themselves and to each other. The plot is considered one of the best ones in the series. 

Batman is shown as good and the Joker as evil. While Gotham City is in chaos, they blame Batman for all the chaos that the Joker poses. The loss of lives of many individuals and policemen is pinned on Batman. The Joker is portrayed as evil, who creates situations of moral dilemmas for his enemies.

'Deshi Basara' is thought to be a Moroccan or Arabic or a Mongolian word which basically has a meaning 'rise'. This phrase was chanted many times in the Batman trilogy. 

The father of Bruce Wayne was Dr. Thomas Wayne. He was a well-known surgeon and a philanthropist in the movie. He was the CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He used to work at Gotham General and used to provide free treatment to those who couldn't afford it. 

Failing at something doesn’t suggest you need to stop. You need to take it as a possibility to learn from it after which you need to try again.

Famous inventors invest plenty of hours into experiments. For example, the Wright brothers constructed a collection of prototypes earlier than their aircraft began out to work. If you would really like to do something innovative and new, you need to practice, make something, and fall a number of times before being successful. This experience will come up with the benefit so one can make your ability much stronger. We can make something successful after several iterations of improvements.  

The quote 'why do we fall sir' has been mentioned a couple of times in the film. The first time was when young Bruce Wayne fell into a cave. His father, Thomas Wayne, had rescued him and delivered this quote.

The second time the quote was used after the League of Assassins had demolished the Wayne Manor. He grieved for his failure and at that time Alfred, his butler and father figure, echoed Thomas Wayne’s message  'Why do we fall, sir? So that, we can learn to pick ourselves up'.

This means that there is nothing to worry about if we fail. If you really need to fear something then you should be afraid of mediocrity, common life, and be even more afraid of the fact that you're putting limitations on yourself just because you're frightened of failures. We can overcome our fears and our standards and just believe in ourselves. And the most important lesson is that we fall so we are able to learn to pick ourselves up again and to attain the greatness that is inside us.

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