Why Do We Need Elections? Importance Of Democracy Explained

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Originally Published on Oct 22, 2021
Many citizens tend to wonder why do we need elections?
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In almost every democracy in the world, elections take place on a regular basis.

There are more than 100 nations around the globe where a democratic election takes place. The definition of an election could be a system where citizens elect their representatives regularly and switch between them if they choose to.

The need for an election is essential for democracy as it gives people the right to feel free and choose their government. Free and fair elections are extremely important because they are directly related to the desire of the people to vote, elect the representative they wish to, and think would be the best fit for managing the county’s affairs. The people’s choice for representing them will shape important decisions of the government. They also choose the party whose policies will guide the government and law. There is a major need for elections within every community and country. If people are dissatisfied with the ruling of a current government, they can replace it with another government candidate with strong laws who is fit to rule. People then vote accordingly. Representatives who are elected to rule should meet the needs and interests of the citizens with their power. Having elections at regular intervals is important as it indicates if the current government will continue or change. After reading about the importance of elections in a democracy, you may also be interested in why do judges wear wigs and why do we pay taxes.

What are elections?

An election is a mechanism of choosing or voting for someone to represent states, countries, or even districts at regular intervals in a democracy. In a democratic country, the right to vote and choose a government lies with the community. Along with this, people also choose a party whose policies will guide the government and law. Elections are held at regular intervals, and various representatives come with different answers to make laws for the democratic society.

The representatives make laws to answer the people on what political change they will implement that follows a fair system. Representatives should have the quality of leaders that let citizens feel free but yet follow the rules of the democracy. Adult citizens who wish their leader had certain qualities get a chance to vote when the government decides to hold an election. People do the voting process in secret by marking a ballot paper and securing it inside a ballot box. The election isn’t closed until the polls or casting of votes is closed. Voters have the important task of deciding whether they agree with what the representatives are saying and trust the politicians.

What is the need for an election?

Elections fulfill a major contribution to society by sustaining the democratic mechanism of governance. Elections let voters select a leader and hold them accountable when they don’t deliver with their promised performance in office. Elections play a significant role in discussing public issues and help facilitate public opinions. Voters choose the party whose guidelines are the most effective.

Elections help educate people on political and public matters and ensure that democratic representatives respond to the people’s will. They also help facilitate political and social integrity. These democratic elections serve as self-actualization of people’s worth and dignity. Participating in elections helps reinforce a person’s self-respect and self-esteem, regardless of their opinions. Voting enables freedom of speech and the chance to express what you say. Everybody should have the right to vote regardless of sex, gender, religion, caste, and any other factors. The power an individual gets from voting is why there has been such a long battle to demand equality and the right to vote.

There is a major need for elections within every community

What are the types of elections?

There are usually three types of elections that take place. They are general, primary, and local. Special elections also take place for a specific reason, for example, when a vacant spot within an organization needs to be filled. Let’s get into what each of these elections means in detail!

Primary Elections: There are two kinds of primary elections held. The first one is a presidential primary election. The voters already registered with a political party select the representative to represent the party on the ballot in the next general election. A state-way primary election is where all state legislative offices, state constitutional, and U.S. Congressional candidates are included on one primary election ballot. The top two candidates with the maximum votes will further advance to the general elections.

General elections: This type of election is held in the whole state, and no person from a specific location or registered with a particular party is limited from running.

Nonpartisan elections: Without any party designation, candidates’ names appear in the ballots of this office. No one can nominate any particular candidate in this election.

What is the importance of an election?

We have seen various functions and roles for why elections are so important to every part of the population in the world. Having the right to vote and expressing how you feel about the country’s current treatment is the empowering feeling of free speech.

This right shouldn’t be a privilege but a fundamental right for everyone to feel free and choose who will represent their country, state, or nation. People who faced this discrimination have fought for years to feel equal. Not being able to vote is like someone taking a person’s human rights. Women have had to fight for centuries to feel equal and receive the same opportunities, including the right to vote. Though this right is present for all genders in some countries, women still have a tough time seeking their right to vote. The very essence of voting is why elections are so important. People need to choose a leader who will abolish such practices and let every person receive the same rights and opportunities. It is a cycle that can only be broken by a strong leader, which lies in the hands of the citizens. Elections even take place in a company to choose new leaders.

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