Why Do Worms Come Out When It Rains? Fun Ground Worm Facts For Kids! | Kidadl


Why Do Worms Come Out When It Rains? Fun Ground Worm Facts For Kids!

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Have you ever seen small creatures slinking on the ground, soil, or sidewalk when you go on walks after it rains?

Well, we are sure that you all might have come across these odd headless creatures. Earthworms are scavengers and surprisingly a great gift to humankind as well as the environment.

Earthworms live in a dormant state and wait for favorable conditions. So, when it rains, they come out of their dormant state and can be seen on the surface like sidewalks or driveways. This phenomenon is called diapause.

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Why do worms come out when it rains?

Some creatures breathe through lungs, some with gills, some through their skin. Earthworms and many other worms need moist skin to breathe.

Worms can't breathe through their skin unless it is moist. Underground, there is more moisture than the surface of the ground. So when it rains heavily, we can see the worms coming out from underground for two reasons. One is that the surface becomes properly wet to survive even on the earth, so they come out to the earth's surface. The second reason is that worms can become submerged in water, which makes it difficult for them to breathe, and experts claim that they just come to the surface of the soil to migrate to a safer place. So can we say that rain is a significant threat to these worms?

Another theory is that when raindrops hit the ground, they create vibrations, and these segmented worms (earthworms, leeches, etc.) cannot breathe in waterlogged soil if it rains heavily. They feel uncomfortable breathing in pockets of flooded soil from rainwater, so they find comfort on the surface of the earth.

But the trip is not at all pleasant for the worms. Because when the rain stops, the sun rays start hitting the ground, and the sidewalk water gets evaporated instantly. Because of this, the worms' skin becomes drier, and eventually, they find it difficult to move. Unfortunately, their skin becomes so dry that they can't breathe, and they die.

Why do worms come out of the soil when it rains?

Did you ever get a chance to watch these wriggly creatures come to the surface of the earth during monsoon season? Discover some interesting facts about these farmer-friendly worms.

Worms can travel on slippery grounds more quickly. So, when the rain starts, the vibrations are recognized by these twisting crawling worms, and they slowly start migrating to the surface of the earth or the ground. If oxygen levels are perfect or up to the mark, they can survive fully submerged for several days, and there is no danger of them drowning even in wet soils. It could also be that they crawl to the ground surface for the mating process and to search for a mate. However, the main reason is survival, particularly because they can't breathe in the waterlogged pores of the soil.

Why do worms come out when it rains, even when they know they'll get stepped on?

Do you know in one acre of land, there can be millions of earthworms underground? According to this theory, if it rains heavily, our earth should be clogged with earthworms everywhere! But that’s not happening. Let's learn the facts about this theory.

The species of worms that need more oxygen at night are intolerable when the rain hits hard. Because of the vibrations caused by raindrops, they suspect it’s due to moles, their predators, and they travel to the surface of the ground to feel safe. Other species of worms who take consistent and lower oxygen levels have the ability to tolerate the heavy rainfall and are comfortable in the waterlogged soil from rainwater.

But it is not proven scientifically or theoretically that worms know that they would die when they reach the surface. It’s a natural phenomenon. The scorching sun rays roast these worms on the surface instantly, and they die eventually. If they survive by making burrows in the moist soil of the ground, sooner or later, they become dinner for other predators.

Red earthworms on the compost.

Why do worms come out of the soil when it rains?

Most people wonder, do worms crawl or slither? Worms actually wriggle. Not only worms but even some insects that live in the soil are seen on the ground surface when it rains.

Moles are natural predators of worms. So when moisture builds up from a heavy rain, these vibrations create suspicion that moles are approaching, and the worms pull themselves to the top layer of the earth to save themselves from their mole predator. Some people think they do this to save themselves from drowning in rainwater, so they relocate and try to come to the surface of the ground so that they can breathe. The fact is that worms do not drown. Surprisingly, the rainy season results in a favorable surface on the earth for earthworms to roam freely on the surface of the ground.

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