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Read these William Llyod Garrison facts to know how he stood for movements such as anti-slavery, women's rights, and free trade!
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The 13th amendment to the US Constitution was put in place in 1865, but it only happened after years of struggle.

The Civil War started and fueled by the pro-slavery states was such an event in the history of the United States of America that it foreshadows many things. However, there are some faces of the abolitionist movement that have stuck by and remained etched in the hearts of people.

William Lloyd Garrison, known as the Liberator of the United States, added great impetus to the anti-slavery movement by gaining the sympathies of other countries and making people aware of the atrocities done to those enslaved. Even though he did some questionable things such as burning the constitution, he ultimately was a pivotal part of the movement and the imposition of the 13th amendment to the constitution of the United States of America.

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Fun Facts About William Lloyd Garrison

There are many faces behind the abolition of slavery in the United States of America, and William Lloyd Garrison was one of the people who worked their entire lifetime in order to make sure that slavery was made illegal in the country.

Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts in the year 1805, he was an active part of the abolitionist movement. Before he could start publishing his views freely for the world to see, he worked as an apprentice at many places as an editor, which gave him enough opportunities to perfect his skills. He published many articles in the Salem Gazette before he decided to start his own newspaper. He called it the Newburyport Free Press. This idea of his was a failure and it was years later that Garrison continued with his self-owned endeavors. This time, he started a newspaper called the Liberator. It was an instant success and over time, this abolitionist paper gained great momentum. He is still applauded for how he was able to distribute this paper throughout the world in order to make sure that the cause was supported. The anti-slavery content in his paper was meant to primarily reach the Europeans, as this would have allowed Garrison and his abolitionist mates to reach their ends sooner.

One of the fun facts is that Garrison added impetus to the formation of the England anti-slavery society. Garrison founded the American Anti-Slavery Society a year later. It included Arthur and Lewis Tappan and Theodore Dwight Weld. This establishment and his paper were so successful because a lot of free slaves or African Americans subscribed to it. They were made aware of their political rights, and Garrison's views in the Liberator also helped gain the momentum that the abolition movement required. Garrison published his views in the Liberator consistently until 1865, even though he received death threats. One of the rather repulsive facts about the Civil War is that since William Lloyd Garrison played such a pivotal role in the anti-slavery movement and was so active in terms of delivering speeches at public gatherings, there was a bounty placed on his head. The Georgia state legislature was so repulsed by the anti-slavery movement and Garrison's views that it was willing to offer $5000 to anyone who would present him in front of the legislature to face prosecution.

great impetus to the anti slavery movement

Historical Facts William Lloyd Garrison

Before William Lloyd Garrison emerged as such a notable face of the anti-slavery movement in the world, he led a very simple life.

He was the son of a merchant sailor and after his father abandoned the family, Garrison was left to continue his education with the Baptist deacon. He also served as an apprentice shoemaker, before he eventually started working as an editor at Newburyport Herald. It was then that Garrison started exploring his options of expressing his own views. Understandably, to suggest political action against slavery and say that the constitution was illegal because it did not allow African Americans to be free in society was a radical thing to do back then, but to him, it was more important for the enslaved to be granted their freedom. Garrison changed society for good, as he continued to strive for the abolitionist movement even after he was threatened multiple times. On certain occasions, he was even captured, paraded, and nearly killed, but none of these events dimmed his intention to free Black slaves.

The American society that he formed, that is, the American Anti-Slavery Society, is also at the heart of the formation of the Republican Party. The members of the society thought it wise to start a political party that would push the agenda of ending slavery and called it the Liberty Party. It was this party that eventually changed into Free-Soil Party and then finally to the Republican Party as we know it today. We can thus say that the society that he formed as one that would end slavery later became a potent political instrument.

Facts About William Lloyd Garrison's Significance

The Civil War was started by pro-slavery states.

The Southern states were rigid in terms of ending slavery and saw it as a great economic loss for themselves. However, even Garrison pushed the ultimate agenda. He was so radical in his thoughts that he proposed that the Northern states separate themselves from the South and declare themselves as a different country. Even though the American Anti-Slavery Society wanted freedom for the people of color, they found such thoughts to be too radical and did not want Garrison to move ahead with them. Another rather radical act that Garrison did was burn a copy of the Constitution. He did this in order to reimpose that the constitution would only be accepted once it ended slavery legally.

Facts About William Lloyd Garrison's Education

William Lloyd Garrison was born to a merchant sailor who eventually abandoned his family. His mother was a staunch Baptist and hence, Garrison continued his education with the Baptist deacon.

Even though there are no concrete sources that would back this information, it is said that Garrison took up many apprentice jobs in order to support his education. He even worked as an apprentice to a shoe-maker. To know that this person eventually went on to start the Liberator, which had a worldwide reader base, is beyond astonishing!

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