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Woof-tastic Facts About 'The Poky Little Puppy' For Every Kid

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'The Poky Little Puppy' is a famous book for children which was written by Janette S. Lowrey and it was illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren.

Do you love reading children's books or want to gift your child a storybook that is simple yet worth reading? 'The Poky Little Puppy' would be the best suggestion.

It has been more than 75 years since 'The Poky Little Puppy' was published, but still, it is one of the most famous children's books. Let's get into the details of the story and other interesting facts.


The characters in the story are a mother dog of an undetermined breed and her five little puppies, who are always curious to break the rules and understand how to impress their mother.

The story begins with five Little puppies digging a hole and sneaking out to play. But the fifth puppy was a slow yet keen observer who told his siblings that it was the smell of rice pudding. But the four little puppies get punishments for digging the holes, and the fifth one, who is intelligent, lags and reaches home late when all his siblings fall asleep and eat away all the desert. The next day goes the same, and he enjoys eating chocolate custard and falls asleep happily. But on the third day, all the four siblings fill up the holes they dug and enjoy the reward of Strawberry shortcake. Back home, the poor poky little puppy realizes that his siblings had a strawberry shortcake, and he feels sorry for himself and goes to bed without a bite.


Janette Sebring Lowrey (1892-1986), a Texan and American children's writer, became famous with 'The Poky Little Puppy.' Despite success and fame, she never came into the limelight. Here are some unknown facts about the writer.

The author was born in Orange, Texas, where she wrote a countable number of books for children, young adults, and teen fiction-based novels. Though our present 'The Poky Little Puppy's her bestseller, her other works include a young adult historical fiction novel 'Margaret,' which was then adapted into a TV serial by Walt Disney with the title 'Annette' aired in 1958. Her stories were adapted and produced as 'The Mickey Mouse Club' (An American TV show), 'Rings On Her Fingers' (1941), In the 'Morning of the World: Some Of The Greek Myths' (1944), and more.

Gustaf Tenggren is a well-known illustrator in native Sweden who shifted to the United States in 1920. He worked as an illustrator for the Walt Disney Company in 1930. Apart from The 'Poky Little Puppy,' he worked as an illustrator for other Little Golden Books series such as The 'Shy Little Kitten,' 'Little Black Sambo,' 'Saggy Baggy Elephant,' and more.

Adaptation & Popularity

Though the Golden Books publishers published other stories, the book 'The Poky Little Puppy' became relatively popular and sold a million copies. Let us know the facts behind its success and why it is the most successful children's book.

Being a little girl or boy, it's always fascinating to read a storybook and sail in the imaginary dream world. 'The Poky Little Puppy' left the same impression in the minds of little readers and remained one of the best childhood memories. Still lot of readers cherish their memory of this lovely book.

The pictures depicted in this book are very bright and grab children's attention. The book is very handy, and the author perfectly understands the child's frame of mind and includes many animal characters to make it fun-loving. While counting the puppies helps the kids revise the numbers, the author emphasizes the color and movement of animals, and the usage of certain words down the road, up the hill, and over the bridge helps the kids understand the directions. One should obey their parents, and you will be rewarded if you correct your mistakes are some points highlighted through this story which makes it a great takeaway.

As a Christmas special on December 13, 1992, The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas aired on showtime.

'The Poky Little Puppy' is a soothing story that leaves a memorable impression on little minds.

Other Miscellaneous Facts

The story 'The Poky Little Puppy' was one of the twelve Little Golden Books that were published in 1942. Every book has an untold story. Here are the facts that led to publishing the Little Golden Books series.

In 1940 Georges Duplaix, head of Artists and writers Guild Inc, came up with the idea of publishing books for children. In joint coordination with Western and Simon & Schuster sprinting plant was set up and released 'A Children's History' in 1938. Georges Duplaix decided to print children's books that are colorful, durable, and available at an affordable price.

He coordinated with his colleague Lucile Olge and approached Western and Simon & Schuster company's vice president and sales manager, Albert. He explained his idea of publishing children's books. This group came up with the idea of 12 title set of stories named the Little Golden Books Series. The other story books in the Simon & Schuster series are Three Little Kittens, written by Marie Simchow Stern, Bedtime Stories, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, Mother Goose, illustrated by Gertrude E. Espenscheid, Rachel T Dixon's Prayers for Children, The Little Red Hen, Nursery Songs illustrated by Corinne Malvern, The Alphabet from A to Z, 'The Poky Little Puppy,' illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, Winfield S. Hoskins's 'The Golden Book Of Fairy Tales,' 'The Animals Of Farmer Jones,' 'Baby's Book Of Objects' and the final one is 'This Little Piggy And Other Counting Rhymes'.


What kind of dog is Poky Little Puppy?

A: Poky Little Puppy is of an undetermined breed.

What year was The Poky Little Puppy made?

A: 'It was first released in 1942 as one of the Little Golden Books series' first 12 books by Simon & Schuster.

What is the story of The Poky Little Puppy?

A: It is a story about five little puppies. Four of them always dig holes under the fence, try to explore the outer world, get punished, and do not get any dessert. In contrast, the fifth puppy was slow, always intelligent in avoiding punishment, and ate the whole desert when all four siblings were asleep. But on one unfortunate day, the fifth little puppy misses the strawberry cake, and his siblings cherished the desert.

What does the Poky Little Puppy eat?

A: On the first day, the Poky Little puppy eats rice pudding, and on the second day, it eats chocolate custard, but unfortunately, he feels sorry as he misses the strawberry shortcake on the third day.

Why is the 'Poky Little Puppy' so popular?

A: The 'Poky Little Puppy' is among the popular Golden books that have sold a million copies in the US. The story is very simple, and every child relates to the story's theme. While reading the story, though, we know what will happen in the next scene, we are equally eager to read further. The simple concept is the base of the story. Characters of little puppies adds more flavor to the script. As it was published in 1942, the readers who used to be little girls or boys fell in love with the story back in their childhood, grew up as parents, and suggested the same to their children and grandchildren. The important fact is it is sold at an affordable price.

Who wrote 'The Poky Little Puppy'?

A: Janette Sebring Lowrey wrote the Poky Little Puppy. She was famous for teen fiction between the ’40s-’50s . Margaret was her young adult novel, adapted into a TV serial by Walt Disney studio.

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