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Adam Berry Birthday & Fun Facts

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Adam Berry Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Adam Berry
Place Of Birth
Muscle Shoals, USA
40 years old
Birth Date
September 3 1983

Adam Berry Facts

Child Star?
Actor, paranormal investigator, producer
Education & Qualifications
Boston Conservatory
Net Worth
Current Partner
Ben Griessmeyer
Lucas Berry

About Adam Berry

Adam Berry is an American paranormal investigator and executive producer who is always looking for paranormal activity and supernatural experiences.

Adam Berry is a member of TAPS. He is also an actor and cabaret singer whose interest in becoming a paranormal investigator started when he had a supernatural experience in Gettysburg, Virginia.

Adam Berry co-hosts and co-produces many shows. He has co-founded BerryMeyer Productions. Adam Berry rose to fame as the co-host and executive producer of Travel Channel's reality show 'Kindred Spirits'.

Adam Berry Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Adam Berry’s net worth?

Adam Berry has a net worth of $2.75 million.

How much does Adam Berry earn per year?

Adam Berry’s earnings per year are around $400K.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Adam Berry?

Adam Berry is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

How old is Adam Berry?

Adam Berry is 39 as of 2022. She was born on March 9, 1983.

Childhood And Education

Adam Berry was born in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Adam Berry has not revealed much about his family. However, he has a brother, Lucas Berry. Ever since he was a child, he has been interested in ghosts and the paranormal.

Adam got an undergraduate degree in Musical Theater from Boston Conservatory and Berklee in Massachusetts.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Adam Berry’s partner?

Adam Berry is married to his husband, Ben Griessmeyer. He married Ben Griessmeyer on August 22, 2012. The wedding was attended by all his close family and friends in Provincetown, New England. They have no children. They lived with two Chihuahua pet dogs on the East Coast of the USA. However, there is information that the duo is no longer together as partners.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Adam Berry is best known for Kindred Spirits in 2016, Ghost Hunters in 2004, and Ghost Hunters Academy in 2009.

Adam’s first encounter with the paranormal world happened in Gettysburg, Virginia, in 2006.

After that, he got interested in a career in this field. So, he founded the Provincetown Paranormal Research Society in Massachusetts.

In 2010, he competed in the Ghost Hunters Academy. It is a Syfy reality show. It tests the strengths of paranormal investigators from all over the country. Adam defeated his seven fellow participants who fought for the same position. He was then placed on the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team. TAPS is an organization in Warwick, Rhode Island. It carries out investigations and explorations of paranormal activities and haunted places.

He is the co-producer of 'Kindred Spirits' with Amy Bruni. It is a television series on the Travel Channel. Adam and Amy make a great team as they share similar beliefs and styles, which makes them connect with the afterlife with accuracy.

He co-founded BerryMeyer Productions with his husband, Ben, and friend Tessa Bry.

He is also into real estate. He sells haunted houses. He co-hosts several reality shows with his husband, Ben.

Charity Work

Adam founded the Peregrine Theater Ensemble. It is a non-profit theater company. Its educational summer theater program helps in providing a professional working environment to young actors.

He is the director of Tim Fund. It is a non-profit scholarship program supporting social activists in the areas of music, art, literature, and filmmaking.

Adam Berry’s Hobbies And Interests

Adam is deeply interested in music, acting, and ghost-hunting.

Other Interesting Adam Berry Facts And Trivia

  • Adam had revealed that when he was nine, he used to hear strange noises from a creature in the shape of a dog that scratched its claws against a wall.
  • Adam Berry is the co-host and executive producer of Travel Channel's reality show 'Kindred Spirits'.

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